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The Mummy

aka: Die Mumie, Hamunaptra, La Momie

[ PlayStation ] [ Windows ]

Windows credits (2000)

92 People (64 developers, 28 thanks)

Universal Interactive Studios

Associate Producer
Production Coordinator
Director of Marketing
Marketing Manager
Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Assistants
Special Thanks


Head of Production
PC Version Producer
PC Version Lead Programmer
PC Version Programming team
PC Version Art Team
Lead Programmer
Lead Artist
Assistant Producer
Lead Animator
Programming Team
Art Team
Animation Team
Music Design
Original Game Concept
Concept Art
Technical Design
Quality Assurance
Rebellion Head of Research and Development
Rebellion Head of Design
Rebellion Head of Art and Graphics
Special Thanks

Konami Corporation

Konami Computer Entertainment Studio
Konami Corporation (Tokyo)

Voice Overs

Casting and Directing
Studio Dialogue Editing
Voice Talent

Konami Europe

European Product Manager
European Package and Manual Design
European Marketing Manager
Special Thanks
  • All at Universal Interactive Studios
  • Konami of America & Konami of Europe
  • Shannon Diffner (at Universal Interactive Studios)
  • Prity Patel (at Universal Interactive Studios)
  • Marcus Savino (at Universal Interactive Studios)
  • Jason Enos (at Konami of America)
  • Sean House (at Konami of America)
  • Jake Neri (at Konami of America)
  • Eddie and Debbie[at Department X]

Absolute Quality, Inc.

Test Lead
Test Team
Operations Director
Shift Managers

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