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Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia

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PC Action (Germany) (61 out of 100) (61%)

(...) Grafisch bietet der Titel durchschnittliche Kost, zeigt bei großem Monsteraufkommen aber LeistungseinbrĂŒche. Mehr Spaß bereitet der Mehrspielermodus. Achtung: Um einen Patch kommt man nicht herum – ohne diesen startet das Gemetzel erst gar nicht.

Feb 2008 · Windows

Pro-G (6 out of 10) (60%)

Despite all this, there is something about Battle for Suburbia that will keep you coming back for more, even if you are not too sure why. It has a delightful old school feel about it that is reminiscent of The Chaos Engine or the aforementioned LucasArts gem, Zombies Ate My Neighbours, but if you're interested in gameplay over middling next-gen visuals, you'd be better off browsing eBay than dipping your toe in the very American world of Monster Madness.

Jun 26th, 2007 · Windows · read review

Computer and Video Games (CVG) (5.9 out of 10) (59%)

It's sad that there are no great Gauntlet-style hack-and-slash multiplayer games anymore. Despite its flaws, this is the best that an old workhorse of a genre has to offer so, if you must play it, play it with friends. Don't expect too much though.

Jun 21st, 2007 · Windows · read review

GameStar (Germany) (56 out of 100) (56%)

Mit einem von vier Charakteren metzeln Sie sich im abgedrehten Actionspiel Monster Madness durch Horden von Zombies, Monsterclowns und Ă€hnlichem Höllengesocks. Wegen den hĂ€ufigen Rucklern und der schlechten KamerafĂŒhrung verlieren Sie in den KĂ€mpfen aber schnell die Übersicht.

Nov 2007 · Windows

YouGamers (55 out of 100) (55%)

Monster Madness has all the right ingredients for a great slash-fest, but the concept was over-though by the development team and the recipe is just a bit off. Weapons are unbalanced, multiplayer is lacking and the save system is broken. Any innovation is trounced by poor gameplay, and the end result is far from fun.

Jul 16th, 2007 · Windows · read review

Wham! gaming (5.5 out of 10) (55%)

And this awkward gameplay makes the repetitive nature of the game even more annoying. I mean, I'm all for killing the legions of the undead, but at least you could change it up a little. Because even with all the different monsters and weapons, the game was putting me to sleep.

Jul 9th, 2007 · Windows · read review

GameSpot (5.1 out of 10) (51%)

All told, Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia feels like a wasted opportunity. The premise is cool, and the combat seems like it has potential. However, the controls and lousy co-op camera muck the whole thing up so that nearly all the fun is sucked out of it, regardless of how many people play. Plus, as mildly amusing as the online multiplayer can be, it's absolutely criminal that this game doesn't include some form of online campaign mode. Though considering how unwieldy and awkward everything else in the game is, maybe that wouldn't have helped all that much.

Jun 13th, 2007 · Windows · read review

GameZone (5 out of 10) (50%)

You’d think that you couldn’t miss when you take a solid, hip formula and add even more spice in the way of furry monsters, vampires, boats and hovercrafts. Not in this case, unfortunately. It wasn’t executed with much focus, and more attention seemed to be given to look and style rather than gameplay and a plot. Why the heck are the evil creatures upset with the ‘Burbs, anyway? Why does the camera have a mind of its own, and why do I have to suffer for it? These questions and more will keep you on the edge of your gaming seat!

Aug 13th, 2007 · Windows · read review

Game Captain (41 out of 100) (41%)

Monster Madness wĂ€re mit Sicherheit ein lustiges Monstermetzelspiel, vor allem im Kooperativmodus, wenn denn nicht so viele technische MĂ€ngel bestĂŒnden. Was lustige Ideen und die gefĂ€llige Aufmachung aufbauen, wird durch eine miserable Steuerung, katastrophale Lokalisierung, schlampige Portierung und ĂŒbertrieben hektisches Gameplay erbarmungslos niedergerissen. Ich glaube sogar, dass das Spiel ansonsten sogar Award-QualitĂ€ten gehabt hĂ€tte. So muss ich diesem vielversprechenden Titel jedoch eine mangelhafte Umsetzung attestieren, die schlicht und ergreifend kaum Raum fĂŒr ZugestĂ€ndnisse lĂ€sst.

Nov 26th, 2007 · Windows · read review

4Players.de (39 out of 100) (39%)

Eigentlich hĂ€tte Monster Madness eine Mordsgaudi werden können. In geselliger Runde mit abgefahrenen Vehikeln und Tötungswerkzeugen auf Zombie-Jagd zu gehen, als Werwolf, DĂ€mon oder Vampir eine Spur der VerwĂŒstung zu ziehen und sich um heiß begehrte BeutestĂŒcke zu streiten, klang verlockend. Bei der Umsetzung ihrer Ideen sind die Entwickler allerdings so klĂ€glich gescheitert wie Bill Clinton mit seiner Definition von "Geschlechtsverkehr". Miese Steuerung, miese Kamera, miese Technik, miese Spielbalance, miese KI - selbst der Humor ist mies. Die Krönung ist allerdings die geradezu haarstrĂ€ubende Lokalisierung, an der man scheinbar monatelang gefeilt hat, um solche StilblĂŒten wie "Bringen Sie den Treiber in ihnen und Knall durch das Entweichen heraus!" zu erschaffen...

Nov 12th, 2007 · Windows · read review

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