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One year after the first edition of the World Fighting Tournament, won by Lau Chan, invitations are sent once again, this time to the second edition of the Tournament. Will Akira's new techniques be enough to beat Wolf? Can Lau defend his title against his daughter Pai? Will Jacky rescue his sister Sarah, who has been brainwashed to kill him? Will Jeffry make enough money to track down the Satan Shark? And Kage, will he uncover if the mysterious Judgement 6 cartel is behind the tournament? All is yet to be seen...

Sharing the name with the second title in Sega's seminal 3D fighter series, this 16-bit version brings the game to the world of 2D fighters.

While the fully polygonal environment of the arcade/saturn version were scratched in favor of regular sprites and side-scrolling camera due to obvious technological constraints (plus manufacturing costs ruling out the SVP chip used in Virtua Racing) and featuring only the 8 original characters in the series, the rest was directly taken or inspired by it's bigger brother. The arenas are all drawn according to the to the 32-bit titles (and even feature a small parallax scrolling trick to provide a slight 3D illusion), so are the characters, and the also features a lot of the same sound effects and music. Gameplay is also inspired by the original version, with many button combinations remaining unchanged.


  • 버쳐 파이터 2 - Korean spelling

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Average score: 54% (based on 12 ratings)


Average score: 3.0 out of 5 (based on 33 ratings with 2 reviews)

If Virtua Racing made use of the SVP, why can't Virtua Fighter 2? Now, we get a mediocre game that tries to make it 2D.

The Good
The only thing I liked about it is the least it looks exactly like the old Virtua Fighter games.

The Bad
The graphics are horrible as this is supposed to be a 3D game right? Why didn't this game make use of the SVP (Sega Virtua Processor), I don't understand that...also, the music is like someone using a rusty nail to write on the chalkboard to make music (in other words, it sucks)...Also, the AI sucks big time...they barely attack and they stand there most of the time...I can't explain anymore...there's too many cons about this game...check for yourself...

The Bottom Line
This game is freaking horrible, what was Sega thinking of making Virtua Fighter 2 2D? Why didn't they use the SVP for Virtua Fighter 2, we're they running out of money? I can't say anymore...stay away from this mediocre garbage...If you can't afford to make use of the SVP, at least put it on the 32X instead of the Genesis. But since it's too late, destroy all copies and get rid of all ROMs of this, this is an abomination of the Virtua Fighter series...just ignore this game....I can't explain anymore.

Genesis · by Mavi Bacon (13) · 2009

What Kind Of Game Is This?!

The Good
The slow-motion when you fight Dural, different costume colors for each character, different background color schemes

The Bad
Shun Di and Lion Rafale the new characters for Virtua Fighter 2 aren't in the game, there are only 5 background stages which vary for each character, the hidden options are useless except for the Stage Select, each character only has one win pose after they win the match, no alternate costumes except different colors for each character, only background stages are Kage, Jeffry, Sarah, Akira, and Dural, only three modes which are Arcade, Versus, and Options.

The Bottom Line
This game should of been named Virtua Fighter Genesis Remix instead of Virtua Fighter 2 Genesis or should of included Shun Di and Lion Rafale as playable characters. The graphics are kinda bad and each character has only some moves from Virtua Fighter 2. The sound has an annoying static sound each time a player hits another player.

Genesis · by David Largo (1) · 2007

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