Rick Dangerous

aka: Rick Dangerous: Action... Adventure... all that neat stuff!, Rick Dangerous: The Adventure Starts Here
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You play Rick Dangerous, an Indiana Jones type who's on a quest to find the lost Coolu Amazon tribe. However, his plane crashes in the middle of a bunch of crazed Coolus. Hopefully, he's up to the challenge of escaping. If he is, he will find himself in the pyramid of Egypt with no easy way past leaders and their minions, and then engulfed in a web of traps in a Nazi base.

Rick Dangerous is a platform game across over 100 screens, in which Rick has his gun in one hand, and dynamite sticks in another. You must take a methodical approach to clearing each screen, as there are traps in place which will need memorizing and preempting where possible. Use the dynamite wisely, for enemies you can't get into the purely-horizontal range of your gun.

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Manual Design and Graphics
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Average score: 80% (based on 30 ratings)


Average score: 3.4 out of 5 (based on 62 ratings with 4 reviews)

Who's your daddy, Lara Croft?

The Good
Another one of those stereotypical puzzle-solving platform games, don't you think? Not exactly. Rick Dangerous is not as dumb as he looks.
While the rules of the game are simple and the player doesn't have many ways of action, a thrilling atmosphere is created by top-notch level design. There are new surprises on almost each screen farther down the labyrinth of caves you are exploring, all of them constructed from a basic set of traps and enemies. The higher levels contain more enemies and less traps, but you have to cope with a limited ammo supply, leaving you to think of new ways to get rid of the deadly foes.
The game is driven by a solid engine, the animations are neat and the movements predictable, with a bit of skill and practice it is possible to solve every situation.
There is not much of a story going on, but this kind of game can well do without. Between the levels, little intro screens are presented (featuring rather lame alliterations). Nothing special, but they do add to the experience.

The Bad
Here comes the sour bit: This game is WAY too difficult. When Rick dies for the sixth time, that's it. No checkpoints, no continues or extra lives, no way to save the game, no difficulty settings, The keyboard mapping (Z,X,O,K, Space) is kind of awkward and can not be changed. If you get frustrated easily, don't try this one without cheating ;-)
The graphics show another drawback: This game suffers from the standard IBM 16-color palette, which makes the graphics look rather dull in comparison with the versions for other systems (Atari ST, Amiga). In CGA mode you can't even make out some of the traps, this is a major disadvantage. The conversion could have been better, even within the tight limits of contemporary PC hardware.
As for the sound, there is nothing to write home about. Don't expect more than the occasional bleep from the PC speaker.

The Bottom Line
Despite Core Design's repeated efforts to swamp the gaming community with mind-numbing mainstream productions featuring a certain well-built heroine, Rick Dangerous still manages to be a remarkable character.
If you care about presentation, play the home computer versions for better graphics and sound. If it turns out too frustrating, try the easier follow-up game, Rick Dangerous II.

DOS · by 5u3 (196) · 2006

the best of core design before tomb raider !!!

The Good
The game play ! i have a cracked version with my Atari 520 ST and later with my first PC i bought the game for finish the game !! (Sorry for my bad english)

The Bad
The graphics are too bad compared with the Atari 520 ST version !

The Bottom Line
try it and enjoy this game and his sequel !!

DOS · by CHARPENTIER DAVID (32) · 2005

Cruel and unusual punishment

The Good
Rick Dangerous was, at the time of its release, top of the line. It was hailed as an excellent arcade adventure game. The style of the game was an homage to old adventure movies in general, and to the, at the time fairly recent, Indiana Jones-movies (The Last Crusade came out the same year as Rick Dangerous).

The game starts out in the South American jungle, but every level has its own style. To put it shortly, you job is to travel the world and raid tombs. Sounds easy? Well, it's not. This game will last a while. No matter how good you are at these type of games, you will not get through this in an instant. I promise you that.

The game has excellent graphics and the charm-factor is through the roof. Rick himself looks like a little cherub, and all the enemies are just as cute. Not to mention the sounds. Everything from the gunshots to the scream you let out when you die sounds, well, cute. This could have been a bad thing but in this game it works, since it's so stylishly done. This is a parody rather than an imitation.

Since this is an old Amiga-gem I should point out that the game doesn't take that long to load. You may not realise this, but back in those days some games where virtually unplayable because of the horrendous loading times (if you think that "The Witcher" from last year had too many and too long load screens you haven't played the worst Amiga and C64 had to offer). Since you die more than often in this game, things like loading times really matters.

The Bad
For starters, the difficulty. It might be a good thing that the game lasts long, but in this case that's more of a problem than a benefit.

This game consistently punishes players for simply playing the game. There are traps everywhere, and there is no way of discovering them other than the infamous "trial and error"-style. Die, memorise the trap and try again. This is a really outdated way of creating games, and what seemed like tough but fun challenge back in the days is just frustrating nowadays.

Today players just won't stand for these kinds of cruel and unusual punishments. After having fought their way through the first, very though levels, they are being unfairly punished by even more arbitrarily placed traps you have to die in to discover, and soon all your lives are lost and you will have to start over. If you really want to beat this game, you will have to play the first levels so many times you will eventually start dreaming nightmares about them.

I liked Rick Dangerous when it was first released, although I really didn't have the patience to finish it even back then. When I try and play it today I give up quite fast. It's just not worth it. This is not gameplay, this is beautifully pixelated sadism. Nothing more, nothing less. The fact that the controls are far from precise makes the experience even more infuriating. It's quite annoying the 58th time Rick waves his little stick around instead of shooting his gun like you wanted to. Come to think of it, it's annoying even the first time.

As a sidenote I should mention also that the music is terrible. In fact it's borderline offensive. Luckily it stops after about 30 seconds or so. So in this case, the lack of music is actually a good thing.

The Bottom Line
If you are a masochist, you'll love this. But if you want a tough but fair gaming experience, look elsewhere. This game should be banned in the U.S. This game dishes out cruel and unusual punishments left and right. It wants to crush you. It wants to eat your soul.

Amiga · by Joakim Kihlman (231) · 2008

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If you have DOS 5.0 or above you may get a "packed file corrupt" error when you try to run the game. Use "LOADFIX RICK" instead.


There is no way to change the keys used in the game which are "Z,X,O,K" and "Space".

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