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Nintendo Life (Jul 23, 2009)
The “Next” piece preview may cause some confusion, the ‘Clear It!’ modes are the kind you will try once then forget about, and starting at easy level 1 can lead to boredom. However start at a later level and you will have a lot of fun with the game. The difficulty settings allow you to adjust the challenge and the three game types are all good, differing enough to make you want to give them each a thorough play through. It may be different to other Tetris games but it’s still an excellent game and highly recommended.
One of the only things that really counts against this is the annoying sound. Most Virtual Boy sounds are annoyingly tinny, but this is just poor.
Defunct Games (Mar 20, 2005)
The first time a Tetris game was done correctly in 3-D, and it's utter and total genius. Everyone will enjoy this game or at least get hooked on it, no doubt about it. You have to play it to experience it's simplicity to master the controls even though all buttons are used to complexity in this game, it goes without saying: buy this gem!
Nintendojo (1996)
3D Tetris is a mediocre game. With the N64 on the horizon, it is odd that this game appeared on the Virtual Boy with its limited capabilities, but then again, there are still plenty of questions beyond that about the Virtual Boy itself. This game is no reason to jump to eBay and buy a Virtual Boy. However, if you already own one and you’re considering expanding your library, you may consider dropping a few dollars on it. If you decide to get this game, make sure you keep your expectations low because it certainly isn’t anything particularly revolutionary. By today's standards, I wouldn't reccomend it. Even by 1996 standards, this game was not totally up to par.
Retro Game Reviews (Jul 23, 2015)
3-D Tetris is an interesting take on a puzzle classic but the stereoscopic effect doesn't enhance the gameplay as much as you might expect. If anything it actually hinders your enjoyment and the swaying camera comes across as nothing more than a poorly implemented gimmick.
Entertainment Weekly (Apr 05, 1996)
Five years ago, a terrific game called Blockout, in which players fit multicolored blocks of varying sizes into a three-dimensional pit, was released by Electronic Arts for Sega Genesis. That, except for the multicolored part (all Virtual Boy games are red on black), aptly describes 3D Tetris. Uncanny similarities aside, Blockout was a heck of a lot more fun than this logy, eye-straining, desperate-to-please variant.
The Video Game Critic (Sep 06, 2014)
After just a few minutes of 3D-Tetris you'll be like, "Oh my God, please turn this [expletive] off." 3D-Tetris will make your brain hurt and your eyes bleed. I don't recommend it.