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Fire 'n Ice

aka: Solomon no Kagi 2: Coolmintō Kyūshutsu Sakusen, Solomon's Key 2


The peaceful island Coolmint is attacked by flame monsters sent by the evil wizard Druidle. The queen of the winter fairies chooses the novice wizard Dana to drive back the monsters.

Fire 'n Ice is a puzzle game seen from a side-view perspective. The goal in each level is to extinguish all flames by pushing or dropping blocks onto them. The player takes control of Dana who can create or destroy ice blocks, climb blocks and push loose blocks. Ice is created diagonally below Dana in the direction that he is facing, if there is already an ice block there, it will be destroyed. However, ice blocks cannot be created on a spot that is already occupied by a flame, so that the player will often have to find a way to create ice blocks next to or above a flame so that they can be pushed or dropped onto it. If an ice block is created next to another object or wall it will stick to it, meaning it can't be moved and won't fall down. It is therefor also possible to create ice bridges to get over chasms. When a loose ice block is pushed, it slides above the ground until it hits another object. Rocks can also be used to extinguish flames, but they are indestructible and only move one space when pushed (unless they are on an icy surface).

Some levels contain pipes through which Dana can go, burning jars that melt ice or moving monsters instead of flames. There are ten worlds plus five secret worlds that contain ten levels. The first nine worlds can be played in any order. The tenth level of a world usually features a special challenge like moving flames or monsters and lava that is slowly rising from the bottom.

The game also features an edit mode in which players can create their own levels.


  • ソロモンの鍵2 クールミン島救出作戦 - Japanese spelling

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Credits (NES version)

13 People (10 developers, 3 thanks)

Character Design
  • Green Peace
Cinema Disp
  • Merino Wool
Sound Producer
Game Design
System Producer
Graphic Assistant (Solomon's Key 2)
Special Thanks


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  • MobyGames ID: 28949


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