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Starshot: Space Circus Fever

aka: Space Circus, Starshot: Paniek in het Space Circus, Starshot: Panik im Space Circus, Starshot: Panique Au Space Circus
Moby ID: 3008

[ Nintendo 64 ] [ Windows ]

Windows credits (1999)

79 people (74 professional roles, 5 thanks) with 90 credits.

Design Team

Presented by Bruno Bonnell
Concept Xavier Schon
Design Nicolas Pothier, Elisio Lima Da Costa, Igor Chevallier, Gilles Benois, Xavier Schon
Producer/Director Xavier Schon
Design Data Base Daniel Bricka

Programming Team

Technical Manager/Lead Programmer Pascal Craponne
Game Engine/Scenery tools and FX Stephane Biron
3D Engine Jean-Claude Cottier, Patrice Ponce
Animation System Patrice Ponce
Mapping Tool programmed by William Hennebois, Yannick Turbé, Infogrames R&D dept.

Scenery Coding Team

Scenery Coding Team Denis Ferraton, Bruno Pivano, Sebastien Charvet, Laurent Krzywanski, Bruno Foechterlen, Stephane Valour, Hung Huynh

Graphics Team

Artistic Direction Nicolas Pothier
Lead Animator & Main Characters Animation Gilles Benois
Animation In Utero
Artist Modeler Jean-Marc Torroella, Elisio Lima Da Costa, Franck Morel, In Utero

Music and sound effects

Music Thomas Colin, Gilles Benois
Sound FX Thomas Colin, Stephane Biron

Production Team

Executive Production Eric Mottet, Olivier Goulay
Producer Eric Angelier, Laurence Aguilar
Team Assistant Virginie Balland
Legal Department Marie-Pierre Orfila

In Utero

Artistic Direction David Legrand, Stéphane Bachelet
Artists/Animators Nino Sapina, Patrick RiviÚre, Romain Petitmangin, Jocelyn Tridémy, Frédéric Ressaire, Renaud Bec, Guillaume Boivin
Production Gilles Chavy, Xavier Gonot

Testing and Quality Assurance Management

QA Management Emmanuelle PĂ©rigault-Vigier, Olivier Robin, Rebecka Pernered
Testing Supervisors Vincent Laloy, Olivier Raffard
Alpha Testing Sylvain Branchu, SĂ©bastien Mayorgas
Beta Testing Bruno Trubia, Jane Bonner, Martin Prill, Emmanuel Desmaris, Philippe Lacharpagne, Carine Mawart, Sabrina Michaud, Maxence Peillon, Lionel Tona, Olivier Jamin, Samuel Dupraz, Dominique Hopital, Jocelyn Cioffi, Eric Charles, Nathalie BergÚse, Stéphanie Michel, Sébastien Frappé

Marketing Team

Marketing Director Monique Crusot
Product Manager Franck Giroudon
Hi-Res Images Igor Chevallier


Publishing Emmanuelle Tahmazian, Sylvie Combet, Olivier Lachard, Patrick Chouzenoux, Michel MĂ©goz


German Translation Beate Vigliano-Reiter

With Thanks to

Thanks to François Grand, Eric Fries, Julien Proux, Laurent P. Paret, Mondorondo
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