Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

aka: Croc! Pau-Pau Island, Croc: A Lenda de Gobbos
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Average score: 77% (based on 36 ratings)

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3D Platformer

The Good
Croc is a wonderful true 3D platformer. The gameplay was tuned, the environments beautiful, the music deep, and generally, it was a great game that easily went platinum in both North America and Europe. The depth and details of the gameplay and the progression of difficulty were what set it apart from the other 3D platform games. The fourth island was particularly imaginative.

The Bad
In retrospect, the graphics appear limited but at that time on the Playstation, they were spectacular.

The Bottom Line
Great 3D platformer. Like the best of this genre, its aimed at younger kids but has the gameplay and depth to appeal to everyone.

Windows · by John Edelson (3) · 2004

It's in 3d and you jump on many platforms, how about that!

The Good
Colorful setting, cute character designs, great music. The environments are nice on the eyes and many of the levels have hidden secrets. The Sonic style "as long as you keep picking up one gem you stay alive" system makes this game more forgiving in the difficult parts. The instant 'turn around' button is a life saver. Collecting the colored gems/gobbos is satisfyingly. Lots of variety in level arrangements despite the simple building blocks. Straightforward game progression, lasts about as long as it need to.

The Bad
Platforming sections become more unreasonable the further you get into the game. Much backtracking is required for a good chunk of levels. The 'bonus rooms' at the end of each level become far less creative once you get to world 3. The boss fights tend to be unclear (i.e. when is the boss vulnerable?). Huge difficulty spike in the 3rd world. Massive overuse of monkey bar climbing (very slow). Controls are hit or miss (jumping off jellies is finicky). Respawning enemies are annoying, some projectile attacks require tight precision to avoid, but feel more frustrating than challenging. Being able to game over in the bonus rooms is dumb, makes 100%ing the game less enticing.

The Bottom Line
Looks great, has some iffy design choices here and there with some odd controls, but when it works, it works.

PlayStation · by capes everywhere (1) · 2023

This is a hard but fun game.

The Good
I love this game as much as Croc 2! Cute characters, cool badguys, and extremely hard levels. I'm currently stuck on level 3-4 sand and freedom.

The Bad
What I don't like about this game is that the higher levels are really hard.

The Bottom Line
I recommend this game--- it keeps you playing for a long time. Enjoy!

Windows · by Xenetreous (23) · 2007

Amazingly generic and somewhat frustrating.

The Good
I picked up Croc around the time it first came out, but i never got around playing through it until now. The first thing that i noticed i liked about the game was the music. It really fits the look of the game, with happy melodies and warm instrumentations. The sound effects, while repetitive after a while also comes along nicely, with Croc's little cry "ka-schplat!" when he destroys enemies as my favorite.

The animation is very smooth and the colors are bright, just like they are supposed to in a game of this kind.

The Bad
Here's when I started finding the cracks in the nice surface. This game is just about as generic as they come. They could have made Croc really stand out, but they became lazy and looked at every other single platformer out there and just stole bits from them to put this one together. How about; Collect 100 diamonds, get extra life. Get touched by an enemy and all those diamonds will come flying out of you, leaving you vulnerable to the next hit. Sounds like any Sonic game to me. The normal setup of stages. Grass, Ice ect. ect. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

The enemies, while nicely animated, are terribly boring when it comes to design. None of them stand out and none of them will be remembered the second you turn off your Playstation, not even the bosses.

Why they decided to go with the type of control setup they did is beyond me. When you play a platformer you need tight, responsive controls and not something that would fit Doom or one of the earlier Resident Evil games. Instead of doing the obvious and having Croc run left when you press left, and back when you press back, he [i]turns[/i] left when you press left and walks backwards when you press down. This means that when you're standing on a platform that's about to crack to pieces and fall into an abyss, you usually end up screaming in panic as Croc takes his sweet time turning around to face where he's supposed to instead of doing a swift jump a' la Mario to safety. Also, in the underwater levels Croc is as easy to navigate as an atomic submarine filled with syrup. Press left while swimming and he seemingly doesn't do anything. Do it again and he turns way too much instead. I can't tell you how many times i died because of these poor controls.

The Bottom Line
This isn't a game I would recommend people to buy even if it's found in a bargain bin somewhere. There are lots and lots of better platformers for the Playstation.

PlayStation · by Parf (7719) · 2007

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