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PlayStation 3 credits (2007)

313 people (286 professional roles, 27 thanks) with 320 credits.

Incognito, Inc. Entertainment

Executive Producer
Senior Producer
Lead Programmer
Lead Online Programmer
Lead Tools Programmer
Lead Animator
Technical Art Director
Lead Sound Designer
Associate Producers
Engine/Tools Programmers
Game Programmers
Network Programmers
Audio Programming
Game Design/Scripting
Production Artists
3D Artists
Shell Design
Additional Animation
Additional 3D Modeling
Additional Design Support
Game Testers
Studio Operations
Network Administrator
Special Thanks

SCEA Santa Monica Studio

Executive Producer
Associate Producers
Concept Artists
Technicolor Interactive Services
Project Manager
Director of Tools and Technology
Director of Technology
Director of Production
Director, Product Development
Senior VP, Product Development, SCEA
President, World Wide Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment

SCEA Tools, Technology and Services Group

Senior Director of Tools, Technology and Services
Director of Service Groups


Director of Music
Senior Music Supervisor
Music Supervisor
Music Production Associate
Music Mixing and Editing
Manager, Music and Licensing
Music Operations Manager
Associate Music Producer
Music Composed By
Additional Arrangements By
Themes By
Music Orchestration
Music Preparation
Music Mixed By

Bratislava Music Production

Score Performed By
  • The Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
Orchestral Contractor
Orchestra Manager
Music Conducted By
Music Recorded By

Sound Design

Sound Design Manager
Sound Design
Thanks To

PD Service Group Support

Project Manager

SCEA Online Technology Group

Senior Director, Global Platform
Senior Managers
Project Manager
Games Integration

San Diego FPQA

QA Test Managers
QA Test Supervisor
Lead Quality Assurance Analysts
Quality Assurance Analysts
Lab Technician
Contingent Game Test Analysts
Applications Admin
Test Tool Developer
Manager, Online Support
Online Support Leads
Online Support Analysts
Sr. Manager
Manager, Project Management
Supervisor, Training
Project Coordinators

SCEA Marketing

Director, Software Product Marketing
Product Marketing Manager
Associate Product Marketing Manager
Product Marketing Specialist
Product Marketing Assistant
Senior Director, Communications and Brand Development
Senior Corporate Communications Manager
Analyst Relations Manager
Senior PR Sports Manager
Senior PR Manager
PR Manager
PR Specialist
Software PR Assistant
Senior Promotions Managers
Director, Channel Marketing and Events
Senior Manager, Creative Services
Senior Creative Services Specialists
Creative Services Specialist
Packaging and Manual Design
  • Origin Studios
Manual Documentation
  • OffBase Productions
Senior Director, PLAYSTATION Network
Director, Operations
Senior Manager, Web & Loyalty Marketing
Loyalty Associate Manager
Web Content Planning Manager
Associate Project Manager (Official Game Site)
Web Producer
Senior Web Content Designer
Web Specialist
Asset Artist
Senior Manager, Playstation Store
PS Store Coordinator
PMT Manager
Project Managers

SCEA Legal and Business Affairs

Director, Legal & Business Affairs
Special Thanks
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