3 Skulls of the Toltecs Screenshots

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DOS version

This is the first game I've known that displays the main menu before the title screen
Title screen
Fenimore Fillmore
It all begins when this old peddler gets chased by the rustlers for his golden skull... (intro)
...and our hero comes for the rescue (intro)
In an attempt to save the peddler, Fenimore gives him something to drink - which is accidentally the hair lotion - and kill the old man... (intro)
Fenimore takes hold of the skull, but cannot keep it for long. The skull once again gets to the hand of the gang
Brother Anselmo
Fryar digging up a grave.
Donkey ride
Deaf telegraph operator
Police station
Being expelled by Brother Anselmo.
The monastery
The bar
Fenimore: and have you got a time machine or something?
Obtained a bottle with some painting seeming to be a map
This railway system only appears when you use the trolley
The Apache village
Inside a tent
This tent is filled with a lot of weird stuffs. But above all, in the center, it is...
Fenimore: CENSOR! Not suitable for children under 13 years old really!
The cemetery
It seems to be a really friendly greeting...
...until this very moment. Moral lesson: do not trust anyone who gives you something so easily
Fenimore: I wonder how many lives that man had...

Windows version

Title screen
The town streets
The Monastery is occupied by the French
The railway system
Women can’t seem to stop talking
Good, one of the skulls
Nice place to hide
Something happened at the Bank
Playing poker
Lets go ballooning
This Monastery is weird...