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Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia

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Windows credits (2007)

149 people (80 professional roles, 69 thanks) with 203 credits.





Artificial Studios

Lead Developer
Lead Game Designer
Project Manager
Lead Game Programmer
Lead Technology Programmer
Lead Gameplay Programmer
Lead Network Programmer
Gameplay Programmer
Level Programmer
Associate Producer
Co-Lead Tester
Gameplay Balancer
Mission Programmer
Music Composer
Lead SFX Designer
Voice Director
SFX Designer
Mission Designer
Level Assembly
Texture Artist
VFX Artist
Cinematic & Character Animator
Localization Artist

Immersion Games

Lead Developer
3D Artist
Cinematic Artist
Lead Designer
Lead 2D Artist
Immersion Producer
2D Artist
Texture Artist
Viedo Composition
Level Assembly
Tech Support
Additional Programming
Additional VFX
Additional Content

Voice Actors

Voice Actor
Voice Actress



Special Thanks

Jeremy Stieglitz
  • to Mom / Dad & Jessica... Thanks for putting up with me
  • Doug Kennedy (The man's looking for us)
  • and many thanks to Southpeak for believing in this game
Thomas Williamson
  • Arieann for her endless patience
  • Mom for her endless support and courage
  • The FSM for his mighty noodly appendage
  • Chuck Norris (for being there when it counted most)
  • and all my other friends and family who couldn't fit here
David Sleeper
  • Special thanks to the parents
  • Mike
  • Kelly
  • Pauly
  • Stuman
  • Cliff
  • and anyone else who didn't mind my lost time and was supportive over the crazy development
Matt Farber
  • Thanks for everyone who put up with my crazy hours
  • and to my family whove wanted in life
Afshin Toufighian
  • A special thank to you Mom
  • Dad
  • Shahin Toufighian (as Shahin; first Bro)
  • Shamim Toufighian (as Shamim; second Bro)
  • Amir
  • Tommy Tallarico (for your knowledge and wisdom)
  • Bob Rice (for your knowledge and wisdom)
  • Jeremy Stieglitz (as Jeremy; for your relentless commitment and dedication in carrying forward the vision of Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia; that has been a source of encouragement and motivation for me. Thank you.)
Derek Stroud
  • For Vanessa
  • The Parents
  • and the pubs and also to Bobfe for always haunting me
Tom Jones
  • Thanks to my best friends Amanda / Heather and Thomas for moving away and leaving me nothing else to do but work.
  • Justin / Dwebb / Skeez / Peace and Kris for sticking around [and Chuck and Gmoney].
  • Finally thanks to my supportive Family
  • Ian Jones (brilliant brother)
  • and the other loonies at AS
Ian Jones
  • to my girlfriend Ashley
Clifton Poli
  • to my family
  • Robert / Anna and Clarise for their support.
Zack Fowler
  • Mom / Alex / Owen / Rob / Scott and Dan for the encouragement and support.
  • Robert for understanding the burden of the daddy pants.
  • Sean for not just standing there - scratching his legs.
  • Marcello for 2Draw. Thanks!
Joshua Javaheri
  • Thanks to Mom / Dad & Stephan - for putting up with it.
  • Valerie / Bruce / Alix / Charlie and Danovin - for the moral support.
  • My cat Oshi for keeping us company during those late nights.
  • Jessie - Friends always.
  • RIP forever Natalie.
Anna Vittone
  • I want to give Special thanks to my fiance Matt for taking care of me.
  • And to my mother for telling me the only artist that won't starve is a digital one.
David Casteel
  • Special thanks to those who purchased and enjoyed Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia - it is for you we do this.
Jerrod Greenwood
  • Mike / Jack / B-B-B-B-Barrett - for being my homies.
  • JR - my Bro.
  • Thanks for the support.
  • Munda Moo - keeping me sane and beeing my shopping buddy.
  • Jason - free food and being a night owl.
  • RIP Spike
Benjamin Lee
  • Special thanks to my parents and Bro
Jake Martin
Stephen Baker
Jason Hillhouse
  • Thanks to my parents for supporting me through all off this [I know you're loving this Dad :P]
  • Brent - a great teacher who got me on my feet
  • And Jeremy for giving me the chance to do this stuff. If I had to start out somewhere I'm glad it was here!
  • I would like to thank my loving family for supporting me and putting up with me and the time it took to complete Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia.

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