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Culpa Innata

Windows credits (2007)

176 People (163 developers, 13 thanks)

Momentum DMT

Produced By
Based On Novel By
Story By
Additional Design Consultancy
Written By
Script Writing
Additional Material
Script Editing
Lead Programming
Tool Programming
Additional Programming
Lead Research & Development
Research & Development
3D Graphic Art
3D Animation
Director of Photography
Additional Modelling
Original Score
Facial Photo Casting
Audio Casting
Audio Production
Main Characters
Other Voice Characterizations
Sound Engineers
Sound FX
Walkthrough Courtesy Of
Lead Tester
Business Director
Localization Coordinator
Special Events Coordinator
Web Site Design
Additional Web Design
Very Special Thanks
Special Thanks
  • Numerical Design Limited
  • 3d.sk
  • Photos.com
  • Marlin Studios
  • Fmod
  • Tuna Casting
  • Foremedia
  • Sound Ideas
  • To our friends and families for their inspiration
  • understanding and loving support throughout this long project
Additional Thanks
Facial Photos
Additional Facial Photos

Strategy First

V.P. Product Development
Chief Financial Officer
Director-European Operations
Business Development Manager
Sales Manager
V.P. Systems
Associate Producer
Technical Advisor
Graphic Design Manager
Website Administrator
Public Relations Coordinator
Technical Support
Assistant Controller

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