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After a long interstellar voyage the colonists established residence on the asteroid, in a complex named Astral. Sadly, troubles were sure to follow, in the form of raiding spaceships full of bloodthirsty monsters. You (and up to two other friends) play well-armed colonists, taking back infested colony chambers one series of furious firefights after another, running around rooms whose layouts are known but whose monstrous denizens are concealed by the fog of war. Fortunately, there are a wide array of bonuses and bounties to collect from slain monsters, to be used and spent in the store between levels, changing tactics courtesy of an assortment of firearms and explosive devices.

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Nice little indie top-down shooter.

The Good
It's hard to describe this game as anything but "very DOS". The graphics, the music, the gameplay... it was the epitome of a DOS game. But the fact that it was made by a small group a of guys makes it fairly impressive. For an independent game from the 90's, the developers went the extra mile in this title. You can really tell that it was a labor of love. The gameplay, graphics and audio are all solid and the game overall is challenging. There's a good chunk of weaponry and other gear to purchase between levels with money you collected during all the action. The neatest feature, however, is the ability to play up to 3 player local co-op or deathmatch. Sure, it will get a bit cozy with the 3 of you huddled around the same computer, but it's a cool experience that you can't really have with many PC titles.

The Bad
There really isn't a whole lot of depth. You play through the episodic campaign, maybe with some friends, or you frag each other for a while. That's about all there is to do. But being an indie title from the mid-90's, it's not all that surprising and really is above and beyond than the norm at the time. Aside from that, it's really hard to find! The publisher, Webfoot Technologies, does not respond to inquiries about this game and it's no longer carried by Abandonware websites. I'm very happy that I've got my hands on a copy. Feel free to contact me for more info.

The Bottom Line
If you can find it, get it. It's a nice little nostalgia trip if you've played it before. If you haven't, you'll get a nice glimpse of what indie gaming was like back then.

DOS · by Viktor Kovacs (13) · 2011

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