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Earth's defense satellites accidentally launch nuclear warheads due to computer malfunction. Our planet is destroyed, except for a few factions that rebuild their strength and attempt to dominate the brave new world. As you make your way across the wasteland, hunting down artifacts and destroying hostile forces, you find out that the satellite's unexpected nuclear launch may not have been entirely accidental after all...

You are in charge of searching the land for technological artifacts held by the other fellows. These artifacts are then researched to create new weapons, chasses, and propulsion types, all of which are interchangable, meaning there are over 2000 units for you to blow stuff up with. You can build tanks, hovercraft, Vertical Take Off/Landing (VTOL) vehicles, as well as cyborg units. There are machine guns, missile launchers, flame throwers, mortars, etc. Since all your technology comes from artifacts you swipe from your enemies, you are almost always fighting with weapons a step below what the other guy has, meaning you have to rely on your strategic prowess instead of sheer military superiority. The battlefield is fully 3D, the camera is rotatable and zoomable, and all units are 3D as well, except for humans, which are sprites, but they aren't too plentiful, so it's a minor point.


  • 战地2100 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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Average score: 79% (based on 45 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 36 ratings with 2 reviews)

A great (but forgotten?) 3D Real-time Strategy game

The Good
This game is wonderful! The post-apocalyptic story-line may not be very original, but it works and the intro movie is nice to watch. :) The way you research new technologies and design new units works perfect, the graphics are good enough and the music is great. The camera can be rotated both horizontal and vertical and you can lock it on your units to follow their movements (though you can't zoom very much). The AI is good (though i've seen it construct buildings at the only exit out or their base, making sure none of their combat units are being able to exit the base one time). You can also attach your units to radar sensors and commander vehicles to make the sensor/commander to determine a good target and make the units attack it (commanders may also be given artillery support, making all your base defense with firing range enough to fire at the commander's target).

The Bad
The ctrl+new target described in the manual to detach units from sensors and commanders doesn't always work.. which can get a little annoying. The drawing distance is also quite short, making it impossible to enemies far away unless looking at the radar, even if the area is discovered. The way you upgrade factories and research centers could have been less confusing too. Your constructing vehicles has a "build factory upgrade"-button, but it doesn't work, you have to left click on the factory directly instead, which makes me wonder why there is a "build upgrade"-button in the first place.

The Bottom Line
This is a great game which resembles both Total Annihilation in the way you gather resources and fight (with many long distance turrets and such) and 3D RTS's like Emperor: Battle for Dune in camera movement. But it if you find it in a shop, it is really worth it (can't cost more than $10 today, though as it seems to be classed as abandonware nowadays you may also find it on the Internet for download as legal as abandonware may be).

Windows · by Joel Segerbäck (639) · 2008

Excellent Real Time Strategy for Playstation.

The Good
The atmosphere and clever building of tension in the gameplay. Nicely open ended non linear gameplay. Variety of buildings and weapons (you can design your own). Good enemy AI.

The Bad
Very little! The drive the tanks along the ground tracking view is novel at first but fairly useless, you tend to stick with the usual "god" view.

The Bottom Line
Anyone who has played Earth 2150 on the PC will recognise its forebear here. Sci Fi theme with the usual RTS mixture of gathering resources, weapons designing, base building etc. Very clever underlying game plot moves you on through each mission.

Rare to find a RTS of this quality on the Playstation.

PlayStation · by Felix (129) · 2001


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Source code

The Warzone 2100 source code was released to the public on 7th December 2004. As of 2007, some people are working on Warzone 2100 Project, aimed at improving the gameplay, graphics, and compatibility of the game. Their site is at http://wz2100.net.

Information also contributed by Kabushi

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