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Bad Boys: Miami Takedown

aka: Bad Boys II, Mizerové II

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MS Xbox World (8 out of 10)

Bad Boys II is all round a great game to play as you get 15+ stages to move around taking advantage of some sweet weapons and whooping some major ass. If you’re a fan of the Bad Boys films this is a must and even if you’re not this is great to play to get some anger out of your system!

Apr 14th, 2004 · Xbox · read review

Game Captain (74 out of 100)

Dank der Features ‚Guter Cop’ / ‚Böser Cop’ und der guten Deckungsmöglichkeiten bietet Bad Boys 2 einige gute Ansätze. Getrübt wird die Euphorie allerdings durch die dünne Story und die meist durchschnittliche Grafik. Ein Multiplayermodus fehlt ganz. Einsteiger werden wohl daran Gefallen finden. Profis sollten vor dem Kauf Probe spielen.

Apr 5th, 2004 · Xbox · read review

4Players.de (71 out of 100)

Hm. Hier haben wir also ein Spiel zum Film, das mit dem Film eigentlich nicht viel zu tun hat: Die Story ist neu, das Szenario verschieden, die Charaktere sehen genauso anders aus wie die Stimmen klingen – man könnte vermuten, dass hier ein bereits fertiges Spiel schnell um eine heiße Lizenz gestrickt wurde. Dafür, dass Bad Boys 2 das offizielle Spiel zum coolsten Film des letzten Jahres sein soll, hätte man eigentlich mehr Aufmerksamkeit und Detailtreue erwarten können. Lässt man diese Gedanken allerdings beiseite, hat man ein gar nicht so schlechtes Programm vor sich: Das Spielprinzip ist fordernd und spannend, die Sprüche sehr cool. Leider verhindern etliche große und kleine Nervigkeiten höhere Wertungsweihen; auch grafisch ist das Game kein Hingucker. Kein Fehlgriff für Actionliebhaber und Freunde gepflegter Flüche, aber beim besten Willen auch kein Kracher.

Apr 4th, 2004 · Xbox · read review

XBox Front (64 out of 100)

Dank der Features ‚Guter Cop’ / ‚Böser Cop’ und der guten Deckungsmöglichkeiten bietet Bad Boys 2 einige gute Ansätze. Getrübt wird die Euphorie allerdings durch die dünne Story und die meist durchschnittliche Grafik. Ein Multiplayermodus fehlt ganz. Einsteiger werden wohl daran Gefallen finden. Profis sollten vor dem Kauf Probe spielen.

May 30th, 2005 · Xbox · read review

Worth Playing (5.5 out of 10)

In conclusion, Bad Boys: Miami Takedown suffers from mediocrity. It is a solid game, but there is nothing outstanding about it that would draw players to it, or make the title worth acquiring. The game implements the two signature characters poorly, which makes for annoying gameplay, and there is no multiplayer portion whatsoever. I certainly would not say that Miami Takedown is the must-have purchase of the year (that would be Halo 2), but it's a good title for someone who wants a quick shooter title for only $20.

Oct 16th, 2004 · Xbox · read review

Next Level Gaming (50 out of 100)

I had some high hopes for this game. It's a license I like, published by a company that I like. But a $19.99 price tag can't save this game from being anything more than mediocre. You might want to rent it for the Bad Boys mistique, but you're not going to play it for any more than a day or two. There's just too many things wrong with it to make it the game I was hoping for. Maybe next time.

Oct 21st, 2004 · Xbox · read review

Game Informer Magazine (5 out of 10)

Let’s play a game of "Imagine." I’ll start! Imagine someone made a game based on the horrid buddy cop movie Bad Boys II. But, imagine they did it without the likeness or voice of either Martin Lawrence or Will Smith. Then imagine they made a game that basically played like the Driv3r, minus the vehicles, variety, open environments, and visual polish. If you imagine that this game would suck, well I imagine that you’re right. Bad Boys plays like Max Payne, merging a third-person display and an FPS control scheme. The levels are linear and dull, and for some reason you can only take cover in specified circles in the environment, which takes away any sense of reality or spontaneity. The targeting, unsurprisingly, is pretty erratic, and on the PS2 your field of view moves far too slowly.

Dec 2004 · Xbox · read review

DarkZero (4.7 out of 10)

When it comes down to it, Bad Boys: Miami Takedown is a game you should pass on even if it’s offered for the bargain price. Renting the game is the only way you should pick this up unless your prices at your local rental store is fairly high. With the ill-fated graphics and atrocious audio throughout the entire game, you’ll be wondering why this game ever had the green light to be put on video game shelves.

2004 · Xbox · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (8 out of 20)

Le couperet tombe sur Bad Boys 2. Des défauts en pagaille et pas vraiment de qualités pour compenser, le titre n'a même pas de quoi séduire les fans absolus du film à moins que ces derniers adorent se prendre la tête sur un jeu bas de gamme...

Apr 14th, 2004 · Xbox · read review

TeamXbox (3.8 out of 10)

There are a lot of jokes that I could have made regarding this game’s title and how bad it actually is. But, for the sake of the readers, I’ll move past those. When all is said and done, Bad Boys: Miami Takedown is a game that should be avoided, even as a rental. The absolute bare bones of an action game are present, but they are executed so poorly, that the game begins to near the line of being unplayable. The gameplay is very repetitive, the controls are clunky, visually it is just plain nasty, and the audio is laughable. Most importantly, the game just isn’t fun. For fans who have been waiting for this game with bated breath, well, there is always Bad Boys 3.

Oct 4th, 2004 · Xbox · read review

IGN (3.6 out of 10)

There's a lot of utterly stupid crap in Bad Boys: Miami Takedown, and yet it's kind of enjoyable in an "I love watching car wrecks" kind of way. This one is a definite rental for a rainy day when you just want to spend a few hours shooting stuff and laughing at some truly ridiculous dialogue.

Sep 27th, 2004 · Xbox · read review

Armchair Empire, The (3.2 out of 10)

Bad Boys: Miami Takedown is a tragedy no matter how you look at it. In this day and age, where movie-licensed games are becoming stronger and stronger each year, its disappointing to see a game like Miami Takedown on store shelves. Even if you consider yourself a Bad Boys fan, keep your money and spend it on the DVDs.

Nov 5th, 2004 · Xbox · read review

GameSpot (3 out of 10)

Perhaps the saddest--and funniest--thing about Bad Boys: Miami Takedown is that it couldn't even serve its original purpose. This game was initially announced as a marketing tie-in to the DVD release of Bad Boys II last year. And here it is--a year later--and the game is just now on store shelves. When a game manages to fail even as a cheap marketing ploy, you know you've got a stinker on your hands, and this is most certainly what this offering is. Even for the budget price tag that Miami Takedown is retailing for, this bomb of a game is a horrible choice for anyone, and it should absolutely be avoided.

Sep 24th, 2004 · Xbox · read review

Stuff Magazine / stuff.tv (2 out of 10)

Crave should stick with GBA titles like Donkey Kong. The smaller platform makes it harder to pick up on subtle errors. You would need to play Miami Takedown on a GBA the size of a bee's dick to miss that this game is dangerously pathetic. You switch control between the detectives played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the Bad Boy movies. If bad boys are what you want, stick with watching reruns of the vice presidential debate. That John Edwards is one sassy little bitch!

2004 · Xbox · read review

GameDaily (2 out of 10)

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Well, the best thing to really do is learn a lesson in avoidance, as Bad Boys: Miami Takedown doesn't offer even a fraction of the joy that the films barely mustered. The engine is unoriginal, the game is generally unappealing, the graphics and sound are done on a below-average scale, the gameplay is lacking any sort of interest, and even the way that the game tries to copy the movie license fails to gather any steam. Indeed, these Bad Boys are the worst.

Dec 14th, 2006 · Xbox · read review

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