Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

aka: MI2, The Secret of Monkey Island 2
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The Good
LeChuck's Revenge has been described by some as "the best sequel ever". Considering the fact it was a sequel to a truly fantastic game, and therefore had to be top quality itself, it is really a great compliment, and I think it was justified. The best thing about this game is that it didn't merely repeat all the stuff that made the first game great, but went its own way; it retained much of the original game's atmosphere, while distancing itself from it in tone and style.

Monkey Island 2 is much crazier and much darker than the first game. I played this game two times, and I always felt I was participating in some sort of a carnival show, where the borders between dream and reality are vague, where everything is possible, and where weird and even grotesque situations have become the norm.

The humor is now more edgy, less naive-romantic, sometimes even slightly "black" (though not too much so to destroy the sweet atmosphere that is still there). Just watch that skeleton-dancing cutscene or the insane spitting that takes place when Guybrush and Wally are hanging over a pit of acid. This is the kind of weird humor that made the game so original for that time. Of course, now such things don't surprise anyone, because many adventure games tried to imitate this attitude later (many of them utterly failing), but Monkey Island 2 was really the first that introduced such kind of humor to the genre.

And the puzzles? Carrying a monkey in your inventory, using the most improbable inventory items with the most improbable stuff... pity I can't name specific examples, because no spoilers are allowed in reviews. Suffice to say that the puzzles in this game are even wackier than in its predecessor. The difficulty level is also significantly higher; but the game also has an "Easy" mode, where some of the trickiest puzzles are eliminated.

The dialogues are brilliantly written and very amusing; just check out the conversations with Elaine or with Stan (who became even funnier in this game). Generally, Monkey Island 2 is one of the funniest game I've ever played, and certainly the funniest in the series. Just think of that hilarious library on Phatt Island... There is no end to jokes, puns, pop culture references, and so on.

Now, I was among those few who really loved the ending. I even think it was the best part of the game! It was absolutely weird, very dark, strangely romantic, and in a certain way, even tragic...

The graphics are outstanding, certainly belonging to the finest examples of hand-painted 256-color graphics ever. The characters are noticeably better animated than in the first Monkey Island. The game also boasts a dynamic soundtrack, with some of the most beautiful MIDI compositions around.

The Bad
I'm not sure I loved the new concept of Guybrush. I found him a bit too cynical and somehow weary in the sequel; the youthful enthusiasm from the first game was lacking. Perhaps as a result of that, LeChuck's Revenge doesn't quite charm the same way its predecessor did. It is definitely "bigger and better" than the first one, but the magical "I want to be a pirate" atmosphere is somewhat downgraded to give more freedom to hilarious situations and puzzles.

Speaking of which, the difficulty level here is certainly not for the casual player; even on "Easy", many puzzles are guaranteed to give you a headache, and the much larger game world (three islands you can - and should - move between during a large portion of the game) can sometimes reduce the puzzle-solving to a slightly tedious "click on everything until something happens".

The Bottom Line
The sequel to the glorious simian adventure is much crazier and wackier than its predecessor; although it doesn't quite ooze the same charm, it definitely went further in making the whole business more edgy and entertaining. Add to this killer production values and loads of gameplay, and you'll have a great classic on your hands.

DOS · by Unicorn Lynx (180475) · 2011

More of the same? Fantastic!

The Good
The return of Monkey Island is one I welcomed with open arms but could it possibly live up to the original? Well yes! MI2 is very similar in gameplay to the original except it's funnier, graphically improved and a lot bigger. There is the great addition of a puzzle difficulty level which allows beginner adventurers to try the easier setting and not get lost but also the chance for experienced players to play a tricky version. The puzzles are usually the same objective wise but the process needed to complete them is often a LOT more complex in the harder mode. The story continues in an even more hilarious fashion than before and the various bleeps and bloops that make up the sound are accompanied once again by the jaunty trademark style music of the original.

The Bad
The final section of the game can be annoying. Trying to solve puzzles only to be set upon by Le Chuck and put in a different room does tend to grate after a while. The other gripe I have is with the ending which is not satisfying at all. It's a good thing Curse of Monkey Island came out afterwards to clean things up.

The Bottom Line
Monkey Island again except going by the "bigger, better, brighter" rule of thumb. What could possibly be wrong with that?

DOS · by Sycada (177) · 2002

Great sequel. Ron wants it darker, Ron gets it darker.

The Good
This game came out directly after MI1, and had everything that could be expected from a more. This game focuses much more on humor than the first one does, or all the other for that matter...but hey, isn't that what's important?? To have fun in a game? Guybrush has a little bit more of an edge in this game, and is now a real pirate. But he's still as goofy as ever.

The Bad
The sounds really weren't anything, but the game didn't need good sounds, it had great music, using the iMUSE system.

Ok, we all know about the ending. And frankly, I don't see anything to complain about. It's still funny, isn't it? And the credits were halarious, weren't they? Nothing wrong with the end, at all.

So uh, in other words, nothing is bad about the game.

The Bottom Line
Monkey Island 2 is the more bizarre game out of the series. Although it's a little hard, I still suggest you play it. It's well worth it and can still possibly be the best of the series.

DOS · by Jason Harang (38) · 2001

The sequel to one of the best adventure games ever is also one of the best adventure games ever.

The Good
Monkey Island 2, the sequel to the highly acclaimed Secret Of Monkey Island, is also a great, great, great game. It tells the story of Guybrush Threepwood, a would-be pirate in search of Big Whoop, a truly legendary treasure, which is so secretly hidden nobody even knows what it consists of. The ghost pirate LeChuck, the bad guy which Guybrush killed in the first episode, is also back and seeks revenge. It is a fantastic tale whose elements could have populated the mind of some of the greatest writers in History, but, instead of writing a book, somebody decided to write a game script. And, somehow, it turned out to be a comedy graphic adventure with a great, although very strange, storyline.

The characters are really elaborated and have their own unique personality. The plot is amazing, really nice, and deserved a book or a movie (would have been a blockbuster). The whole tale is told in a humorous way and silly jokes and situations are frequent.

While most adventures games, even having a good plot, fail to get the attention of the player, Monkey Island is really involving and has a great ambience. Maybe because of the harmony between graphics, sound, controls and the idea. And also because the game doesn't take itself too seriously.

The interface is very nice, and makes the game very easy and comfortable to play. In other words, gameplay is fabulous! Thanks to Lucas Arts SCUMM system (which was, in those times, much better than Sierra OnLine system), the game is much nicer to play than many adventure games released after ten years.

The puzzles are not obvious as they are in many adventures. They are very well elaborated and some are very funny. Don't expect Monkey Island to be a logic game. The challenges may be silly, but they are very clever and sometimes require lots of thinking. The quality of the puzzles became a Monkey Island (and also a Lucas Arts) trademark.

The graphics were very good for a 1991 game. Of course there are no videos or 3D panoramas, but the 256-color VGA graphics (320x200 resolution) are still not only OK, but also involving. The hand-drawn backgrounds brought new standards to adventure games and the sprites (=moving objects) were as detailed as the low resolution could allow.

Music is fantastic. Well, at least for a game. In fact, the Monkey Island tune could have easily been the soundtrack to the Monkey Island movie. It really feels like something written by John Williams and, if not a true classic, at least a nice tune which fits the game and is easily recognizable. The sound quality is OK. Don't expect to hear Guybrush's voice and any elaborated sound effects. They are simple, but effective.

The Bad
There are indeed so many good things about this game the bad things get sort of offuscated or even forgiven.

The main problem: the years came and passed and Monkey Island 2 is dated. The graphics and sound are not impressive anymore and there are better interfaces. Technology evoluted and Monkey Island 2 deserved a re-make (Sierra is re-making the King's Quest series, why not a Monkey Island re-make?).

Well, yes, there are other problems. Problems which were born with the game. It is not short, but could have been longer. It is so nice to play people would beg for more (and the third episode only came six years later, so they had to wait a lot!).

And the end of the game seems to be the main point here. It is strange and does not seem to fit. It may be disappointing. I am not going to tell the end of the story here to spoil the fun. Some people even created theories to explain it. I'll just say that it makes sense thinking as the end of Monkey Island 2 as an isolated game and one could easily imagine what Big Whoop is. But it is strange to think of it in the context of the series. It doesn't reveal the secret of Monkey Island (and doesn't even mention it). Monkey Island 3 brought a different explanation for the game, but not very convincing.

The Bottom Line
TRUE CLASSIC. Monkey Island 2 is one of the best sequels ever and retains all the magic of the first game. And it is one of the reasons people say games were much better ten years ago.

DOS · by Mumm-Ra (393) · 2003

A good sequel.

The Good
I like a lot about this game - Once again, the characters are back with their extraordinary wit and the scenery is excellent. This game gives you more flexibility as you can control which island Guybrush is on, and you can choose, to an extent, the order in which he completes his tasks.

The storyline is admirable - pure Monkey Island standard - and lets the players imagination take over. There are sad parts in this story, and a lot of funny ones - Just play it and see for yourself!

The Bad
The ending. I really hate the ending - With a passion in fact - It drives a huge amount of inconsistency into the series, which is really unnecessary as inconsistency is a thorn in the side of the Monkey Island games from here on in. I suppose it is a prompt to use your own imagination, but I still don't agree with it, and try to ignore the ending as much as possible.

The Bottom Line
Very good sequel, and a personal preference over the first game. Although the ending is weak, the 99% of the game leading up to that is great - and is an amazingly constructive way to spend those rainy days in, as you use your head... a lot.

DOS · by Quackbal (45) · 2006

Even better than the first one! Everything a sequel should have.

The Good
It's the same point and click interface as part one but it's enhanced. You now have pictures for each item making it easier to understand what it exactly is. This makes the good gameplay of part one even better. The story is just as interesting as in part one: You are once again playing the role of Guybrush Threepwood, the would-be pirate. After having destroyed the evil ghost pirate LeChuck, he ends up on Scabb Island and there he hears about the legendary treasure Big Whoop. Desperate to find it he gets ready to set out. However, an evil pirate called Largo LaGrande has put up an embargo to stop ships from leaving the island. With help of the voodoo priestess, you eventually chase him away but also, by accident, help him revive LeChuck who was once his captain. You must then find Big Whoop before the enemy finds you. This quest takes you to new beautiful islands. On these islands you will meet totally new and weird characters such as the utterly irritating Largo LaGrande, Wally the cartographer and the extremely lazy governor Phatt. You'll also meet some returning old characters such as Stan, who helped you get a ship in part one and now deals in coffins, the low moral fiber pirates, your beloved governor Elaine Marley, the voodoo priestess and off course LeChuck now returned as a rotting zombie corpse. Guybrush himself looks more mature now having a beard and a stylish blue coat. You'll find new items some of which are useful, some not. They include things such as always useful money, a rope always used in such games and even some animals. Probably the strongest part of this game are the graphics. Everything is hand-painted and still looks amazing in those old 256 colors nowadays. Not many games had graphics like these in those days. The floppy disk version has an easy mode for newbie adventure gamers, which is strangely not on the CD version. Sound has also improved. It has great tunes and not just some tunes and sounds here and there as in part one.

The Bad
It's sometimes a bit difficult to see what you can use and what not. The point and click interface remains good but also has the old "can't find the right spot" problem. The puzzles are still a bit too hard at times which may be a problem for gamers who are unfamiliar with the genre and do not have the floppy disk version which, as I said, doesn't have an easy mode.

The Bottom Line
If Monkey Island 1 isn't the best adventure game of all time then it's probably this one. This is simply one of the best games ever and if you like adventure games this is essential. If you are new too the genre this is one of the best games to start with. Brilliant. brilliant, brilliant.

DOS · by Rensch (203) · 2005

The benchmark by which all other LucasArts adventures are judged

The Good
Unfortunately, it's difficult to speak highly of this game, without comparing it to numerous other games.

The graphics, sound, and gameplay of this game were all top-notch. The same LucasArts humor is here, but as an "adventure game", it's far above all of their other products.

Nearly every other LucasArts adventure game (Secret of Monkey Island, and Curse of Monkey Island, and Full Throttle, and Sam and Max, and so on) suffered from what I consider to be one huge flaw -- all of these games had a lot of unnecessary "filler" material, that detracted from the actual adventure. For example, in the other two Monkey Island games, you had to spend a large amount of time dicking around with "insult sword-fighting". While it was amusing, at first, it would get old very quickly.

In Full Throttle, you had to spend a bunch of time driving around mountain roads, fighting other bikers. I can't even remember what the purpose of that exercise was, aside from stretching out playtime.

More often than not, I found myself wanting these non-game sequences to be over with, so I could continue following the game's main story.

Monkey Island 2 has none of this kind of "filler" material - it's all story, baby!. Sure, it has its share of inventory puzzles, but for the most part, they all made sense.

The game world also seemed a lot "bigger" than the other games in the Monkey Island series, and it was fairly non-linear. If you're stuck on one particular island, for example, you could take a break and go to another island and fiddle around with the puzzles there for a while.

The Bad
Well... there were one or two maze puzzles that seemed a bit haphazard and slapped together... but those could've been a lot worse.

The Bottom Line
This is, in my opinion, one of the best adventure games ever to be released by LucasArts (and certainly much better than most Sierra games). It's even good as a stand-alone game. While it's certainly not required to play Monkey Island 1 first to understand what's going on in this game, you'll only miss out on a few in-jokes.

DOS · by Dave Schenet (134) · 2002

The great adventure of Guybrush Threepwood.

The Good
This game has it all: Unique story, intriguing plot, clever puzzles, memorable characters, ingenious humor, vast areas and superb music! It is a prime example of interactive drama.

The Bad
Monkey Island 2 is my best point and click game, so there are not many bad things to say about it. If I can complain of something, it is the small part of the role of Elaine Marley. Elaine is such a powerful person, that whenever she meets with Guybrush, she shapes a moment that moves the narrative forward.

The Bottom Line
Monkey Island 2 is one of the finest point and click adventures, so that it can be found regularly on the lists with the top video games of all time. The game is the sequel to the legendary "The Secret of Monkey Island" and both games have fairly gained a cult status and many followers. Monkey Island 2 shares many beautiful elements that make this sequel an instant classic: A funny protagonist, an original adventure, interactive music, exotic atmosphere and an unexpected ending. LucasArts created an adventure that feels real and doesn't limit the player's imagination. If you are keen on video games with a big world and its inhabitants, you should experience this Caribbean setting at least once.

DOS · by Stelios Kanitsakis (91) · 2018

Why I fell in love with gaming

The Good
Mostly, the ending (and the dream sequence which alludes to it). The humor carries through from the first game and it's just fandamntastic. I love the style and the way the game's world started small on one island and became much larger (where the first game had just the two island experiences). As such, it's longer which is great.

The Bad
Honestly it's extremely difficult for me to find something I didn't like. I can say I wanted more, though. I wanted a crew to manage (which they brought back in Curse) and I wanted more insults (which they also brought back in brilliant rhyming form), but overall the game's appeal features pretty much everything you'd expect from a humorous LucasFilm classic with the amazing bonus of the trippy dream sequence and ending.

The Bottom Line
If you are ever to give a point and click adventure game a shot, make it this one. It's not necessary to play the first one, and if you MUST have voice acting, they have remade it (with a neat feature to see the old version behind it).

DOS · by Will Votta (1) · 2012

A wild and hilarious, swash-buckling adventure. Something every game library should have.

The Good
First and foremost, the humour. This has to be one of the funniest games I have ever encountered. I don't think that this game has a truly serious bit in its programming. The humour does range from obvious to subtle, but nearly all of it is first rate. And if you've played The Secret Of Monkey Island, then you'll notice that there are numerous returning characters and gags. Okay, so it's funny. Very good. Funny does not a computer game make. So LucasArts went ahead and put in everything else a quality production needs: the music is catchy and appropriate, the puzzles (mostly requiring the use of inventory items) are fun and challenging, the graphics fit the tone of the game, control is a snap.

The Bad
One or two puzzles were a bit too tough, but that is very subjective. As well, per-force, there isn't too much replay value here. But it's worth buying even to play just once.

The Bottom Line
A hilariously funny pirate adventure. Go get a mug o' grog and enjoy.

DOS · by Steelysama (82) · 1999


The Good
This game shows great comic graphics, laugh-out-loud humor and that great LucasArts interface. All this may not seem much at now, since the adventure genre is practically dead, but if you really observe you can see that the Gilbert brothers really did pump everything they have in the sequel to MI.

The Bad
Not much really to put here but maybe the game could have been a tiny bit longer. But hey if it's not long enough for you, go back and play it again. You won't be disappointed.

The Bottom Line
This game may be looked on by others from now as a one of the best adventure games in the now-dying genre. If you can still dust off a copy of this gem, you will see why it was a milestone and one of the best successors to one of the best games ever made (in my opinion.) If you don't already have it.....BUY IT!!!!

DOS · by Zsolt Pardi (19) · 2005

Challenging and fun.

The Good
Everything!! The game has the original Monkey Island theme, which never gets on your nerves and is always a pleasure to hear. The interface is easy yet powerful and useful, and allows you to do almost anything you want. The plot is ingenious, but solving the quest is challanging, with none of the parts being frustrating.

The Bad
Some of the jokes are bad, and the ending has nothing to do with the game's plot... But it's hilarious nevertheless!! Other than that, the game is flawless.

The Bottom Line
Thumb up for LucasArts- this game is one of the best quests ever published, and shows that a gigantic budget from a successful company doesn't always end with a failure.

DOS · by El-ad Amir (116) · 2000

Damned dirty apes... Again!! And even more so!!

The Good
Being a sequel to one of the true comedy classics of pc gaming is no easy task, it takes a great deal of creative talent to make a game that stands up to a record like that of the original Monkey Island, but fear not my pirate friend, Monkey Island 2 lives up to the legend and even surpasses it. With a completely twisted (and far darker) storyline, the sequel thrusts you back into the role of the now rich & famous Guybrush Treepwood and from that point on it's Rock & Roll time baby!!

The graphics have taken a major quality boost, with beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds and much more detailed character & object sprites. As far as puzzles are concerned this one is the perfect example of classic LucasArts adventuring genius, with puzzles that are often complex yet logical and incredibly entertaining. Yet what stands out from MI2 is the excellent comedic talent poured in it. Everything from clever dialogue writing to physical comedy (ever wonder how does an adventure character place big items like a dog in his "inventory"? :D) to even a edgier touch of juvenile humor (spitting contests! Yeah!!!), MI2 does it all and on top of that... it's got monkeys!!!!!!!

The Bad
Well I fall among the ones that DIDN'T like the ending. I didn't hate it, but I felt it pretty much sucked when compared to the rest of the game. Quite frankly it seems as if they had to tie up the game in a hurry and the final parts of the game (from the point you get shot from the cannon and on) feel more and more disjointed and, well, stitched toghether. And the ending itself feels completely slapped-on (think the new Planet of the Apes)

The Bottom Line
Twice the amount of monkeys means twice the amount of fun and comedy. This one would have been a winner even if it where a crappy MI1 follow-up, yet Gilbert and co. rose to the challenge and delivered an even bigger dose of Simian entertainment. It sort of comes appart at the end, but it's still a remarkable game and requiered playing.

DOS · by Zovni (10502) · 2006

New and Improved SCUMM

The Good
Monkey Island 2 picks up where the first game ends and has our famous pirate wannabe on another grand quest to locate the fabled treasure known as, Big Whoop.

The sequel wisely retains both the user-friendly SCUMM, point n' click interface as well as the comedy and general feel-good pirating of its predecessor. Familiar faces such as Voodoo lady, LeChuck, and the lovely Governor are all part of the sequel as well as new islands, puzzles, objects and a cast of eccentric friends and foes.

Monkey Island 2's graphics, animation, music and sound effects are all noticeably improved upon since the first game. While the game is certainly harder, with some more complicated puzzles, it never becomes unfairly difficult and does not offer anything nearly as insane as what was involved in opening the store owner's safe in the first Monkey Island game.

Fans of point n' click adventure gaming, especially of the SCUMM LucasArts variety, should certainly give this one a try.

The Bad
While a clear improvement over the first Monkey Island game, the sequel's early 1990''s graphics, animation, music and sound effects cannot but help seem dated. The drab maze in LeChuck's fortress can be frustrating and will require taking great notes or using an online guide.

Perhaps the biggest complaint in the game is that Monkey Island 2's ending. If you do successfully locate the fabled treasure and defeat LeChuck be prepared for some very odd plot twists, which have stirred up some confusion and controversy among Monkey Island fans.

When Monkey Island 2 ends, the Secret of Monkey Island is still a secret. The fabled treasure of Big Whoop seems less then worthy of its vast mythology and the player is initially left wondering if the entire adventure was just the imagination of a boy.

The Bottom Line
Monkey Island 2 is a classic, pirate themed point and click graphic adventure game by LucasArts. It successfully improves upon the first game, while retaining the features that made it great. These days finding a great adventure game is not an easy feet and the Monkey Island franchise is probably the Holy Grail of the genre. Fans of the genre should certainly give this one a try. Look behind you! A Three-Headed Monkey!

DOS · by ETJB (428) · 2010

The best Monkey Island game, and one of the best games period

The Good
Monkey Island 2 is what some would not believe, not only a worthy succesor to the first Monkey Island, but this one completely blows it out of the water. It's longer, funnier, and features the best puzzles I have ever seen in an adventure game hands down. The game has a slightly dark tone that most other comedy games so that makes it even more distinct. The music is amazing and rivals anything done today, it's that good. The graphics are excellent, all of them are much darker and distinct than the first game. I'd like to even mention the puzzles again, they are perfection. These are the best you can get. The entire game just lays the puzzles on you, there's usually about three or four different things you can solve at one time making the game seem very non-linear.

The Bad
There's one thing, I didn't like about the game and that is that it did not get the true sequel it deserved. Let me explain. There was supposed to be three MI games, a trilogy. The orignal developer never got to make the true third sequel, so the ending of the second game was never truly explained. So, the ending to MI2 is very...odd. And the entire Secret of Monkey Island, was supposed to be explained in the true 3rd game. No one really knows for sure what it is as the original developer has the secret locked away in his head. But, the main theory is that The Secret of Monkey Island is that it's not real, it's all in the imagination of Guybrush, a young kid walking around in an amusement park. Kind of like what the ending of MI2 shows.

The Bottom Line
A classic, the best Monkey Island, and one of the best games ever created. If you never played, track it down this instance.

DOS · by SamandMax (75) · 2002

I came back to let you know, I've gotta thing for you and I can't let go!

The Good
Playing this game was like kissing my first girlfriend, finishing this game was like losing my best friend. When I think of this game "Mr.BoJangles" by Sammy Davis Jnr comes to mind. That kind of sad, longing feeling for something which you know you'll never ever have again.

Every single thing. Even as a kid I could get the vast majority of the jokes. I just played it last night again and it makes me "laugh milk through my nose". Why don't they make games like this anymore? It makes me want to burn things in frustration. The modern day Monkey Island Adventures just don't compare in my opinion. I played this before I ever played Monkey 1, hence it was even better for me than other players.

This game even taught me how to balance my funds/finance. When I was a kid, it cost me IR£45. I saved up for a full year before I could buy it. Even since I was a kid, I have had a great mind for money, and its because of this game.

I'm telling you, Ron Gilbert will never know the influence he had on the younger generation of gameplayers.

The Bad
Absolutley nothing. Well okay, the complexity for a 9 year old was extreme , otherwise absolutley nothing.

The Bottom Line
Before Doom revolutionsed the Gaming industry, this and Ultima Underworld were the top dogs. When I was a kid I could more closley identify with Guybrush Threepwood(the main character) than I could with Jesus Christ. This game is insanley hillarious, entertaining, and best of completley FREE! IMO - its the best game LucasArts ever made

DOS · by kubakuba (9) · 2003

Monkey Island has been THE most influential adventure game in the history of adventure games.

The Good
The fact that it's plain perfect. The humour is constant, and even though it's an old games, the animations are great. I played this a long time ago, when 256 colors still were kind of new. But hell if I don't play it at times. This game has great replayability value. The fact that there's a 'lite' version gives you the chance of playing the game and getting the overall idea. But then, to go on to the 'full' version. This adds 20-40 locations and a LOT of puzzles. The normal puzzles are harder as well.

The Bad
Not much. I love this game and keep it by my bedside.

The Bottom Line
This is a game you must have played if you like adventure games. They blow away almost every Sierra adventure game, except Gabriel Knight 1, which is a similar game. Play both. Play them until your thumbs bleed. You'll agree when you do.

DOS · by Vohaul (19) · 1999

Hey Guybrush, it's voodoo time!

The Good
Since The Secret of Monkey Island sold well, it was not surprising that LucasArts decided to do a follow-up. After Guybrush Threepwood completes the three trials and dealt with LeChuck, he is now searching for the legendary “Big Whoop” treasure. Much of what you have seen in the first game can be seen in the sequel. You have the copy protection screen, this time requiring users to input a number of ingredients needed to make a voodoo recipe. You have to turn the wheel in such a way that the numbers match what is on the screen, or you won't get into the game.

What's unique about Monkey Island 2 is that it offers two game modes, the normal mode and a “Lite” version. The “Lite” version is aimed squarely at a younger audience and is much shorter than the normal mode. It also bypasses a few puzzles, so you won't, for example, get to participate in the Spitting Contest or resurrect Rap Scallion. The game is told in flashback since we see Guybrush hanging by a thread and telling Elaine how he found Big Whoop. After this, you have the nice credits with a beautiful rendition of the MI theme song. The only thing I enjoyed out of this was the dancing monkeys and Guybrush telling them to get lost.

When I finally got into the game, I noticed how neat the revamped interface is, removing the Turn On/Turn Off commands (Since you didn't get to use these commands in the first game, they were unnecessary.) and adding proper pictures to inventory items. I also noticed the background music while you play, and I enjoyed listening to those reggae tunes. I actually found myself tapping my feet to the music at times.

Most of the characters from the first game are here, and there are as funny as they were back then. Speaking of funny, Monkey Island 2 is always known for its humor. Examples: You can walk into the woodsmith's hut on Scabb Island and ask that tounge-twister for an amusing conversation with the woodsmith; or beg the men of low moral fiber just for a bucket; or rattle the garbage can outside a mansion's kitchen to make the chef come out, and run around the house while the chef curses at me. I just can't wait to hear what the dialogue sounds like in the Special Edition of the game.

There are a lot of hand-painted backgrounds, causing the graphics to be rich and colorful than those in the first game. In my opinion, most of the stunning backgrounds are found on Phatt Island.

The Bad
For such a great game, the ending just doesn't seem make any sense.

The Bottom Line
Monkey Island 2 is a great game that every MI fan should play every once in a while. It is much longer than the first one, and there is a lot of humor added to the mix. An easy version of the game can e played by beginners if they want to skip the puzzles, but they would me missing out on the best aspects of the game. I enjoyed listening to the reggae tunes that make up the background music. Monkey Island 2 worked beautiful on my P4/1.8G, no timer-related issue or no crashes. There was no need to use DOSBox or some slowdown program. Unfortunately as I upgraded my machine, running without emulation software became more irrelevant.

DOS · by Katakis | カタキス (43051) · 2010

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