Assassin's Creed

aka: AC1, Prince of Persia: Assassins, Project Assassins
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The Third Crusade meet Grand Theft Auto!

The Good
Graphics: The single best graphics on a game I have ever seen. Everything from the tallest building to the smallest rock is so incredibly detailed.

Environments: You have so much freedom with the environments in this game. There is so much to explore in each of the cities and the Kingdom. Plus you can climb almost anything so you can get to places pretty easily.

Story: I love the story of the game and the theory of getting inside the mind of people to bring back memories of long dead ancestors. That twined with the story of the Assassin's feud with the Templars in the Third Crusade with the storyline twist in the end, that's pretty cool.

Motion: Everything from a turn to an attack counter, the motions are incredibly realistic. Attack counter are especially cool. Particularly when it's the final strike and you kill the enemy.

The Bad
End of the story: They kind of spoilt the ending with all of that magic stuff. Big let down.

Combat: Despite the cool counters and other moves, combat is very limited. Only one enemy can attack you at one time and moves are few. There is only attack, counter and dodge. Either that or you can run.

Enemy AI: Sure, the enemies can detect you if you kill someone right in front of you but some of the hiding spots are so obvious you'd think they'd take a look in some. And it seems that they give up too easily looking for you.

The Bottom Line
Assassin's Creed is an awesome game well worth the price. Great for anyone who wants to complete missions and for those who want to just go around and kill people for fun.

PlayStation 3 · by M.Allen (83) · 2008

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