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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Fallen

aka: Deep Space 9: The Fallen, Otvergennye: Tajna Temnoj Rassy, The Fallen

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ComputerGamers.com (95 out of 100) (95%)

Unlike STVOY: Elite Forces this game has, as of yet, not let me beat it. The alien spawn are difficult to defeat and I have yet to get past the large robots onboard the Defiant. They just kick Worf's hiney to no end. I like the game, I like the fact that it is tougher than the last one, (thank Kahless!) and it looks to me to be one of the best that has come out so far.

Jan 16th, 2001 · Windows · read review

Gamer's Pulse (90 out of 100) (90%)

Normally I’m not a fan of Star Trek, and I can honestly say the only show that caught my interest and kept it for a while was DS9. I’m pleased to say that this rich cast of characters and section of the universe was brought to life so well. Next time I pick up a 3rd person action game I’m not going to be able to play it without measuring it to some extent to this title. If you are a Trek fan and haven’t picked up this game yet, I don’t know what is stopping you. It’s an all around feast for your eyes, ears, and gaming appetite. I smell stocking stuffer.

Dec 6th, 2000 · Windows · read review

Eurogamer.net (UK) (9 out of 10) (90%)

Playing through the game once is a pleasure in itself, but having the added bonus of two more characters to complete the game with gives astounding value for money. A solid storyline backed by hauntingly good graphics and sound, with entertaining combat and weaponry make this a hard game to put down. The only disappointment is the lack of a multiplayer option, but to be quite honest single player is so darned good it does not really pose a problem, as you will probably be playing it for weeks. Deep Space Nine : The Fallen is an excellent romp that will have you on the edge of your seat and wanting more .. the difference being that you do get more - you get three times the fun. Set co-ordinates for your local software retailer .. make it so!

Dec 18th, 2000 · Windows · read review

Electric Games ( ) (90%)

Not many Star Trek games live up to fans' expectations, but The Fallen is a very good game. The storyline fits in perfectly with events noted in the series and contains many familiar characters and races. Star Trek fans should not be disappointed with this title. Bottom Line: Excellent graphics based on the Unreal Tournament engine. The game is played from the third person perspective and the models look great. Voice acting is nicely done and the musical score is wonderful. The plot fits in well with events from the show. Star Trek fans will get the most out of this title, as it does require some detailed knowledge of the Deep Space 9 universe to comprehend fully.

Dec 12th, 2000 · Windows · read review

Gamesmania.de (88 out of 100) (88%)

Robuste Grafik, eine phänomenale Soundkulisse und gute Beschreibung aller wichtigen Elemente sorgen dafür, dass auch nicht nu Star-Trek-Fans ihren Spaß an dem Action- und Rätselspektakel haben. Eine gern gesehene Abwechslung zu den bisherigen Actionspielen aus der dritten Perspektive.

2000 · Windows · read review

GamersHell.com (8.5 out of 10) (85%)

Another great game,damn it and so much great games to play this winter.It's a nice action adventure and it's even more great for Star Trek fans.If I should compare it to other games I would rate it like this: Much better than Tomb Raider 5, but unfortunately not good as No One Lives Forever, but of course still worse to get it!

Nov 22nd, 2000 · Windows · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (17 out of 20) (85%)

Deep Space Nine : The Fallen s'impose comme une incontestable réussite sur tous les plans, certainement l'une des meilleurs adaptations de l'univers de Star Trek. Les adeptes de la série seront bluffés par la modélisation des lieux et des personnages, parfaitement fidèles à ceux de DS9. Le moteur du jeu permet une action intense et fluide parfaitement jouable, qui prouve que le shoot 3D à la troisième personne, lorsqu'il est optimisé de façon aussi admirable, convient parfaitement à l'univers de Star Trek.

Mar 30th, 2001 · Windows · read review

ActionTrip (84 out of 100) (84%)

Even though it is far from perfect, DS9: The Fallen will together with Elite Force (FPS) present a solid proof that the electronic Star Trek serial slowly started improving. The market is crammed with similar arcade adventures, so you cannot expect anything revolutionary from this Collective Studios' game. The only thing that should secure good sale is the popularity of the Star Trek world. I would still recommend the game both to trekies and rest of the audience, as it can provide you with the true feeling of this famous, yet until recently faraway fictional world.

Dec 20th, 2000 · Windows · read review

Gameplay (Benelux) (84 out of 100) (84%)

Na de miskleun New Worlds is er opnieuw een Star Trek titel die echt de moeite waard is.

Jan 31st, 2001 · Windows

Deaf Gamers (8.4 out of 10) (84%)

The Fallen is an impressive game with movie like feel to it. The story is interesting and makes the highly enjoyable. The replay value is wonderful with the ability to play through the story in three different ways. The length of each characters version is longer the total game in Elite Force which says a lot when you consider that it is just one third of the total game. If you haven't already bought The Fallen by now then I would say that it comes as highly recommended. At £30 the value was very good, At £20 and lower the value becomes exceptional.

2000 · Windows · read review

Game Revolution (B+) (83%)

Deep Space Nine has been one of the more disputed shows in the Star Trek series. Some think that the constant political battles and internal struggles are interesting, while others think it's too close to real life. But regardless if you're fan or foe, you'll find a good third-person shooter in the form of The Fallen.

Dec 1st, 2000 · Windows · read review

PC Games (Germany) (83 out of 100) (83%)

The Fallen ist ein zweischneidiges Schwert. Auf der einen Seite sorgt die hervorragende Grafik für Staunen: Vielfältige und feurige Lichteffekte geben ein wunderbares Bild ab. Gepaart mit der atmospährischen Musikuntermalung und dem knackigen Soundeffekten ist es eine unwiderstehliche Kombination. Doch auf der anderen Seite ist das Spiel nicht frei von spielerischen Mängeln.

Jan 2001 · Windows

GameSpy (82 out of 100) (82%)

A strong story under a technically solid game that suffers from weak implementation.

Nov 27th, 2000 · Windows · read review

PC Zone (1993-2010) (8.2 out of 10) (82%)

That aside, The Fallen is a highly entertaining game and is in many ways comparable to Voyager - Elite Force in that it offers a great storyline, within a game that plays to Star Trek's strengths as a TV series. Against Voyager, although there are no multiplayer options, The Fallen at least offers more than two days of single-player fun. It's atmospheric, involving, good-looking and above all addictive. Star Trek fans especially will love it, Tomb Raider fans may even prefer it.

Aug 13th, 2001 · Windows · read review

PC Player (Germany) (82 out of 100) (82%)

Die DS9-Fans in der Redaktion sind sich einig: Mit solchen Storys wäre Deep Space Nine nicht eingestellt worden! Die Geschichte um Pah-Geister, geheime Cardassianer-Laboratorien und undurchsichtige Dominion-Intrigen ist große Klasse - man merkt, dass das Szenario von echten Profis stammt. Auch technisch ist The Fallen sehr genehm und deutlich spritziger als der Gamma-Quadranten-Opa DS9: Harbinger. Trotz 3D-Shooter-Engine ist The Fallen ein reinrassiges Action-Adventure, das mit Schaltersuche und plötzlich auftauchenden Gegner-Ungeziefer sogar Tomb-Raider-Flair versprüht. Ziemlich genial finde ich die Idee der drei Handlungsstränge, die sich immer wieder treffen. So wird das eher kurze Vergnügen nett verlängert. Alles in allem ein rundes Spiel - nicht nur für Star-Trek-Fans.

Dec 2000 · Windows

PC Action (Germany) (82 out of 100) (82%)

Deep Space 9 - The Fallen ist ein gut umgesetztes Actionspiel, das durch die Parallelen zur Fernsehserie sicherlich jeden Star Trek-Liebhaber in seinen Bann ziehen wird. Besonders gefallen hat mir persönlich die taktische Komponente im Spiel: Man muss oftmals überlegen, wie man dem Gegner auf die Pelle rückt (Benutzung Tricorder etc.) und kann nicht einfach wild drauflosballern. Wäre auch nicht ratsam, bei dem knappen Vorrat an Munition und der Masse an Gegnern.

Dec 2000 · Windows

games xtreme (8.2 out of 10) (82%)

Certainly an entertaining and balanced adventure game The Fallen brings a little to what's already out there and then uses the Star Trek license to its fullest. The characters, storyline, sounds and events blend all so well together creating an atmospheric and very easy to play game. If you are a fan of Star Trek and especially one of the Deep Space 9 branch you are in for a treat - all you have seen on the TV is now available in 3D, your own personal Star Trek world. And even if you are not a great Star Trek fan The Fallen is still a great tomb raider-esque romp to get your teeth into ... Sambolc out - well I had to put in one Star Trek geek joke.

Dec 9th, 2000 · Windows · read review

Computer Gaming World (CGW) ( ) (80%)

Of course, with the good comes the bad. A few levels quickly degrade into switch/key hunts, and gameplay seems formulaic at times. In addition. I had a few lockups, and noticed some minor clipping and collision-detection issues. There is a 32MB (!) patch available that hopefully addresses these problems. Despite the flaws. if you are a fan of DS9, you will find THE FALLEN an enjoyable diversion. If you’re not a fan, this might be the dame to make you one.

Mar 2001 · Windows

Computer Bild Spiele (2.16 out of 6) (77%)

Wieder ein außergewöhnliches Spiel aus dem Star-Trek-Universum. Sofort sticht dem Sternenreisenden die detaillierte und wunderschöne Grafik ins Auge. Schneebedeckte Planetenoberflächen, glühende Lavaseen und Gefängnisse, die so beklemmend wirken,wie sie sollen ,sorgen für eine wirklich außergewöhnliche (oder außergewöhnlich „wirkliche“) Atmosphäre. Das liegt nicht zuletzt an der sehr stimmungsvollen orchestralen Musik. Die einzelnen Einsätze sind sehr abwechlungsreich und phantasievoll gestaltet, wenngleich ein paar Türschlüssel weniger auf der Suchliste sicher wünschenswert gewesen wären. Und noch ein Minuspunkt: Obwohl Sie das Spiel mit drei verschiedenen Figuren durchlaufen können, besuchen Sie leider fast immer dieselben Orte. Dennoch ist der Ausflug auf diese Raumstation am Rande des Alpha-Quadranten für Kenner der Serie schon fast ein Pflichtkauf. Alle anderen erwartet ein „gutes“ Spiel mit beklemmender Atmosphäre.

Jan 2001 · Windows

Gry OnLine (7.5 out of 10) (75%)

Końcowa ocena jest trudna do wystawienia. Z jednej strony dobrze odwzorowany świat Star Treka, jego wszechobecny klimat, ciesząca oczy grafika i bohaterowie ze srebrnego ekranu. Z drugiej liniowość i trochę rozczarowująca fabuła, brak jasnej koncepcji gry i rażąca błędami polska wersja. Jednak za tą cenę jest to propozycja bezwzględnie warta uwagi. Niech tylko w przyszłości rodzimy wydawca bardziej przyłoży się do swego dziecka, a świat będzie piękniejszy.

Jan 24th, 2001 · Windows · read review

Svenska PC Gamer (75 out of 100) (75%)

The Fallen är ett bra spel som är svårt att stänga av. Det är i de flesta fall mycket snyggt, även om det på enstaka ställen ser lite hophafsat ut. En skaplig mängd action ser till att det inte blir segt, men det är ändå inget renodlat röjarspel. Stämningen under uppdragen är mycket bra och spännande. Men tyvärr så känns det lite väl bekant, både till utseendet och intrigen. Allt har helt enkelt gjorts förut i andra spel. Det är inte speciellt nyskapande, men den som vill ha ett snyggt och välgjort äventyrs/actionspel gör ett bra val i Deep Space 9: The Fallen.

Jan 2001 · Windows

Génération 4 (14 out of 20) (70%)

Malgré sa linéarité, The Fallen est intéressant pour ses trois aventures presque indépendantes et son scénario plutôt bien ficelé.

Apr 2001 · Windows · read review

Game Over Online (70 out of 100) (70%)

When all is said and done and the galaxy is safe once again, The Fallen falls victim to repetitive and uninspiring gameplay. The inclusion of separate characters with unique campaigns, along with the overall look and sounds of the game, are no match for dull gameplay. Deep Space Nine fans won't be terribly disappointed, but they'll be little more than satisfied. The Fallen is just another in a growing crowd of formulaic third-person action titles. It may have avoided the Star Trek curse, but it wasn't able to elude the Star Trek flu.

Nov 21st, 2000 · Windows · read review

Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault) ( ) (70%)

Deep Space Nine: The Fallen is a tepid blend of highs and lows. There are some good ideas buzzing around in here and an elaborate script that puts in a lot of overtime, but these are mired in poor design decisions. In the plus column, The Collective has done some commendable things with the Unreal engine; the animated dialogue is impressive and needs to become the standard for titles that insist on using game-engine cinematics. Plus, the third-person camera is perfect, and the 3D modeling and texturing does an outstanding job of bringing these fictional characters to life. The designers are also successful in re-heating the same intricate plot three times from different perspectives. The plot could have grown boring, but fans will appreciate being able to step into the role of three separate characters.

Dec 10th, 2000 · Windows · read review

PC Play (69 out of 100) (69%)

Nakon solidne igre Klingon Academy i izvrsne Elite Force, pojavljuje se kompanija Simon & Schuster i izdaje jedan čudni mutež na temu najpoznatije Space sapunice Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Koliko ozbiljno su shvatili ovaj posao svjedoči činjenica da su posegnuli za izvsnim Unreal engineom, no modificirali su ga u krivom smjeru. Prema nazad.

Dec 2000 · Windows

Absolute Games (AG.ru) (65 out of 100) (65%)

Кхм. Несочувствующие, скорее всего, пройдут пару миссий и плюнут на непонятный (со стороны) сюжет, посредственно-блеклый дизайн уровней и однообразно-занудные пазлы. Фанатов наверняка порадует оружие, перекочевавшее из сериала в игру, возможность разгуливать (на весьма коротком поводке) по DS9 и наслаждаться голосами любимых героев. Да, как жаль, что я сегодня не фанат. А то бы целых семь баллов поставил!

Nov 22nd, 2000 · Windows · read review

GameStar (Germany) (63 out of 100) (63%)

Das Universum ist voller wunderbarer Welten. Und dann schicken die Designer von Deep Space 9 mich ständig durch stockfinstere, unübersichtliche und graubraune Höhlen und Tempel. Das große Problem hier ist das Leveldesign – ich kenne kein anderes Spiel auf Basis einer wichtigen Grafik-Engine mit derart missratenen Umgebungen. Das ist umso ärgerlicher, als mir andere Details richtig gut gefallen. Vor allem Trek-typische Gerätschaften wie Tricorder und Kommunikator sind gut umgesetzt und bringen auch spielerisch was – andere Entwickler, bitte mal anschauen! Selbst die Story überzeugt mich, obwohl die Sache mit den drei Hauptfiguren ein wenig halbherzig umgesetzt wurde. Fazit: Hart gesottene Fans der Serie greifen bitte nur dann zu, wenn der Spaß am piepsenden Hightech auch ganz bestimmt die großen Schwächen des Spiels ausgleichen kann.

Dec 2000 · Windows

Gamekult (6 out of 10) (60%)

Loin d'être évident, The Collective réussit pourtant, avec Deep Space Nine : The Fallen, à offrir de l'action/aventure, agréablement réalisée (merci le moteur de Unreal), à la fois simple et variée, dotée tant d'une atmosphère que d'un gameplay efficace. Bref, encore un jeu à la Star Trek de qualité mais encore également un certain manque d'originalité, empêchant le titre d'atteindre les références du genre. DS9 constitue un bon petit jeu, rapide et divertissant, pour peu qu'on ne lui demande pas de sortir des sentiers battus, bref, que l'on sache à quoi s'attendre en l'achetant.

Mar 13th, 2001 · Windows · read review

Player Reviews

Excellent 3rd person Trek adventure, but it has SOME flaws...

The Good
Excellent graphics... The Unreal Tournament engine powers some of the best graphics in a Trek game. The graphics are BETTER than those in Voyager: Elite Force. The levels are LARGER, MUCH larger. The Trek atmosphere is great, as you often have to use your tricorder to solve some problems. The tricorder also serves as your "radar". There is also time to "sneak".

The Bad
Severe amount of backtracking. Here's an example. You need to get to Astrophysics lab, which is on deck 14, but you can't access the terminal. So you need to power up the aux reactor. Once you finally find it, you find that you need an engineering chip to reinitialize the terminal, so you search all over for the chip. Once you got the chip, you power up the reactor, then you hunt for the entrance this little transformation have "opened", then you go there, get through, then your realize you need a DIFFERENT chip to get into the lab, but the only chip you can find is BLANK, so you need to find a chip writer... Extreme amount of backtracking.

There are also some "dead-end" situations that makes the game impossible to solve, forcing you to restore from a previous savegame without giving you a reason. Besides that, there's a couple gameplay bugs.

The Bottom Line
DS9: The Fallen is essentially Tomb Raider meets DS9. You take the role of Sisko, or Worf, or Kira as you run through the same plotline, but different parts, trying to prevent the Pah-Wraiths' followers from opening the other wormhole...

First thing you'll notice is the gorgeous graphics. Quite a bit of the DS9 opening sequence was recreated in the Unreal Tournament Engine. While the station looks a bit angular, it's easily recognizable, completely with the Defiant pulling away and moving into the wormhole. All of the cutscenes in the game are also done with the game engine.

The levels are HUGE, and has a lot of vertical movement. You'll be doing quite a bit of climbing and jumping. You'll be travelling to mountains with lake, Bajor, DS9, the Defiant, a Dominion Prison, underground temple, and more. Each level has distinct looks.

You'll be fighting plenty of opponents, from the Grigari (who are SHIELDED), to Cardassians, Jem'Hadar and Vorta, and plenty of indiginous lifeforms (from carnivorous fish to poisonous flyers), all properly animated.

A lot of the action involves using your tricorder and analyze threats, esp. with the Grigari, since only modulated phaser beam can penetrate their shielding (until you find better weapons). With ammo limits, you need to be very careful with your shots to make sure you have enough left.

The missions, however, are mostly "hunt the key" type, except they're not always called keys. You sometimes hunt passes, sometimes a chip, sometimes a data rod, but always it's an item. Sometimes you need to take an item over to another location, do something with it (like write a blank chip), then take the result to somewhere else. This means you will need to backtrack multiple times, and if you don't have good spatial memory yourself, expect to spend minutes (if not hours) wandering the level trying to find the location again. There are a few physical puzzles in the game, like a reflected shot or making your bridge, but that's few and far inbetween.

The storyline is excellent, but they should since they were crafted by professional authors and fleshed out by writers. The storyline for the most part makes sense except for some of the puzzles forcing you to backtrack.

With three ways to play (each one slightly different), the game is definitely worth the price of admission. It is one of the best Star Trek titles ever, and if they would ever fix these idiotic puzzles... It could even pull in some non-Trek audiences...

by Kasey Chang (4601) on Dec 21st, 2001 · Windows

One of the best Trek games ever made

The Good
Tone : this game is closest to the "feel" and tone of the Star Trek universe as it exists in TV and film. "Elite Force" may be a more exciting game, but its run'n'gun style is not very Trek-ish.

Gameplay : although not perfect (see below), the gameplay is generally satisfying and logical.

Design : the levels look amazing, and are extremely varied - one takes place on the hull of a crashed starship, half submerged in a lake!

Graphics : the Unreal Tournament engine has never looked better. Moody lighting (with accurate shadows), atmospheric effects all look excellent. An "inverse kinematic" engine (for those of you who care about such things) makes the character animation one of the outstanding touches.

Music : I actually copied a few of the mp3 files onto my hard disk to listen to independent of the game! Top notch stuff.

The Bad
Level design : some of the levels opt for the "hunt the key" scheme, which can lead to repetitive play - but only on some levels.

Story structure : I get the feeling some cut scenes were dropped, leaving some of the plot development less than clear.

Usually, using your "tricorder" scanning device will be done in puzzle-solving sections, but occasionally you'll be asked to put your weapon away during a fight to scan something. This is not as bad as in the "Hidden Evil" Trek game, but can be a little annoying. Must be a "thing" about games designers being one-handed - "Quake III" uses the same limitation with the gun/flashlight choice.

The Bottom Line
Probably the truest reflection of the Trek universe in video game format. If I had to recommend one Trek game to anyone (whether new to Trek games or not), this is it.

by J. McCullagh (5) on Mar 20th, 2005 · Windows

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