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I Play: 3-D Soccer

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The One (87 out of 100)

However, if you take all of these points into consideration, what shines through like a beacon is the program's massive potential. If you're prepared to put a little more time than usual into mastering the complex control method, then patience will reap huge rewards - and I, for one, can hardly wait for I play: 3D Soccer 2.

Apr 1991 · Amiga · read review

Amiga Action (73 out of 100)

Watching somebody else play this game I must admit to becoming very excited. Technically, it cannot be faulted with smooth 3D update and convincing player animations. What lets it down is the gameplay. The perspective makes it difficult to tell who's in possession and the game becomes confusing. Another serious problem is the omission of a league or cup competition. If you're after the ultimate football sim, look no further than Kick Off 2. It's leagues ahead of this in terms of playability.

Jul 1991 · Amiga · read review

ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (6.4 out of 12)

So ist 3D-Soccer ein Spiel, dem es an Ideen nicht mangelt. Die technische Ausführung jedoch läßt Wünsche offen. Das Problem ist wohl, daß sich Simulmondo zuviel vorgenommen und dabei der Spielbarkeit des Programms zu wenig Beachtung geschenkt hat. Schade um ein Game, das in den Ansätzen vielversprechend, in der Realisierung jedoch nur durchschnittlich ist. Dennoch, über ein Update sollte Simulmondo nachdenken.

Jan 1991 · Amiga

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