Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run

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[ PlayStation 2 ] [ Windows ] [ Xbox add ]

PlayStation 2 credits (2006)

221 people (172 professional roles, 49 thanks) with 224 credits.

Terminal Reality

Lead Artist
Lead Designer
Lead Programmer
Principal Programmer
Audio Director/Composer
Level Design
Particle Effects
Sound Designers
Technical Artist
Product Manager
QA Lead

Additional Help

Human Resources
Level Design
Office Manager
Product Manager
Very special thanks to our significant others for all their love, support and patience during this project including:
Special Thanks

ACT3 Animation

Production Manager
Project Lead
Technical Director

Midway: Third Party Production

Executive Director
Executive Producer
Associate Producer
Asst. Associate Producer
Sr. Technical Director
Development Director
Art Director
Animation Director
Lead Writer


Audio Director
Audio Engineer/Designer

Marketing & PR

SVP Marketing
Chief Marketing Officer
VP Marketing
Marketing Director
Director of Media Relations
Senior Media Relations Manager
Product Manager
Channel Marketing Officer
Channel Marketing Manager
Business Development
Creative Services


Localization Supervisors
Localization Analysts

Midway Quality Assurance

QA Director
QA Manager
QA Supervisor
QA Lead Analysts
Asst. Lead Analysts
Technical Standards Analysts
Special Thanks


Head of US Sales
Account Manager
Project Manager
Test Lead
Supporting Lead
Interfacing Lead
QA Testers

Recording Studio: Voice Over Recording by Soundelux Design Music Group

Voice Over Business Manager
Voice Over Coordinators
Voice Over Director
Recording Engineers
Production Assistant
Voice Talent
  • Dwayne Johnson ("The Rock" - Alex Decker)
  • Jake Eberle (IES Soldier A/IES Soldier H/IES K/Nostra Soldier B/Thompson/Nostra Soldier/Nostra Soldier Call Out[med.])
  • Steven Jay Blum (Dante/Keller/IES Scientist E/IES Soldier I/IES Soldier Callout/IES Soldier E/Marduk)
  • Chad Randau (Nostra Soldier A/IES Soldier J/Nostra Soldier Call Out[light]/Murphy/IES Sergeant B/IES Soldier G)
  • Alan Blumenfeld (IES Soldier B/IES Soldier D/Kryo/Nostra Scientist)
  • Phillip Maurice Hayes (IES Pilot B/Dr. Adamson/IES Soldier F/Nostra Soldier C/Wallace)
  • S. Scott Bullock (Gomez/Cyrus/IES Scientist R/IES Pilot A/Murphy/Nostra Dispatcher/Nostra officer/Olaf/Wounded IES Soldier)
  • Kari Wahlgren (Karin/Zora and Computer voice)
  • Dave Wittenberg (IES Pilot A/Robotics Scientist/Seargent A/Nostra Soldier Callout Light/IES Soldier C/Nostra Scientist/IES Scientist C)
  • Jamieson Price (Crawford/Nostra Captain/IES Scientist B/Nostra Callout[lrg]/IES Scientist D/Sergeant C)
Special Thanks
Very special thanks to our significant other for all their love, support and patience during this project including:
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