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Secret Scout in the Temple of Demise

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Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library ( )

Strangely, dying will start the player in the same room, but oftentimes on the opposite end, making it confusing for the player to track where they are when they continue. It’s not entirely broken, but it’s very boring to play, regardless of the the promising concept and interesting array of enemy characters.

2016 · NES

Questicle.net (F)

The graphics are sludgy and dark, the music tinny and repetitive. I have so many questions: why is a Boy Scout the lead character of a video game? Why is he exploring an evil temple filled with obvious drug dealers and local natives run amok? Where is his squad leader and his back-up scout brethren? Most importantly, I didn’t enjoy my time in the Temple of Demise with the Secret Scout. All impotent back story would be forgiven if Secret Scout was fun to play. But it wasn’t and it never will be.

May 2013 · NES · read review

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