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Actually, not a bad game.

The Good
At times, the action was fairly intense, and you had to use your limited 'ammo' accurately or you would not make it. If you were caught by one guard, you could escape, but if you were caught by two, then you would lose. If you listened to the voices and footsteps of the guards, you could more easily elude capture. Instead of killing soldiers, you would convert them to Christianity, thus leaving you in peace. Kind of neat twist on the old FPS. As you work through the game, you get better weapons and tougher enemies. There are quite a few tough puzzles as well. A lot of thought went in to the bible scriptures that are used as power ups.

The Bad
I should say that for 2 guys working on a game, they did a great job. However, Some of the aspects of the game destroyed the immersive feel. When a guard is converted, he kneels down and a golden light curtains around him as angels sing. The first time I saw this, I nearly fell off my chair in laughter. The graphics, I would say are better than Quake II but not quite as good as Quake III. I also had a small issue with the angels that appears to give you better weapons. He looks like a salt shaker with Popeye forearms.

The Bottom Line
A strong effort with a lot of great intentions. Once you get past laughing at some aspects, you find a decent game that offers something different. Not an easy game, but one that requires planning and observing.

Windows · by Scott Monster (985) · 2003

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