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Panzer General III: Scorched Earth

aka: Panzer General III: Front de l'est, Panzer General: Unternehmen Barbarossa

Windows credits (2000)

81 People (75 developers, 6 thanks)

Lead Programmer
Interface Programming
AI Programming
Additional Programming
Install Programming
  • Numerical Design Ltd.
Art Director
Lead Artist
Additional Artists
3D Models
  • Viewpoint Datalabs
  • REM Infografica
Lead Campaign & Scenario Design
Campaign & Scenario Design
Multimedia Production
Other Music
  • APM
Senior QA Manager
Product Test Manager
QA Lead
Assistant QA Lead
QA Testers
Manual Editor
Web Master
Other R&D Support
Localization Manager
Executive Vice President
Senior Vice President
Marketing Manager
Marketing Director
PR Manager
PR Specialist
Legal Counsel
Support Personnel
Layout and DTP
  • Louis Saekow Design
Special Thanks

Mattel Interactive (UK) Ltd.

Product Manager
PR Manager
Graphic Design
  • Mattel Interactive UK Design Department

Mattel Interactive Deutschland GmbH

Marketing Director
Marketing Manager
Product Manager
PR Manager
QA Lead Germany
Special thanks to

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