The Mummy

aka: Die Mumie, Hamunaptra, La Momie

The year is 1290 BC; the place Thebes. Pharaoh Seti l's mistress betrays him with his trusted priest, Imhotep. And so the ancient ritual of mummification is carried out on them for their deceit, and Imhotep then suffers from 'Hom Dai', the worst of all the Egyptian curses . . .

3,000 years later, and Rick O'Connell journeys to the site of the burial - the City of the Dead - with Egyptologist Evelyn Carnahan and her treasure-seeking brother, Jonathan. But what starts as a simple case of archaeology soon turns into something much more sinister when Evelyn accidentally awakens the angry spirit of Imhotep!

Combining all the tension and atmosphere of the hit movie, this game immerses you in a world of ancient intrigue and terror. Solve devious puzzles and survive horrific encounters with the living dead as you negotiate a series of trapdoors and secret corridors. All this before you come face to face with the spectre of Imhotep. The game also features a special sneak-preview of "The Mummy Returns", the long-awaited movie sequel.


Contributed by Xoleras.

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