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3-D Ultra Pinball: Creep Night Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Game load and main menu
Preference settings
High scores of course
New game options for which level and number players
Game start in window mode
Game start in full screen mode
Trapped pinball left center lever for alignment shot
High score for Castle level
Tower level starting
Trapped pinball right flipper for shot at Goblin
Multi-Ball in play upper left and down chute on center
Multi-Ball continues now with 3 in play!
Bonus levels allow the user to choose reward (extra ball, extra continue, etc)
High score for Tower level
Dungeon level starting
Ghost appears from castle and traps the pinball and then eats it...
Oh... I loose the pinball right when 2 vortex show up
High score for Dungeon level

Windows version

one of the many mini-games included
One of the challenges in the dungeon table.
The lair of a mad scientist.
The final table.

Windows 3.x version

Main menu
New game options
Castle table
Tower table
Dungeon mini-game
Dungeon table
High Scores