Legacy of the Ancients

aka: LoA, LotA

Dungeon Slime Never Looked So Good. -- Electronic Arts


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In most dungeon fantasy games, you can't really see the slime on the dungeon walls. Or watch monsters coming after you.

Introducing Legacy of the Ancients. It's a new fantasy role-playing adventure that offers the richest graphics ever seen in a fantasy game. And something more.

A dangerous quest at a furious pace. Dungeons, castles, and towns to explore. Puzzles. Gambling. Fighting. Magic. In short, everything you love about fantasy games. And lots of new things you've never seen before.

  • Flickering torchlight on moldy walls. Blood stains on a monster's teeth. Incredible graphic detail.
  • Explore 24 dungeon levels, each with a different look and challenge.
  • The displays in the Time-Space Museum can be doorways to new worlds.
  • Trek through vast wilderness areas. Talk to the locals. Some will want to help. Some are good to eat.
  • 12 different towns. Pick up some magic spells. Stock up on weapons and armor. Rob the bank on your way out.
  • Master five different action games to win. Visit casinos for extra gold - or build up your character points in the combat-training centers.


Advertisement in COMPUTE!, November 1987

The life of a Tarmalon shepherd is a simple one. In truth, you've never been even as far as Holy Point, a small city ten days march to the north. Like everyone in the realm, you've heard tales of great wizards and powerful magic. You've even listened to stories of ancient travelers from the lights in the sky. But nothing unusual has ever happened to you - or anyone you know.

Suddenly, you notice that the wildlife is strangely quiet. You glance up from your thoughts to see a crumpled figure by the side of the road. Nervously, you kneel down to check the body. It's a dead man. His corpse is still warm. There's a look of panic on his face, a gold bracelet around his wrist, and a leather scroll clutched tightly to his chest.

Your common sense tells you to run. Whatever killed this man is probably still nearby. Yet something compels you to linger. You find yourself tucking the scroll into your tunic. The bracelet is trickier, but you manage to unfasten it and snap it around your own wrist. Rummaging through his cloak, you find some papers and an odd black disk.

Looking around with care, you hasten on your way. But before you've gone more than a few steps, your senses begin to waver and shift. As you shake your head to clear your vision, you see standing before you a magnificent structure, where nothing but weeds and swamp had been before. Stone walls shine in the sun. Giant columns reach toward the sky. A shimmering archway beckons. You walk slowly through it, as if in a daze.

Your adventures have just begun.


From the inside fold-out

Contributed by Belboz, cimerians.

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