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Depths of Peril is a single player action/RPG influenced heavily by turn based strategy games like Civilization. Your character takes lead of a fledgling Covenant (a faction or guild) in the barbarian city of Jorvik, where you compete or ally with other Covenants. These factions are the most unique aspect of Depths of Peril, adding a level of depth unusual in games of this genre. The player can negotiate trades for money or even items, start wars or form alliances, raid enemy Covenants or destabilize them with rumors. These other groups will also compete with the player to complete quests and win recruits, or can even adventure alongside the player.

Items and inventory are handled in much the same way as other action/RPGs. There are common items, rare items, uniques, set pieces, artifacts and so forth, all color coded for your convenience. Every item alters your character's appearance as well.

Depths of Peril does not support multiplayer, but it does allow you to export your character sheet in HTML and other formats to post on the internet, allowing for some ladder-style competition. Also, your character, Covenant and recruits can all be transferred to a new game when you win as well, allowing for a lot of replayability.

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