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Mass Effect

aka: ME1

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MS Xbox World (10 out of 10)

I have played so many games now in my life, that it's easy to not be bowled over by games; but Mass Effect has certainly offered me a gaming experience that I will not forget. I am just glad that I've been able to devote some solid time playing the game and now look forward to Mass Effect 2 which the ending most certainly hints at. Perhaps we'll see some fresh downloadable content at some point. I feel that Mass Effect has delivered an exceptional gaming experience, and whilst it's not perfect, sometimes you just have to give a game credit where it is due; especially in light of the sea of mediocre games we have on any system during its life cycle. I find a 10/10 score to be well justified, and well deserved for this game.

Nov 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

GamePro (US) ( )

And yet, these issues, which would have been enough to cripple a lesser game, cannot take the shine off of a title like Mass Effect. The title's greatest strength is the way it completely wraps you in the main protagonist's skin, which is something more RPG games should strive to do. The game's staggering depth and complexity is also impressive, as is its accessibility. If you are an RPG fan, you should definitely give this game a look; it is good enough that you'll find yourself disappearing deeper into Mass Effect each time you play and demanding the inevitable sequel long before it's due.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

ZTGameDomain (10 out of 10)

All of these elements blend together perfectly to deliver the most cinematic gaming experience since Metal Gear Solid on the PSOne. MGS was the only other game that I have played that I felt like I was actually playing a movie. I really can’t say enough good things about Mass Effect. If you liked KotOR then you owe it to yourself to check out Bioware’s new benchmark. If you like science fiction movies, or political dramas, then you need to play this game. You won’t be disappointed!

2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

GameSpy ( )

It's a rare thing when a game comes along with the power to move a player emotionally. Warts and all, you'll want to experience Mass Effect if you have any interest at all in enjoying one of the greatest efforts that modern videogaming has to offer. Mass Effect takes interactive entertainment to breathtaking new heights and is wholeheartedly recommended. This is one of the best games of the year, and will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the greatest games ever made.

Nov 20th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Game Critics (10 out of 10)

An incredible effort from any perspective, Mass Effect sets the new standard for story-driven games, and has unquestionably surpassed all others to become the preeminent science fiction franchise today. As far as I'm concerned, nothing else can hold a candle to it, and the great minds at BioWare should be extremely proud of what they've created. I was honestly sorry when the game came to an end, although in a way, I'm glad it did. I'll start showing up to work again, and my pets will finally get fed. I'll just have to console myself with the knowledge that this disc is the first of a planned trilogy—and if the next two are even half as good as this one, it will make the torturous wait to return to the Mass Effect universe well worth it.

Dec 5th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Jive Magazine (5 out of 5)

In closing this is easily the most stunning game visually to come out on the 360, as well as having the best story line. Future patches may fix some of the slowdowns but I'm afraid the weak AI is there to stay. This one is a Buy!”

Nov 23rd, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Snackbar-Games.com (5 out of 5)

Mass Effect is beautiful, tactical, challenging, full of replay value, and most of all - fun. The story woven is a gripping one, and you'll want to play through multiple times to explore different classes and squad combinations (and to get all of the achievements). This is what science fiction role playing games are supposed to be.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Video Game Generation (10 out of 10)

The 10 rating is one that often causes controversy. I’ve given one out (to Gears of War) already, and I’ll probably catch flack for giving it out again. The way I look at it is simply this: to me a 10 score on any title I review means that it’s so good that there will only be a few others that even come close to it in a generation. Because BioWare obliterated the bar it had helped set for RPGs and has created in my opinion the Game of the Year for 2007, Mass Effect is a solid 10 with no regrets.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

AceGamez (10 out of 10)

Mass Effect certainly has a few flaws, but it's easily the most enthralling space adventure that's ever been created for a video game platform. It honestly makes the Halo narrative look like amateur hour! Much of the credit goes to a writing staff that has created this stunning game world with nothing more than pure imagination. While Mass Effect isn't a revolutionary step for Bioware, it's certainly evolutionary. Combining the elements that made KOTOR so entertaining with a combat system that's much more accessible for the teeming masses of shooter fans, the end result is a highly successful experience that almost every type of gamer should absolutely love - it's already become one of my favorite games of all-time! Mass Effect really deserves to hit the top of the bestsellers list this holiday season and every Xbox 360 owner needs to check it out now, or they'll be missing out on one of the most amazing gaming experiences currently available on any system.

2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

HonestGamers (Staff reviews only) (10 out of 10)

And that brings us to length. I completed Mass Effect in little more than twenty hours, which may seem like a travesty when compared with many other successful RPGs. But Mass Effect’s amazingly involving methods of storytelling are truly unmatched, and with rarely a moment that isn’t spectacular, BioWare has (regardless of length) skillfully crafted one of the most compelling RPGs ever made. They’ve created a world where every problem can be overcome with a different solution, a world where an impossible predicament can be resolved not through the strength of your firearms but through the power of your words, a world where the fate of an entire race can lay at your fingertips. That is the world of Mass Effect.

Mar 21st, 2008 · Xbox 360 · read review

RPG Land (10 out of 10)

Bottom line here is that players need to ask themselves a few questions to decide if they should pick up Mass Effect. Do you own an Xbox 360? Do you like good games? Do you want to play something that should go down in gaming history as a watershed moment? If you answered yes to the first question, then get the game. It may sound like hyperbole but Mass Effect is, by this reviewer’s surmise, the game of the year at the very least.

Dec 20th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Gamereactor (Sweden) (10 out of 10)

Vi har fått vänta lite extra länge på Mass Effect, men det har varit väl värt att vänta på. Storyn är minnesvärd och när man spelar igenom spelet en andra gång så märker man alla små detaljer, alla antydningar som får spelet att kännas ännu mer genomarbetat. Det här är Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic på steroider och nu väntar jag bara på uppföljaren. Otåligt.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Gaming Nexus (A)

Role-players, put your lighters up in the air. This is every bit the sci-fi rock concert it was meant to be, with an unbeatable cast, an impenetrable storyline, and an undeniable gravity making Mass Effect impossible to escape.

Dec 10th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

videogamer.com (10 out of 10)

These are mere niggles, and while you shouldn't ignore them you certainly shouldn't be put off by them. Despite BioWare's efforts to disguise the game's roots it's still an RPG and will mostly appeal to male hardcore gamers (a lack of an in-game tutorial is evidence of that). It's not an attempt to revolutionise gaming as we know it. But that's no bad thing. Mass Effect is a triumph. A triumph for the science fiction video game, a triumph for the action RPG and a triumph for next generation gaming. And it sets up the sequel perfectly. I want to know what happens next. I want BioWare to release new planets as DLC. I want online co-op so other people can take control of my squad members. I have had a sip of this bewitching cocktail and now I want to down the whole lot. Bar a pre-Christmas release of stupendous proportions, Mass Effect is my game of the year.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Gaming Age (A)

All together I can't think of a better way to spend $60, or spend 30+ hours of my time when it comes to gaming this winter. On top of everything I mentioned, there's quite a bit of replay value to Mass Effect, not only with the introduction of a New Game + mode that will allow you to carry over the stats and current level of your main character, but with the hardcore and insanity difficulties are that are unlocked. Also, playing thru as a Paragon or Renegade will net you different style endings and quests, and then of course there's all the little nuances that pop up in dialogue and story depending on how you decide to make up your squad. There's a ton of variation throughout the entire game, and an amazing amount of detail to be explored. I'd say it's an absolute must buy for anyone that loves gaming, and I hope you'll get as much out of the experience as I have.

Dec 10th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

G4 TV: X-Play ( )

All in all, Mass Effect is a towering achievement that surpassed my expectations on every level. While aspects of the game may feel familiar, this is the game that all the other before it only hinted at. Do not plan to play it just once. The world created here is to be explored different ways to find all the amazing goodness tucked away in its corners. Thirty hours after I began, all I wanted to do was build a new character and start again. It’s just that good.

Nov 20th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Wonderwallweb.com (9.9 out of 10)

Mass Effect is one of those games that you could talk about forever, the graphics are fantastic, some of the best seen on the Xbox 360, the FMV sequences are incredible as is the voice acting which is so-in sync with what is on the screen that you will have to look twice to see if you put the dvd player on by mistake. The depth of the game is also incredible, if you where to compare Mass Effect to anything then saying it is Oblivion in space would probably not be far off the mark. The only real downside is that the combat is quite weak on occasions, however weak combat or not, once you put this game in your disc tray just try taking it out again, we bet you can’t.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Heroes of Gaming (9.8 out of 10)

BioWare has recruited actual actors to do many of the voice acting in the game. One of whom is Seth Green from the facetious Austin Powers movies. Even the weapons have a realistic ambiance to them. The live orchestral musical score definitely fit's the tone the game developers were attempting to capture. Overall, Mass Effect is a game that revolutionizes the role playing game genre. Move over Final Fantasy VII and Oblivion. There is a new king of the role playing game genre, and that king is Mass Effect.

Nov 25th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Planet Xbox 360 (9.8 out of 10)

The storyline is right up there with Star Wars and Lord of the Rings and we are can barely hold back our excitement to see what happens in the next two games. Unfortunately when pushing the envelope as far as Bioware did there are bound to be a few consequences, thus keeping it from a perfect score. Every minute of Mass Effect was a joy to play and we will play through it another 5 times before the sequel comes out. There are no movies or screenshots on the internet that do this game justice; you have to see it moving on your television to really appreciate it. We also recommend you read the Mass Effect book before playing the game if you have time as it really helps give some background to the massive storyline/characters. Bioware has outdone itself and created a brand new game/IP that is even better than their previous games; it will be hard not to vote for Mass Effect as the sure winner of “game of the year”.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

GameZone (9.8 out of 10)

The first in a trilogy, Mass Effect delivers the next-generation experience I was expecting. The storyline had me hooked until the very end where it left me wanting more. I can honestly say that the universe Bioware created is the best I have encountered since George Lucas created Star Wars. Never have I been compelled to find out everything there is to a storyline as I did with Mass Effect. I read every Codex (Mass Effect’s encyclopedia) entry two times over, talked to every NPC, looked online for developer interviews, and just about anything you can imagine filling my brain with all the knowledge on the universe. This life is too short, and not to mention mixed up, to miss out on Mass Effect – the best game of this generation of video games.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Game Informer Magazine (9.75 out of 10)

You'll want more from it, but by no means does it hold the experience back, nor does it make you wish you were playing something else. In fact, I think you'll agree that Mass Effect is one of video game's greatest treasures. It's an adventure that is so captivating that you'll be counting the days for the sequel. It takes interactive storytelling to new heights and brings the player closer to content than ever before. It's easily one of the year's best titles and one of the most impressive games to date.

Nov 2007 · Xbox 360

XboxZone (Australia) (9.7 out of 10)

For the rest us, though, especially those who love RPGs and/or are devoted Bioware fans, this game in many ways respresents an evolution of the genre. With Bioware, you expect a remarkably engaging storyline, rich characters, an intuitive control system and a plethora of quests to embark on. Added to the mix this time around is a combat system which is a massive stop forward (and will only improve in the sequels) and a scope which can only truly be defined as epic. I’ve only really touched the surface of what Mass Effect offers in this review, but its best you discover all by yourself the plethora of details that make this game so special. It may have a bit of a learning curve early on, and is definitely not for the faint of heart, but the amount of time one puts into this game is directly proportionate to what they’ll get back, and that is one beast of a video game that truly deserves Game of the Year honours. It is an outstanding achievement that you owe it to yourself to play.

Dec 24th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Extreme Gamer (9.6 out of 10)

Mass Effect effectively immerses gamers into a rich universe filled with interstellar conflict, planetary exploration and intense combat situations. The emotionally charged plot line digs deep within the player questioning humanities role in the galaxy. Mass Effect isn’t without its flaws, but when you have a complete project on the scale of Mass Effect these flaws fade into the background. Bioware has made another successful role-playing game that will please fans of the genre, science fiction advocates and any gamer who is looking for an engaging new experience.

Nov 21st, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

TeamXbox (9.6 out of 10)

Despite it's flaws, there's no denying that Mass Effect is one of the best games of the year, and is certainly the best RPG on the Xbox 360 (sorry Blue Dragon fans!). It's also one of the most cinematic games of all-time, something that's definitely helped by a fantastic story, great writing, movie-quality direction, and strong voiceover work. We can only hope that it really is the first part of a trilogy, as we can't wait to see where the story goes next. We've heard people say that Mass Effect could be Star Wars for a new generation. If the first chapter is any indication of what BioWare has planned for the future, the sky's the limit.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Cheat Code Central (4.8 out of 5)

If I could only choose one game this holiday season, it would have to be Mass Effect. Fortunately, I review games for a living so I can take advantage of a number of the wonderful titles coming out before the first of the year. If you're looking for a title that tells a great story, is loaded with content, has a surprising amount of re-playability due to customization, and will keep you glued to your couch, Mass Effect is a great choice. It's unfortunate that the game has a mature rating and only comes out for the Xbox 360. If you're under 17 or are a Sony snob, you are going to miss out big time. For the rest of us it's smooth sailing across a galaxy full of adventure!

Nov 18th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

XBox Front (96 out of 100)

Ich persönlich kann jedem Gamer nur empfehlen, sich dieses Meisterwerk ins heimische Regal zu holen um in die unendlichen Weiten der Galaxie aufzubrechen. Eine bessere Möglichkeit dazu gibt es nicht und wird es, sieht man von den beiden Fortsetzungen einmal ab, auch vorerst nicht geben.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

GameTrailers (9.6 out of 10)

Involving, ambitious, and beautifully executed, Mass Effect is a powerful experience that has a lot to offer anyone who plays games as more than a casual diversion. A typical run through will take well over 20 hours depending on how closely you stick to the core missions, but it’s well-paced and has hours of completely optional--but still interesting--content if you want to see everything it has to offer. It's certainly not perfect, but the minor performance issues and needlessly complex menus are like tiny specks in a celestial sea of awesomeness.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

games xtreme (9.5 out of 10)

Mass Effect opens up a realm of amazing story telling with a cinematic experience that makes you feel like part of the story. With combat that forces you to think and multiple ways to develop your character and experience, Mass Effect will blow your mind.

Dec 10th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Console Monster (95 out of 100)

With the likes of Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire under their wing, developers BioWare have created a solid foundation of action Role-Playing Games, so it was exciting to hear that the Canadian based developers would be dipping their toes once again into yet another sci-fi action-RPG, with their latest title - Mass Effect. After many years in development, and seeing the title slip down the release date ladder many times, it was great to finally get to play what has become one of the most anticipated titles for the Xbox 360 this year. So let’s suit up and find out what this sci-fi RPG has to offer us.

Nov 27th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

The Review Busters (9.5 out of 10)

With the few problems Mass Effect has you can easily forget about them. The cinematic feel this game has will make the clipping issues seem non existent, you might not even be able to notice them. Don’t pass Mass Effect up; this is by far the greatest adventure you will take until BioWare releases their next big RPG.

2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Gamers' Temple, The (95 out of 100)

All in all, Mass Effect is every bit a great as we were promised. The story is fantastic, the graphics are unbelievable, sound is fairly good and the music is wonderful, but weird difficulty changes, ridiculous length and a failed ‘run and gun’ battle system keep Mass Effect from its almost perfect score. Even with the tiny faults, Mass Effect will be one of those games that still gets discussed years and years from now. Go ahead, pick it up and enjoy… just be wary of any scheduling conflicts that might come up over the next few weeks.

2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

GamesCollection (9.5 out of 10)

Mass Effect ha troppi pregi da descrivere in una recensione sola, probabilemente ci andrebbe stretto anche uno speciale. E' mastodontico, ben fatto, realizzato eccellentemente da mani sapienti che da anni regalano forti emozioni ai giocatori di mezzo mondo. Tematiche forti, specialmente sessuali e di razialità, spesso al centro di pesanti critiche nel nostro mondo reale, Mass Effect propone un universo colmo di ogni specie e razza, uniti sotto un unico tetto nel rispetto della convivenza. Una superba favola sci-fi raccontata sapientemente che si lascia gestire totalmente sin dalle prime battute da noi giocatori, a nostro piacimento, plasmando il nostro alter ego e tutto quello che lo circonda a nostro gusto. Insomma, compratelo e giocatevelo, non può assolutamente mancare nella vostra collezione. E se siete appassionati di Knights of the Old Republic, forse è il caso che vi compriate una 360.

Feb 14th, 2008 · Xbox 360 · read review

Worth Playing (9.5 out of 10)

Mass Effect really doesn't have anything more to prove. It's one of the best hybrid RPGs I've played, as well as a serious game of the year candidate. It's the video game equivalent of "Battlestar Galactica" or "Babylon 5": a space epic that reaches for the stars and manages to hit most of them.

Nov 23rd, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Gamernode (9.5 out of 10)

Bottom-line? As an RPG Mass Effect will blow you away. You'll find yourself so engrossed in the massive (pardon the pun) universe that even if you don't usually role play, you'll be doing it anyway. Whatever you do, don't judge it as a shooter. Mass Effect isn't just a game, it's an experience and is a prime example of why games are being recognized by the Writer's Guild of America and several prestigious award institutions. It's a must-play game if you own an Xbox 360. Don't be that guy who misses out, because it'll be your loss. Game of the Year, hands down.

Nov 27th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Gery Gry (9.5 out of 10)

Podsumowując Mass Effect zasługuje na miano hitu roku 2007. Tytuł znalazł się również na naszej liście najlepszych gier minionego okresu. Nie bez powodu, bowiem wciągająca fabuła oraz rozmach nakazują zagrać w ten tytuł każdemu fanowi nie tylko RPG, ale również wszelkiego rodzaju strzelanek. Pomimo wielu opcji gra jest dynamiczna, co bardzo pozytywnie wpływa na gameplay. Po prostu Mass Effect to gra dla której warto kupić konsolę Xbox 360.

Mar 21st, 2008 · Xbox 360 · read review

VGNZ (94 out of 100)

Mass Effect is a game that has plenty of life to it both in replay value and alien worlds etc. The depth of the universe is truly awesome and the Sci Fi setting is a welcome change to the traditional setting for an RPG namely Sword & Sorcery fantasy. If you want to fill you gaming hours with intrigue and adventure this is the game.

Dec 18th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

IGN (9.4 out of 10)

Mass Effect is game that is greater than the sum of its parts. Technical issues abound, but the majority of Mass Effect is so expertly delivered that it can transcend its weaknesses. Applying number ratings to a game like this doesn't do it justice because there is no way you can ignore its technical flaws. Simply put, Mass Effect is a game that must be played. Then it must be played again. Don't pass this one up.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Power Unlimited (94 out of 100)

Het moge duidelijk zijn: Mass Effect is een nieuwe sciencefiction mijlpaal op gamegebied. Ik hou van BioWare, ik hou van deze game.

2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

GameLemon (9.4 out of 10)

In spite of a few rather apparent faults, Mass Effect is still a game I would whole-heartedly recommend to any gaming fan, and downright force-feed to any adventure RPG lover. The story is incredibly deep and immersive, exploration and open-endedness aspects are awesome, and the conversation system and character detail are simply unparalleled. This is the first game of a planned trilogy, and if this is the jumping off point, the series has the potential to be one of the greatest of all time. All I can say is, if you don't play this game, you fail as a person, simple as that.

Feb 21st, 2008 · Xbox 360 · read review

Jolt (UK) (9.3 out of 10)

Still, we can’t do anything but recommend Mass Effect to fans of sci-fi, RPGs and tactical shooters, provided they have a little patience. This is a huge, beautiful game that will draw you in, immerse you in another world have you talking about it with friends. It can be a beast at times, but once tamed, will serve you well. Even now we’re thinking of new ways to play and new things to try and desperately looking forward to BioWare throwing us an add-on shaped bone.

Jan 14th, 2008 · Xbox 360 · read review

Game Freaks 365 (9.3 out of 10)

There are a countless number of subplots for you to find and complete, as well as a lot of different planets to explore and loot. At the end of the day, your first play through should last about 20-30 hours, but you really will not find all there is to do the first time. You will more than likely devote hundreds of hours into Mass Effect as different types of characters and classes just to get different experiences and missions available to them. There really is a lot to do that makes Mass Effect a must-have for RPG and shooter fans alike. Storytelling this good makes you wonder why so many people like movies. If only the combat and frame rate issues were addressed, Mass Effect would be a perfect game worthy of its place in gaming history, but that does not mean this game isn't awesome.

2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Gamer 2.0 (9.2 out of 10)

The jury is out on whether or not the AIAS will grant Mass Effect with the honor of Role Playing Game of the Year once the time arrives, but our rudimentary recommendation is to buy it as soon as you get a chance. It may be difficult for some to overlook the new combat system, but once you get a grip on it, and look past the shoddy vehicular combat, you’ll find a game worth purchasing. Mass Effect is simply another one of those titles that you have to own. Make no mistake, it certainly is a time investment, and may be a daunting task for some. But it is in no way a game to overlook or even put off to a later date. If you have the time or the interest, there shouldn’t be much second thought.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Kombo.com (9.2 out of 10)

Bioware hasn't broken their streak of fantastic games, even if they have broken a few promises. Mass Effect is an amazing game, one that will be remembered for a long time to come. It is neither a perfect game, nor a genre-redefining game but it does make several important steps forward - not only for western RPGs, but for cinematic game design in general. Those that go into the experience without any preconceived notions of what the game will be are the ones who will get the most out of the title.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

XboxLiveAddicts (9.2 out of 10)

Mass Effect is cleverly balanced, so you get equal amounts of talking, combat and building up slills/levelling up. The story is rich, long and in depth and after twenty one hours of play we completed the main mission and we were still itching to go back for more as there was loads we didn't do. In fact you cannot complete the whole game in twenty one hours, it is huge! there are so many places to explore, people to talk to and planets to visit. Mass Effect shows what can be done with it's multiple choice dialogue, space travel and has easily the largest and in depth storyline on the Xbox 360. Looking forward to the sequels.

Nov 30th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Gamers.at (92 out of 100)

BioWare ist mit Mass Effect eine geradezu geniale Verschmelzung zweier Genre gelungen, die sich hier wunderbar ergänzen, auch wenn sie beide für sich gesehen nicht perfekt sind. Vielleicht sind auch die 20-30 Stunden Spielzeit für ein Rollenspiel eher mager, aber durch seine immense Vielfalt an Möglichkeiten drängt Mass Effect den Spieler richtiggehend dazu mehrere Durchläufe zu unternehmen. Übrigens sind für die Zukunft weitere Missionen versprochen, die man sich online downloaden kann – die Frage ist nur wann. Ach, wozu um den heißen Brei herum reden, ich kann hier ohne die leisesten Zweifel sagen, dass wir hier einen der besten Spiele für die Xbox 360 haben. Es sieht nicht nur umwerfend aus, sondern bietet auch eine spannende Geschichte zum mit-erleben, wie wir es in dieser Intensität zu selten finden, und alleine diese Tatsache muss einfach belohnt werden.

Nov 26th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Video Games Daily (9.2 out of 10)

Despite technical flaws, BioWare deliver a game that becomes far more than the sum of its parts. A first person shooter with all the customisations and power selection one expects of a hard core RPG, all wrapped up in the finest storyline a 360 game has delivered to date. Easily one of the best games of the year.

Dec 10th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Atomic Gamer (91 out of 100)

Is this Bioware's best game? No. But Mass Effect is still a damn fine game with a huge scope, dozens of hours of play from beginning to end, and it's got just about everything that makes sci-fi so compelling in the first place. While it's got a lot of wacky aliens, the game never tries to gain extra mileage just by having designed up some cool-looking new being - even the aliens have histories, emotions, and motives. Combat is tough at first and the Mako gets tiresome after a while, but I think you'll find there's still plenty for RPG veterans to look forward to. Mass Effect won't be ushering any new golden ages of role playing or sci-fi, but it's still a top-notch game that any RPG fan with a 360 should put at the top of their list.

Nov 26th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Game Shark (A-)

The flaws that Mass Effect possesses, while disappointing, also serve to highlight the amazing quality of its strengths. This is a masterful game that innovates in a genre that often sticks to tradition. Mass Effect is a gorgeous, thought-provoking adventure that is as captivating as action-packed. While it hasn't undergone the polish it deserves, that doesn't prevent it from emerging as one of the best examples of the artistry to be achieved in the development of a game.

Nov 22nd, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

ActionTrip (91 out of 100)

Bottom line, this game is not the second coming. It doesn't live up to the hype in the way some hoped it might (and really, which overhyped game does). But, this is truly an evolutionary step in BioWare's development of single-player RPGs. I sure do miss the Star Wars panache, but as it is, Mass Effect is a title you'll want to own on the 360. The unprecedented level of cinematic quality, the fun combat coupled with the customary insightfulness of writing is what makes this game a must-have. It's what makes BioWare still stand out as one of the top in their field.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

IGN UK (9.1 out of 10)

Mass Effect is a giant leap forward for videogames in terms of storytelling and it’s probably the biggest, most sophisticated game on Xbox 360. But with combat requiring you to dip into menus every few seconds, it isn’t likely to win over the Halo brigade - and with this much dialogue, it’s not going to be your bag if you’re the guy who hits ‘start’ every second in an effort to get characters to stop talking.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

That Gaming Site (9.1 out of 10)

As said in the review, Mass Effect takes a great story and an above average implementation of both shooter and RPG elements to craft a very impressive game.

Aug 18th, 2008 · Xbox 360 · read review

360 LIVE (9.1 out of 10)

Revolutionär inszeniertes Weltraumabenteuer, dessen Anziehungskraft sich auch Nicht-Rollenspieler kaum entziehen können.

Nov 2007 · Xbox 360

V2.fi (91 out of 100)

Tiedän pelanneeni niin sanottua roolipeliä, mutta minusta ei tunnu siltä. Kolmannen persoonan ammuskelu on kuitenkin niin iso osa peliä, että Mass Effectiä voisi ennemminkin kuvailla 'ryhmäpohjaiseksi räiskinnäksi, jossa on vahva, yksityiskohtainen ja laaja tarina, monipuoliset hahmonkehitysvaihtoehdot sekä hahmoja, joista oikeasti välittää.' Kunhan juoneen ja fiilikseen pääsee mukaan, Mass Effect on pelikokemus, jota ei halua lopettaa, ennenkuin sen on nähnyt kokonaan. Se ei tipauttanut leukojani totaalisesti, mutta piti otteessaan loppuun asti - ja sen jälkeen halusin lisää.

Nov 21st, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Game Revolution (A-)

Deciding when one stops playing might be the most difficult choice Mass Effect presents, but it is far from the only one. This sprawling RPG from Bioware (Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire), reaches new heights in its blend of strategy, action, and space exploration in an immense and rich science-fiction universe. But what in other games would be ultimate success is, for Mass Effect, just the wrapping paper for its deeper pleasures: its balanced ethical dilemmas and their consequences.

Nov 22nd, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Gamervision (9 out of 10)

When I say that changing the difficulty changed the entire game for me it is not an exaggeration. On the harder setting I had considered quitting the game and giving it a low score – calling it unplayable. This may have been partially my error, but it also lays on the game's many faults. Mass Effect didn't attain perfection as a game. It did gain a different kind of perfection. Storytelling and plot bring the game to an entirely new level of gaming only hinted at by others. The Game of the Year Race, which some believed started and ended with Bioshock, has been reopened. However, after playing through the rest of the game I truly believe that Mass Effect is the best science fiction game ever made.

Dec 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Armchair Empire, The (9 out of 10)

In spite of its issues, Mass Effect is still a completely entrancing blend of two completely different genres, the likes of which we really haven't seen on the consoles since Deus Ex. Mass Effect doesn't quite pull it off cohesively, but it's still a fantastic experience. It's almost definitely going to be turned into a franchise at this point. Here's hoping for a quality sequel.

Dec 14th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Legendra ( )

Sublimant des bases fraîchements acquises, fusionnant parfaitement le jeu de shoot et le RPG, Mass Effect n'est pourtant que le premier opus épatant d'une trilogie qui s'annonce fantastique. A vous maintenant d'y commencer votre histoire...

Feb 9th, 2008 · Xbox 360 · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (18 out of 20)

Malgré un bon nombre de défauts agaçants, au rang desquels figurent une I.A. décevante, des phases véhicules en carton et une durée de vie un peu limite, la Xbox 360 tient probablement là son meilleur RPG, voire l'un de ses meilleurs softs toutes catégories confondues. Un titre fascinant qui n'a sans doute pas la valeur accrocheuse d'un Gears Of War ou d'un Halo 3, mais que beaucoup tiendront sans doute comme le plus gros hit de la 360. Le bébé de Bioware est un de ces jeux qui marquent la vie d'un gamer et qui lui feront dire dans quelques années, "ouais, c'est comme dans Mass Effect". On attend impatiemment la suite.

Nov 23rd, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

PAL Gaming Network (PALGN) (9 out of 10)

Mass Effect is undoubtedly one of those games that will be talked about for a very long time. BioWare have set a new standard in storytelling, and if you have even the faintest interest in RPGs or science fiction, then this game simply demands to be played. While there are some technical issues and awkward gameplay decisions that are hard to ignore, when it comes down to it, Mass Effect is so compelling that most people will be able to push the issues aside and immerse themselves in one of the most detailed game worlds every created. A story of this quality should be experienced by all Xbox 360 owners.

Nov 20th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Computer and Video Games (CVG) (9 out of 10)

The ultimate yardstick of an RPG is how believable its world is and how fluidly the story flows despite the number-crunching that powers it, and it's this that makes Mass Effect so special. Never before has storytelling been so competently ingrained into a videogame, and never before has a player had so much freedom to dictate the course of a linear storyline. Mass Effect isn't the laser-spewing monolith of a game we expected it to be, but it is far, far, far from a disappointment. Until now, RPGs have thought local; Mass Effect thinks global.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

IGN Australia (9 out of 10)

You'll be too captivated by the setting and likely the gradual upgrading of your gear; you'll be too busy exploring the strange escalating love triangle you can tinker with. You'll be collecting medallions, scanning planets for elements, metals, minerals, and gases. You'll talk a Krogan out of shooting you, charm your way through some conversations, flex your muscles in others. Heck, you'll even have to deal with a couple of nuclear devices before the game wraps up. BioWare has once again shown why they still stand at the top of the RPG tower, as Mass Effect does deservingly wear the 'epic' moniker.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

1UP (9 out of 10)

The game does, however, lack a certain overall polish. Inventory management is often painful and tedious, and this hinders one of the most important aspects of an RPG: customizing your character's weapons and armor. Money is nigh useless -- making it even more annoying that I frittered away so many hours questing for cash I'd never spend. The autosave points are badly placed, too. Why make me watch unskippable cut-scenes before a tough battle where I'm going to die and then have to watch the scenes over and over again? I also experienced balance issues; I was able to easily defeat the final boss when playing as a Vanguard, while my Sentinel struggled mightily and had to replay the battle literally dozens of times. I suppose the brilliance is that, however many times I watched a scene or fought a battle, Mass Effect never truly lost its magic.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Da Gameboyz (9 out of 10)

I have to admit when I first started to play Mass Effect I was a bit frightened by the graphical anomalies that I was experiencing, given how long the game has been in development for. And while most of the visual issues do disappear they never fully go away. But in the end it really is the gameplay and story that counts here, and Bioware has wonderfully combined both in such a way that any of the minor complaints can be ignored. From the incredible narrative, the real-time, squad based, tactical combat system, to how individual choices or interactions influence the story, everything in this game manages to provide one great RPG. Just be forewarned though, if you are purchasing this game for the squad-based combat alone Mass Effect may not be for you as the RPG elements are just as important as the combat you wish to engage in. I would say that Bioware has once again created another great game that will have fans playing for hours on end.

Nov 25th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Video Game Talk ( )

The only real decision you'll wind up facing is whether or not you should look for the Limited Edition version or not. Collectors and lovers of the game will want to grab a copy if they can find it. The documentaries are insightful and detailed, the booklets are nice companion pieces, and the artwork design gallery is very in depth. The Limited Edition release is very comprehensive though I can't help but wish that Bioware included an additional character within the content like they did with Jade Empire.

Nov 15th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

TTGamer (9 out of 10)

Mass Effect really shows that BioWare knows their stuff when it comes to RPG’s and while there are some issues, the positives outweigh the bad. While it is a game that is still very much skewed towards the RPG market, it is also action based which will help to get more people into the game. Even if you just look at the videos for five minutes, you truly must see the cinematic style to be believed and at least from that aspect it sets the benchmark for developers to reach in years to come.

Dec 18th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

GameCell UK (9 out of 10)

Bioware have created a living, breathing neon future with an incredible amount of detail and emotion drawing you into it. Those who are looking for a quick explosion fix will not find what they’re looking for here, but anyone who has an interest in sci-fi (Firefly/Serenity came into mind while I was playing it) and a great character-driven storyline will get the most out of this game, and will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Game Tap (9 out of 10)

Yet despite those minor hitches, Mass Effect maintains its epic scope. It's the very definition of "widescreen sci-fi," with its alien vistas, far-out music, and giant ideas. It begins with an ominous opening and ends with a fantastic finale that expertly intercuts between your individual actions with a massive space battle. It's the rare title where the first thing I did upon finishing was to select "new game." While its flaws prevent Mass Effect from hitting "BioWare's best game" metric (that still goes to a Throne of Bhaal-enhanced Baldur's Gate II), but this stellar opening act easily opens the door for the planned Mass Effect sequel(s) to be the best game(s) in BioWare's portfolio.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Gamer.co.il (90 out of 100)

מאס אפקט הינו ללא ספק משחק התפקידים המוצלח והמרשים ביותר שקיים בשוק נכון להיום. העלילה הסבוכה, כמות העולמות הניתנים לחקירה ומערכת הקרב המדהימה מרוממים משחק זה מעל כל כותר מקביל אחר. המנוע הגראפי המרשים (אם כי לא חף מבעיות), מצליח להוסיף אך גם לגרוע במעט מחוויית המשחק. בסופו של יום, מאס אפקט הינה הרפתקה מסחררת שאסור לאיש להפסיד, כל עוד ז'אנר המדע הבדיוני קרוב ללבכם.

Dec 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

TechnologyTell (9 out of 10)

While it might seem like Mass Effect has too many technical issues (and there is a lot of them), it is by far the best game on the 360 to date. The game is a masterful fusion of story telling and art.

Nov 25th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

JustPressPlay (9 out of 10)

The story campaign may be shorter than what people expected, but there are a lot of side quests to keep you busy if you opt to do them. The universe is well thought out and the dialogue is some of the best to ever grace a videogame. Characters tend to talk to one another and the universe seems alive. Learning about each character through engaging dialogue is a treat and everything that you do seems to have an impact on something, which you\'ll realize through the occasional news broadcasts on elevator rides. Being able to choose how you resolve situations and how you respond to dialogue is great. It falls short on some things but once you look past it you will get sucked into the story. Now to further quote Captain Picard, "Engage!"

Nov 27th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

KonsoliFIN (9 out of 10)

BioWaren uusin on erinomainen roolipeli, jossa on mukana erittäin maistuvia toimintaosuuksia. Mutta ennen kaikkea sarjan avauksena Mass Effect onnistuu täydellisesti, koukuttaen pelaajan mukaan jatkumoon, jonka seuraavaa osaa ei toivottavasti tarvitse odottaa vuosikaupalla.

Dec 6th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

UOL Jogos ( )

Vindo de quem fez "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" e "Jade Empire", não surpreende a ótima estréia de "Mass Effect". O sistema de combate e de interface está longe de ser perfeito, mas nada disso apaga o brilhantismo da condução de enredo, principalmente no mecanismo dos diálogos. Aliando liberdade e roteiro cativante, são poucos os games que fazem o jogador sentir que está desempenhando um papel como esse. Ao lado de "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion", esse é um dos melhores RPGs da biblioteca do Xbox 360.

Dec 21st, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Game Valor ( )

If you’ve been a fan of games like Oblivion or you play WOW and are looking for a new take on RPG experiences Mass Effect is the game for you. As stated earlier, those who stick with the game will find a plot which shakes your foundation and tests your moral fiber. You will have emotions invoked which have never come from a video game. The best part is, after playing through once, you can go in as a completely different character and have a very different experience in the galaxy of Mass Effect!

Aug 18th, 2008 · Xbox 360 · read review

RPGFan (90 out of 100)

As my editor's choice award shows, I found Mass Effect to be an excellent title, and one of the best games to come out in '07. It's not for everyone, though, and those who can't stand dialogue-heavy games should avoid it like the plague. If you pick up this title, you'll get a face full of space opera, with decent combat and lots of character interaction, and if that's your thing, snatch up this game pronto!

Jan 27th, 2008 · Xbox 360 · read review

GamingEvolution (9 out of 10)

Due to the fact that the game saves your completed game progress, the possibilities for a sequel become all-the-more enticing, considering the prospect that your decisions in Mass Effect could have potentially profound impacts in Mass Effect 2. Still, speculation aside, Mass Effect stands tall on its own. It isn’t a long game, but it doesn’t need to be. With such a strong first effort, and such a promising future, this franchise is almost guaranteed to become the next big thing in the years to come. BioWare should be proud for creating an original IP strong enough to rival and exceed what they did with Star Wars; for the Force is strong with them, and their future bright.

2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

FileFactory Games / Gameworld Network (90 out of 100)

This is a great game in almost every way. Fans who are looking for the next KOTOR might find some solace in this game, which has many of that classic's gameplay elements. This isn't for action fans, but instead, those who are looking for an entertaining gaming experience from beginning to end.

Jan 30th, 2008 · Xbox 360 · read review

Deeko (9 out of 10)

Drawing me into its world and making me feel comfortable; a place where everything just seems right. In the end that's how BioWare games are, they have their own beat. Sure, at first you feel awkward and keep missing a step, but little by little you find the right pace and begin to drum along to the right beat and when you do, it feels so damn good. BioWare has managed to, despite the many delays and at times feared expectations of the combat system, deliver what is one of this console generation's finest role playing games, proving once again that Western developers are taking risks in a field that was once filled with swords and sorcery and the results are phenomenal. Mass Effect is the icing on a deliciously moist cake that has been the 360's line-up this year. In a year full of Halo 3's, Bioshock, and The Orange Box -- Mass Effect stands as one of the most genre defining games this year for any console... even with it's small faults.

Nov 27th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Thunderbolt Games (9 out of 10)

Mass Effect is superb, but it doesn't carry the same groundbreaking weight that Knights of the Old Republic did when it was released. The positive/negative dialogue tree just isn't a unique property anymore, but even so, Mass Effect uses it for an even better purpose than the black-and-white story in Star Wars. By crafting every piece of a believable world, social and political, Bioware has raised the bar for role-playing games. Still, while the tale is grand, it clocks in at around 15 hours- shockingly short for an RPG. There are plenty of side quests, to be sure, and these extend the game by a good 10 or so hours. Unfortunately, most of them take place on the boring and often frustrating planets that require the Mako. Players who take Mass Effect slowly, absorbing every part of its deep atmosphere, are the ones who will get the most out of it. Even so, Mass Effect is a must buy for all 360 owners. A truly epic journey, through and through.

Jan 12th, 2008 · Xbox 360 · read review

Boomtown (9 out of 10)

If you can overlook this though (and you should), Mass Effect is clearly one of the best games in a year of many high quality releases. It represents a sizeable investment of time – around 30 hours to complete with the majority of side quests – but is well worth the effort. The game could probably be completed in about a third of that time, but to do so would be to do a disservice to it. Mass Effect is a game which gives back what the player puts in. The more time you spend interacting with the characters and the world around you, the more you will enjoy the wonderful experience it has to offer. This is a galaxy truly worth saving.

Dec 11th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Gameplanet ( )

In this game, the possibilities are endless and that's what Mass Effect is so good at. We doubt it'll be anytime soon that someone sees every possible combination of scenarios and results in the game. We don't want to give away any spoilers – and we won't – but by the end of the game you would have made some large decisions that not only have an impact of your character, your crew, the fate of the galaxy but also will also have (we're assuming) a large impact on the start of the sequel to this Trilogy of this Sci-fi gaming gold. Also with downloadable content on the horizon, this very well could turn into the first interactive sci-fi show/game if Bioware chooses to make it episodic content with new stories and planets to visit. Like we said… the possibilities are endless.

Feb 4th, 2008 · Xbox 360 · read review

Game industry News (GiN) ( )

In fact, this might be the first BioWare title that I was able to keep full interest in right until the very end. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mass Effect win our Role Playing Game of the Year award. And it already earns 4 ½ GiN Gems from me!

2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

GamesAreFun.com (GAF) (9 out of 10)

If BioWare had had more time to optimize and work out the bugs, Mass Effect would be one of the all-time greats. As it is, it will stand as one of the top three games of 2007, and perhaps (and deservedly) one of the best RPGs of this generation. Everything about the game is epic, from the environments to the expertly-paced story, to the music, to the frantic firefights with aliens and space pirates. There are simply a ton of side-quests that all have a good degree of diversity in their eventuality (if not their locations), and the best ones have a strong connection to the story line. A good mix of on-foot and vehicle combat combined with sky-high presentation and narrative means everyone from RPG hounds to shooter fans, from stat-junkies to action freaks, will all have a blast creating their own character and diving into the Milky Way Galaxy to find adventure. Plus there's a tasteful sex scene with humans or aliens if you play your cards right, so that has to count for something.

Dec 7th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Krawall Gaming Network (90 out of 100)

„Nein, ich hab heute Abend keine Zeit. Ich ... muss arbeiten, hab noch ein ganz schweres Thema vor der Brust.” Wenn einem Spieleredakteur solche Ausreden über die Lippen kommen, muss es sich einfach um ein Ausnahmespiel handeln. „Mass Effect” ist einer dieser Titel, der einfach über Stunden und Tage an den Bildschirm fesselt. In den vergangenen Monaten ist mir kaum ein Spiel untergekommen, das in Sachen Atmosphäre und Hintergrundgeschichte mit Biowares RPG mithalten kann. Man wird förmlich in die Welt hinein gesogen – klasse. Und daneben stimmen – wie bei allen Bioware-Titeln – auch noch Spielbalance und Tiefgang. Machen wir die Sache kurz: „Mass Effect” ist der beinahe ideale Begleiter für lange Winterabende. Und an alle Rollenspielhasser: Versucht euch ruhig an diesem Game! Denn die Shooter-Sequenzen haben es in sich.

Nov 30th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

AusGamers (9 out of 10)

While there's undoubtedly room for improvement in many facets of Mass Effect's gameplay, the storytelling element completely overwhelms them. In this reviewer's opinion, this is a game that rivals film and novel in its ability to tell a tale. Hands down the best Role Playing Game available on console today. The best part is, there's still at least two more games to come.

Dec 3rd, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

RPG Site (9 out of 10)

In truth, Mass Effect has a lot of technical issues and a lot of slight but cumulative gameplay flaws. In spite of this it's an amazing title and has come out in the end as one of my favorite RPGs of all time. Even in the areas with flaws everything about it is incredibly polished. For every lacking, lazy sidequest there's an amazing one, and for every moment of texture pop-in there's a stunning technical display of what the 360 can do in environments or cutscenes. This is a title where the good always far outweighs the bad. Once you combine the ability to customize your character, the amazing characterization of your allies and enemies and the simply wonderful world and lore Bioware has built up Mass Effect becomes an incredibly irresistible package, regardless of technical problems.

Aug 22nd, 2009 · Xbox 360 · read review

Games TM (9 out of 10)

The time we spent with Mass Effect ranks as one of the most rewarding experiences we have had this year, and with the medium in such rude health that is quite a compliment. The observation that a game plays like a film has become trite through sheer overuse, and the sentiment is seldom accurate. With Mass Effect, however, we can finally apply it with confidence. With Halo off the radar for the foreseeable future, Microsoft has a new trilogy to fly the flag, one that provides a convincing definition of what cinematic gaming could and should be - its name is Mass Effect, and Sony ill need more than Metal Gear Solid 4 to top this.

Nov 29th, 2007 · Xbox 360

Blend Games ( )

BioWare has taken their historical pedigree as a developer and refined what makes their titles so distinct. Combat is improved, offering the player a choice between KOTOR level management and free roaming firefights. Even load screens, the bane of BioWare, have been eased. You’ll no longer dread having to return to a section if you forgot an item, although load times still exist in abundance. They are at least quicker than before, and often masked by an elevator ride. The game is so wonderful that the faults are made more prevalent in juxtaposition with all that is done right. Mass Effect 2 can not come soon enough, I’d just like to request the use of a lightsabre – I mean a Phaserbeam Sword – the next time around.

Nov 27th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

PlayDevil ( )

"Mass Effect" is, for me, the best game of 2007. Yes, better than the 'Orange Box', yes, better than 'BioShock', and yes, better than 'Halo 3'. Better than any other game on any other platform. Even the DLC is god value and great fun. The game has great graphics, amazing dialogue and great voice acting, and fantastic gameplay. The game is now also fairly cheap, and is frankly unmissable given that you will probably want to play through twice, and each playthrough can take anywhere between 15 and 60 hours. The only flaw is perhaps the main quest could have been longer, but ultimately, the sheer amount of extra content nullifies this aspect. Buy Mass Effect or you WILL regret it!

Apr 11th, 2008 · Xbox 360 · read review

Le Geek (4.5 out of 5)

You may have heard that Mass Effect 2 fixed all the quirks of its predecessor and streamlined the RPG elements to appeal to a wider audience, without losing the core of what makes the Mass Effect universe compelling. And I would have to agree, the sequel is a better game. That said, the first game has its own identity and is nearly as riveting in its own right. Flawed, warts and all, whatever you want to call it, Mass Effect is one of my favorite games and comes highly recommended.

Sep 2010 · Xbox 360 · read review

Game Captain (89 out of 100)

Mit einem gelungenen Mix aus Rollenspiel-Komplexität und Shooter-Action bietet Mass Effect ausgezeichnete Unterhaltung in einem lebendigen, gut ausgearbeiteten Szenario voller interessanter Gestalten und moralischer Entscheidungen. Nur Kleinigkeiten wie Ruckler und teils etwas karg gestaltete Nebenschauplätze stören das sehr gute Gesamtbild.

Dec 11th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

OMGN: Online Multiplayer Games Network (8.9 out of 10)

Despite the flaws, Mass Effect is still a great game with a compelling universe filled with great characters, stories, and places to explore. Check it out, but keep a realistic expectation in mind. Now, there’s a whole galaxy out there to explore -- better get started.

Jan 21st, 2011 · Xbox 360 · read review

4Players.de (89 out of 100)

Bravo, BioWare, ihr habt mich sehr gut unterhalten! Ihr habt die Illusion eines glaubwürdigen Universums von schier unglaublicher Größe lange Zeit aufrechterhalten. Es fehlen mir letztlich mehr Momente der Entdeckung und Überraschung. Hinzu kommen einige technische und inhaltliche Mängel. Aber das sind Peanuts. Der größte Vorwurf, den man diesem über weite Strecken packenden Abenteuer machen kann ist der, dass Dramaturgie und Dialoge viel stärker sind als die eigentliche Story oder die Befriedigung des Entdecker- oder Spieldrangs. Ansonsten bin ich von der Qualität überzeugt. Letztlich ist die Tatsache, dass ich in moralische Konflikte gestürzt und emotional gepackt wurde, dass ich Entscheidungen mit spürbaren Konsequenzen treffen konnte, bei all den kleinen Schwächen immer noch ein verdammt seltenes und unheimlich kostbares Gütesiegel.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

XboxAddict (88 out of 100)

You’ll find on the second play that characters you’ve met and known within the game react and interact with you quite differently, as you are not the person you were. Achievements abound to pad out your gamerscore, including expected milestone awards for completing specific chapters of story as well as awards for skills used and story subplots explored(e.g. ‘Assault Rifle Master – 150 kills with assault rifle, 'Paramour' - 15 points for completing a romantic subplot). If you’ve got Halo 3 on your bookshelf to scratch your online killing itch, and Mass Effect to get you through the solo hours, you’ve got everything you need to make it through the long, dark winter.

Nov 24th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

HCL.hr Gaming Portal (88 out of 100)

2007. godina donijela je mnogo odličnih naslova, kako u cijeloj gaming industriji, tako i na Xbox 360 konzoli. No, unatoč šarolikom spektru igara koje su dolazile, RPG fanovi ostajali su zakinuti. Mass Effect je igra koja neće razveseliti samo RPG fanove, već sve vlasnike Xbox 360 konzola. Ukoliko ste jedan od njih, ne znam što još uopće čekate. Čeka vas izlet u svemir. Kreće zadnji bus. Jeste li toliko hrabri da ga propustite?

Jan 23rd, 2008 · Xbox 360 · read review

Game Positive (8.7 out of 10)

Mass Effect does have its weaknesses. The graphics and sound are inconsistent, the vehicle controls feel like they lack actual testing, and the inventory system is sloppy. But when it comes down to it, none of that detracts much from the overall experience. The game is compelling and the story and characters will keep you coming back. The real-time battles are often thrilling and challenging, and are enough to satisfy any shooter fan. In a season where nearly every other game released is a contender for game of the year, Mass Effect proves that it deserves to be among that crowd.

Dec 4th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Gamesmania.de (87 out of 100)

Freude und Enttäuschung liegen bei Mass Effect dicht beisammen. Während mir die Zwischensequenzen und die vielen Dialoge herausragend gut gefallen haben und mich erstmals wirklich intensiv in eine Spielestory eintauchen lassen, bleibt der spielerische Kern von Mass Effect mir zu gewöhnlich. Das muss freilich nicht schlecht sein, zumal die Knights of the old Republic-Spiele ja auch viel Spaß machten, doch irgendwie hatte ich mir von den Actioneinlagen auf den Planetenoberflächen mehr versprochen. Gleiches trifft auf die Umgebungsgrafik und die engen Levelbegrenzungen zu. Doch da Mass Effect ohnehin fast mehr interaktiver Film als ein Spiel ist und mich spätestens nach zwanzig Minuten die nächste Zwischensequenz entschädigt, ist das neue Bioware Rollenspiel ganz ganz großes Kino, das jeder gespielt bzw. gesehen haben sollte. Für die nächsten Teile der angedachten Trilogie wünsche ich mir aber auch etwas mehr Mut der Entwickler, den spielerisch alten Kotor-Kern über Bord zu werfen.

Nov 30th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

GamingExcellence (8.7 out of 10)

All this amounts to Mass Effect being much more of a lover than a fighter: a beacon as a sci-fi storytelling, heavily cinematic experience whose brilliance only brings light to the relatively predictable, plain combat that runs in parallel. Other hitches include an inconsistent framerate and some shady texture pop-in -- there are instances where short cutscenes will open and close without clothing or background art fully loading, but Mass Effect remains a one-of-a-kind effort that rides its narrative from start to finish without too much problem. Milling about the Milky Way was never this immersive.

Jan 21st, 2008 · Xbox 360 · read review

Xboxdynasty (XD) (8.7 out of 10)

Geniale nicht-lineare Story, Third Person Action, Squadführung mit etlichen Upgrades, unglaublich viele Welten und die Detailverliebtheit bei den Charakteren lassen euch ein lückenloses Science-Fiction-Vergnügen in einem bisher nie da gewesenen Spektrum erleben. Hinzu gesellt sich eine lupenreine Optik, abwechslungsreiche Gebiete und ein taktisch, strategisches Rollenspielerlebnis. Leider gibt es auch eine Kehrseite und das Spiel schwächelt in technischer Hinsicht teilweise enorm. Grafische Fehler, Frame-Einbrüche, Pop-Ups und Texturen die immer wieder nachgeladen werden müssen trüben den Gesamteindruck. Wirklich frustrierend ist das irreführende Spielgeschehen. Wäre man nicht zu sehr allein auf sich gestellt und würde vielmehr bei der Hand genommen, dann stünde einem galaktischen Spielerlebnis nichts mehr im Wege.

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Game Over Online (85 out of 100)

You just can’t go any significant length of time without being annoyed by something, and it really sucks because there are parts of this game that are so good they’ll make you cry. The story is immersive, the dialog, and the spirited reading of that dialog, is superlative, the main game areas are solid, and everything else ranges from filler to irritation. You want to play more and more, but the more you play the more annoying the annoyances become. Whatever the reasons—technical, economic, philosophical, whatever—BioWare has lost their first battle against next-gen game development. Put it up on the board: Xbox 360 1, BioWare 0. It is a tribute to how good they are at what they do that their worst winds up being better than most developers’ best. Mass Effect ends up being very good, nearly great, and worthy of recommendation even if this is probably BioWare’s weakest game to date.

Dec 21st, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Gaming Target (8.5 out of 10)

This is not to say that the game is BAD, it isn't. The issues that drag the title down are largely technical and have been rendered in the PC version. Past that, Mass Effect offers a deep, interesting story with great dialog, and voice acting all presented in fantastic, although slower, gameplay. From the sounds of it developer Demiurge has taken the porting duty very seriously, so grab the PC edition.

Jun 23rd, 2008 · Xbox 360 · read review

NZGamer (8.5 out of 10)

Take 1 cup of Star Wars, blend in 2 tablespoons of Firefly and mix thoroughly. Mass Effect might not create as much of a stir as KOTOR did, but it's an undeniably good game that manages to showcase the incredible talent and dedication of the BioWare team.

Nov 30th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

GameSpot (8.5 out of 10)

All told, Mass Effect is a great game with moments of brilliance and a number of small but significant obstacles that hold it back from reaching its true potential. But in the end, if you like RPGs and want to spend some time in an absorbing sci-world populated with a bunch of unique inhabitants, you'll definitely have plenty of fun with this one.

Nov 1st, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

PC Action (Germany) (2 out of 7)

Neue PC-Spiele von Bioware (Baldur‘s Gate 2, Knights of the Old Republic) wären uns zwar lieber, doch wenn schon Konsolenspiele, dann solche. Die Science-Fiction-Geschichte präsentiert sich vom Feinsten, die deutschen Dialoge klingen hervorragend. In der Verfolgerperspektive bereisen Sie als Raumschiffkommandant eine ganze Galaxie. Je nachdem, wie Sie sich verhalten, ändert sich Ihre Beziehung zu den Figuren im Spiel. Das (etwas hakelige) Kampfsystem könnte dabei glatt aus einem Actionspiel stammen. Ballern, knobeln, Spaß haben. Gut gemacht!

Dec 2007 · Xbox 360

Fragland.net (83 out of 100)

Mass Effect is a beautiful game, but because of some small mistakes and bugs not a classic. The main story of the game is a bit on the short side, but because of the many side-stories and dozens of locations to visit, you won’t throw this game to the side real fast. People that are looking for a game that breaths a beautiful atmosphere don’t have to doubt: They won’t regret this buy!

Dec 11th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Netjak (8.3 out of 10)

Even as awful as the vehicle sequences are, they honestly don't detract too much from what I feel is the best fusion of a first/third person shooter and an RPG. (Yes, even better than Deus Ex.) I honestly hope that some FPS makers get the hint and start moving this way. There's always going to be a place for the turn based RPG and the strategy RPG, but if this is the future of the action/RPG, then by all means, Mr. Scott, beam me up.

Dec 26th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

UGO (UnderGroundOnline) (B+)

There you have it. Painful as it is to say, Mass Effect is not the BioWare magnum opus that fans have been waiting for. It's clear that the dev was striving to create a more universally accessible RPG. Unfortunately, RPGs by definition have niche appeal. Even with auto-leveling turned on and companion AI left to its own devices, non-RPG fans looking for an action game in Mass Effect will still have to deal with a cumbersome inventory system and mountains of dialogue. Meanwhile, RPG fans are stuck with a shallow set of customization options and overly simplified - though undeniably entertaining - rules of engagement. Mass Effect is another great game from BioWare and to hell with the flaws. But it's also one of the dev's lesser efforts, plagued by too much hype and not enough progress.

Nov 21st, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

ripten (8.3 out of 10)

If RPGs are your thing, then Mass Effect is a fantastic investment. For those who want satisfying action and excitement, I recommend waiting until you have a vacation long enough to play this epic.

Nov 20th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Mygamer.com (8.2 out of 10)

Despite the rough gameplay and idiotic AI, Mass Effect is still a very good experience when taken as a whole. But its problems are such that they prevent the game from living up to its potential. Bioware has clearly succeeded in creating a deep and engrossing universe, as well as developing the basis for a great shooter/RPG hybrid. In the end, Mass Effect’s legacy will likely be determined by how well the sequels address their predecessor’s shortcomings. Failure to do so could easily prove the difference between the next great RPG franchise and another colossal disappointment.

Jun 26th, 2008 · Xbox 360 · read review

Eurogamer.net (UK) (8 out of 10)

I'd say that despite the niggles, Mass Effect is most definitely a great game with an awful lot going for it - but one that doesn't quite deserve unquestioning praise. For what it achieves in delivering a compelling narrative and wonderful atmosphere, BioWare deserves a huge amount of credit, as there are few games that come anywhere near it in this regard. The dialogue system, and the impact it has on individual missions and the game as a whole is exceptional, adding greatly to the potential replay value. Although it underpins the game with all sorts of excellent ideas that ought to make it a deeper, more intelligent and immersive experience, the simple truth is that the minute-to-minute combat simply isn't as intense and involving as you'd expect from a game in 2007. Throw in some grumbles about the somewhat unoptimised state of the frame-rate, texture pop-in and v-syncing terrors, and it's a game that just falls short of our expectations. An eight, then, but a good one...

Nov 19th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Good Game (8 out of 10)

But other than that, and some fairly un-talkative civilians, Mass Effect is a solid RPG that we’ve only really scratched the surface. There’s an enormous amount of dialogue to listen to, and a wide variety of missions- if you’re an adventure game enthusiast, you’ll love it. 8/10 from me.

Dec 12th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

DarkZero (8 out of 10)

Yet, as much as I wanted to feel the same with Mass Effect it never seemed to kick in. Yes, it is still a good game - I have reiterated that countless times - and yes, at its core it’s laced with immense quality, but unfortunately as you play you can’t seem to shake the feeling that it all could have been so much better. The tone of the game is just about perfect, but was it to much to ask for a bit more structure?

Jan 2nd, 2008 · Xbox 360 · read review

Bordersdown (8 out of 10)

Mass Effect has the yearnings to be an epic and it almost achieves it. This universe is teaming with life and experiences, all with a clear and well fleshed out history. Whilst the main story arc can seem a little short, and the side quests a touch repetitive, there is room for several play-throughs. With Mass Effect, BioWare has managed to reach into the player's heart and mind and put them firmly in the commander's shoes; you are Shepard and the fate of the universe is in your hands.

Mar 2008 · Xbox 360 · read review

USA Today ( )

If you can get past the deficiencies on the battlefield, you'll find a bold RPG in Mass Effect. It's been a long time since the plot of a video game has been so engaging. Hopefully, it isn't the last.

Nov 21st, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

CanardPC (8 out of 10)

Oui, Mass Effect reste un jeu de rôles console avec ses passages linéaires, son ergonomie perfectible et son orientation belliqueuse laissant de côté la discrétion ou la diplomatie. Mais le dynamisme du système de combat, la part belle laissée à l'exploration spatiale et un scénario de bonne facture entretiennent un rythme soutenu vous poussant toujours à aller de l'avant. Ajoutons à cela une réalisation faisant merveille lors des phases de dialogue et la possibilité d'incarner un égoïste cynique et vous comprendrez qu'il y a de quoi faire si vous possédez une Xbox 360.

Dec 20th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Hooked Gamers (8 out of 10)

Despite its bugs Mass Effect is a great game. The story is engrossing and, with two sequels already planned, promises a whole lot more. With its fun and fresh gameplay, with a combat system that you can mould to fit your play style and a dialogue system that is the very best of its kind, this game is definitely the evolutionary step forward for role-playing games that the genre has been in dire need of. It may be a little rough around the edges but Mass Effect is one of a few diamonds in the mound of games that have come out recently.

Nov 28th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

RPGamer (4 out of 5)

Mass Effect also offers up a decent challenge to gamers of all skill levels, with enemies scaling to the player's level and several difficulty settings being available that can be adjusted at any time. While the normal difficulty setting is likely well-balanced for most players, an easier difficulty as well as several harder difficulties are available. All in all, Mass Effect manages to be a great, thoroughly enjoyable game, but Bioware still has several kinks to work out before this trilogy wraps itself up.

2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

newbreview.com (4 out of 5)

While this game has some issues, they are all overcome by the excellent narrative and sheer number of different possibilities in the game. It may take a few hours to get its hooks into you, but once it does you will be addicted.

Jan 25th, 2010 · Xbox 360 · read review

RPGamer (4 out of 5)

Though not perfect, Mass Effect has a lot going for it. The story is satisfying and self-contained, though it clearly builds a foundation for the rest of the trilogy. The presentation is top notch and that helps the characters become even more endearing. The only faults I can level against the game are that the main quest is a little too short, loading times are a little too long, inventory management is an exercise in frustration, and the driving sections can be awkward. All of these problems do little to hinder the overall experience of Mass Effect, as they are minor issues that take nothing away from the quality of the game. If anything, it just shows where BioWare needs to focus its efforts for the next game in the trilogy, a game that I'm now looking forward to playing.

Aug 16th, 2009 · Xbox 360 · read review

Daily Game (8 out of 10)

Had it finished cooking for another few months and released next summer, Mass Effect probably would have been one of the best games ever created. What we have now is very good, but it leaves us looking forward to their next offering rather than our next play-through with this chapter.

Dec 10th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Computer Bild Spiele (2.05 out of 6)

Was bleibt, ist ein gewaltiges Rollenspiel von epischer Breite und mit vielen Innovationen. Wären da nicht die vielen kleinen technischen Nervereien und die teils unpassenden deutschen Stimmen, hätte es zur Spitzennote gereicht.

Dec 5th, 2007 · Xbox 360

Good Game (7.5 out of 10)

From our first impressions you definitely need to be someone who likes narrative game play. The combat is slow paced but has depth - 7.5/10 from me.

Dec 12th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Christ Centered Gamer / Christ Centered Game Reviews (74 out of 100)

Despite the score, Mass Effect is one of the most beautiful, best games on the Xbox 360. Its world is beautiful, its story epic. In short, Mass Effect is a hint of things to come in interactive entertainment, and gaming in particular.

Feb 18th, 2008 · Xbox 360 · read review

Edge (7 out of 10)

If it all sounds negative, don’t despair: this stems more from disappointment than disdain. Mass Effect is still enjoyable enough to warrant 24 hours of play (completion with sub-missions), and the stops it makes en route are visually stunning. It just doesn’t find what it goes looking for: the myth and exotica to adequately follow Star Wars. The fascination of KOTOR, a wish-fulfillment powerhouse, was to see it tugged hither and thither by over 20 years of fiction. BioWare’s universe, with its almanac of histories and planetary profiles, pales in comparison. After Jedi knights and lightsabers, these soldiers and bullets just don’t cut it.

Dec 2nd, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

The A.V. Club (B-)

Role-playing-game addicts could easily ignore gameplay problems if the story kept delivering. Yet Mass Effect feels like the first two acts of a great space opera, and the main villain and the most intriguing parts of the backstory have been saved for a sequel. The non-player characters that hang around with you have also taken a major step back, with less dialogue and none of the spontaneous clashes (and subtle flirting) of BioWare's past high-water marks, Baldur's Gate II and Knights Of The Old Republic. The graphics keep improving, but the diehards would rather be immersed in the words.

Dec 3rd, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

The Video Game Critic (C+)

Having played through the entire campaign however, I can attest that certain game mechanics do compromise the overall enjoyment.

Dec 22nd, 2010 · Xbox 360 · read review

Netjak (5.4 out of 10)

Mass Effect is a game full of could-have-beens. It story could have been great, but it relied too much on clichés. The gameplay could have been great, but the Mako went and shot it in the face. The sound could have been great, if I could have heard what the characters were saying. The graphics could have been great, except for that darned pop-in problem. Mass Effect is a serviceable game and there is plenty of fun to be had, just be prepared to be frequently slapped in the face by how inconsistent everything is. Mass Effect is a resoundingly average game in every aspect, which is a complete letdown given BioWare’s history.

Dec 26th, 2007 · Xbox 360 · read review

Player Reviews

In The Distant Future, In A Galaxy Not So Far Away....
by MasterMegid (870)

The Good
Mass Effect, for the Xbox 360, is the latest game from Bioware. Planned as a trilogy many fans are already clambering that this is the studio’s best game. But with KOTOR, Jade Empire, and Baldur’s Gate under their belts, can this be possible?

The year is 2183, and humanity has made great strides in the universe. Yet to the older and more advanced species, humans are still considered children. They are brash and impatient. And are not treated like they belong. Yet trouble is brewing, an ancient threat is coming, when it does it will wipe out all life in the galaxy. It is time for humanity to prove their worth to the galactic community.

In Mass Effect you play as Commander Shepherd, whom is fully customizable, from the basics male\female, to very small details like visible scars. You also get to choose his\her back story.(This feature is kind of similar to that in Arcanum.-MM-) And as in the Bioware tradition you can play the character any way you want. Which will have a noticeable change in the game as a whole NOT just the ending as in so many other games.

The game begins with a simple but crucial mission. Shepherd, is tasked with recovering an artifact from an alien world, recently colonized by humans, he will be joined by a Spectre. They are an elite force of agents that a responsible for any number tasks. They answer only to the council. They are given free range to finish a mission by whatever means necessary.

Something goes terribly wrong and, the mission is compromised. It seems that a Spectre, called Saren, has gone rouge. Shepherd must now finish the mission, or what is left of it anyway. It is here when Shepherd comes into contact with a beacon. It sends strange images into his mind, he sees death, destruction, the end to all life in the galaxy.

Shepherd is named a Spectre, the first human to get the honor. Shepherd’s ultimate goal is to track down Saren, and stop his deadly machinations, before it is too late.

Your main point of extraction or “hub” if you will, is, The Citadel. Which is a huge spaceport/city. It was built long ago, by whom or what no one knows for certain. It is a home away from home for all the different species of the galaxy. And is maintained by the mysterious, “keepers”. The Citadel is large and beautiful, with tons on details and graphical tricks possible only on the Xbox 360.

And there are two main part of it. The topside area is reserved for dignitaries, wealthy socialites and the lot. The lower area or “wards” are for the working class. With breathtaking port views of space. (The top area has an artificial view of blue skies.-MM-) As well as shops and bars.

From here you can travel to distant worlds. Aside from the main quests, there are tons of secondary tasks to undertake. From a galactic survey, taking readings from worlds to find what if any resources they have. To fighting space-pirates, and battling Thresher Maws. Which are gigantic sand worm type creatures.

Not all the worlds in Mass Effect can be explored. There would simply be to many for that, furthermore, just as in our solar system, many of the planets are just gas giants, or made of a thin lair of ice. Speaking or our system, you can travel to our own system!

For the planets that you can land on, there are two ways to explore them. Via, “The Mako”, an all terrain vehicle. You can also fight in The Mako, it fires a machine gun, and has missiles. And you can explore on foot. However some planets are to dangerous to stay out on for extended periods. They may be too hot or too cold, or any other number of things. The emphasis on exploration and discovery are somewhat reminiscent if the Dreamcast game, “Skies Of Arcadia”.

Well, Mass Effect, certainly has a great story. But many an RPG has been killed, in my mind anyhow, by bland and uninteresting characters. Mass Effect excels here as well. Each and every character that can join your party is unique, and has their own personality. From fellow solider and potential love interest, Ashley Williams, to the badass mercenary, Urdnot Wrex.

And as in previous Bioware titles, you can converse with your crew and learn more about them, and can often help them if not in a quest, then you can help them in other ways. And yes there is a romance subplot. And yes there is a sex scene, but it is done very tastefully and not at all the filthy thing some, jackass “news” channels try to make it out to be.

There is also a part that the fate of two main characters is in the balance. You cannot save them both, so the loss of one feels more real.( I have not been this moved by the death of a game character since Phantasy Star IV-MM-)

The supporting characters are also handled well. This is often overlooked in RPGS. Captain Anderson, and “Joker” in particular come to mind.

The conversations are laid out a bit differently than in most RPGS. Firstly all the dialog choices are displayed on a ring, And the conversations all flow more naturally. And as we have come to expect from Bioware, the dialog is incredibly well written.

Parties are formed of three members. For exploration, and eventually combat.

The combat system is Mass Effect, is refined and great fun. It plays basically like a squad based tactical game, Rainbow Six, for example. When I first read about it I was dumbstruck. But once you get into the game and start using the system, you will wonder how you ever played any other.

You directly control Shepherd, and indirectly control your other squad members. The A.I. does the rest. You can fire your weapons, pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. Each weapon has it’s own strengths and weakness. Furthermore some classes can only master certain types of guns. There are also various grenade types. As well as Biotics. This is basically the games magic system, mixed with bio-mods from Deus Ex. Only the Adept class can utilize these. They can be quite fun to play with particularly the levitate ability. This allows you to lift and project enemies.

You can heal, give orders to your squad via the D-pad. And use Powers. Not unlike those seen in KOTOR, powers are learned by leveling up. They range from rapid fire, to projectile shields, and the like. Each class has a unique set of these, and using them can often get you out of a tight spot.

I briefly mentioned the alignment system earlier. Now I will explain it in more detail. In Mass Effect, there is Paragon, or Renegade. Someone whom is Paragon follows procedure, and does things by the book. A Renegade on the other hand believes that any means are justified to get to job done. Unlike most games with a morality system, that, of Mass Effect does not just change the ending. It also changes how others react to you, including party members. Some quests may not be offered to you if you are a renegade for example. Yet most quests have both a Paragon and a Renegade resolution.

Mass Effect is easily above par in the graphics and audio departments. The visuals are absolutely stunning. From the realistic character designs, their real-time facial expressions every human and alien looks real. The lighting effects have to be seen to be believed.

And the areas will blow you away! From the beautiful alien architecture of, The Citadel, to quiet glory of Earth’s moon, with a stunning view of planet Earth to boot. All the alien planets have unique look. Some have an Earth like beauty, while others will have you in awe of their alien majesty. Now this is eye-candy!

The music is Mass Effect, has a very spacey feel to it. I enjoyed it very much. From the wonderful title theme. To the adrenaline pumping battle music. Especially the end boss music.

The voice-acting is superb as we have come to expect from Bioware. I would say that is Hollywood quality, but I fell that it even surpasses that. This is simply some of the best voice acting I have ever heard.

Great sci-fi sound effects as well. From bop-guns, to space ships, it’s all good.

The Bad
I almost want to put: NOTHING, in the “bad” section. Of course that would not be entirely true so here goes.

The targeting system is battle can feel off at times. One part in particular, where you have to be careful not to hurt any civilians, if you want the Paragon bonus. The auto-target always tried to target the innocents, that was quite frustrating.

This game has lots of untapped potential. I realise that when making a game, the designers cannot fit in EVERYTHING, but a lot of the game had me wanting more. Of course there will be sequels. For example some space-ship combat would have been nice.

The Bottom Line
Mass Effect is a killer app for the Xbox 360. I would list is as a reason to own one. And in answer to my earlier question: Is Mass Effect, Bioware’s best game?(You didn’t just skip to this part did you?-MM-) This reviewer can answer an ecstatic, yes!

Feb 8th, 2008 · Xbox 360

Fantastic and Disappointing Space Opera
by Tom Cross (30)

The Good
Mass Effect really propels certain elements of the Action-RPG to new heights. First off, the ability to create an avatar of either sex and any facial type and ethnicity is a welcome ability. Too many games make you play as the same old chiseled/effeminate white dude. Any variety is a very good thing.

The conversation aspects of the game couldn’t be discussed without talking about the plot and voice acting, so let me address all of them at once. This game is based around talking; the combat is really just a way to get to the next conversation, but these are conversations which I love, and couldn’t be happier with. Unlike most Western RPGs that involve a customizable main character, your hero will speak every line of dialogue (there are two voices for your character, one male, one female).

As is often the case with Bioware, the main character and the other characters are all well acted. The dialogue is pretty good, for the most part, and even minor characters have well thought out lines of dialogue, delivered with care. The thing that really sets all this apart from other RPGs is how you conduct conversations. Instead of dialogue trees, you have a wheel. Instead of full sentences, you have the gist of the intended remark. Select the appropriate part of the wheel (maybe it says “no way”) and you character will say “Absolutely not, there has to be another way.”

Luckily, the facial animations in-game are up to the task of conveying emotion, and every conversation has camera angles like those in a movie. You’ll want to listen to every line of dialogue. The plot of Mass Effect is satisfying, and once it gets going, you’ll be drawn into this new world that Bioware has created. You can act in both self-sacrificing (“paragon”) or reckless (“renegade”) ways, and both provide interesting results. This time around, they don’t have to Star Wars license to help support their game, but with th next game in the series, I can see the world of Mass Effect becoming more and more compelling.

As far as exploration and combat goes, I enjoyed the combat, leveling and “magic” (biotics) elements. There are plenty of ways to develop your three character party, and 6 characters to choose for each mission (along with your own character, Commander Shepard). Combat is difficult at first, but you quickly get used to it. It may not have to slick feel of Drake’s Fortune, but it serves the story section of the game well enough.

Again, the plotline of Mass Effect is extremely intriguing, and the fact that your character is always working to save the galaxy makes the game intriguing. You might be committing murders and other horrible acts, but your character will always feel that their actions are necessary. Controlling a dangerous, violent, short-fused vigilante is invigorating and terrifying. You’ll be surprised and frightened as your avatar calmly explains how she had to kill those innocent people. She’s saving the galaxy, after all.

The problem is, you’ll see how she could be right, every time. From a technical standpoint, Mass Effect succeeds and fails. The characters look amazing, the effects are pretty, and the world is fully realized and very detailed. This is a new world, a new galaxy, and you won’t have a problem believing in it.

The Bad
When I said that the combat was enjoyable, I didn’t mean it was great, just that I tolerated it in my odd way. Some parts of combat feel awkward (sniping!), and your teammates are pretty stupid. Why even bother with squad control if it doesn’t help in any way? Your teammates provide gunfire, healing and some biotic attacks, but they never rise past the level of barely adequate.

Even worse, Mass Effect “boasts” an entire galaxy to explore. Sadly, each system has maybe 3 or 4 planets that can actually be landed on. The rest are either blank (save a text description) or “scannable.” Most scans lead to the exciting discovery of different ores, gases or minerals. Wonderful.

Planetside, the average planet looks like a Brice 3D creation. No foliage, no rivers, no animals, nothing. You’ll pilot your space buggy (which is actually fun) to various locations, most of which provide you with anomalies or crashed space probes… for you to scan. From time to time, you’ll be ambushed by Geth (hive mind AI robots), giant underground worms, or space pirates, but for the most part, planets are very boring.

True, the game provides you with many side quests, mostly involving mining facilities, abandoned spacecraft, or science facilities, but each of these interiors looks the same, with only a few different enemies. Boredom eventually sets in. Finally, the inventory system could use some work. You’ll pick up a lot of weapons and items from enemies, but you do this automatically. Yes, you can break unwanted items into omni-gel (which allows you to hack items), but eventually this process will annoy you.

As I mentioned before, the graphics aren’t up to everything Mass Effect demands of them. Pretty they may be, but there are hideous (and slow) draw-ins when you enter a level. There are also elevators that take 3 to 4 minutes to get to their destination. Excuse me? Just give me a loading screen.

The Bottom Line
Mass Effect is hugely flawed. It has egregious load times, hugely boring planet exploration, and an infuriating inventory system. Yet at the same time, I have never been so invested in the outcome of a game. It also made me feel more strongly about my own decisions than any other game ever has. The characters in this game are so real (special thanks go to Keith David, who voices Captain Anderson), and your own character’s reaction to them is so believable, you won’t want to stop playing. Plus, the decisions Bioware asks you to make become meaningful and scary, quickly. Like I said before, this game gives you tough decisions, and shows you the brutal consequences of every single decision. Have fun saving the galaxy.

Feb 18th, 2008 · Xbox 360

Great Story and decent game.
by Scott Monster (1002)

The Good
The spirit of the game was definitely inspired by Star Wars. You can visit strange planets and fend off attacks from bad guys. The story unwinds in a way that's easy to follow and continually intriguing. You can customize your weapons and armor to suit the fights you may face. You fight in 3rd and 1st person against a collection of bad guys. You also have several jaunts in a space age tank that seems to magically right itself, no matter what terrain you drive over.

Its easy to compare what ordnance you have in comparison to what you can trade in your inventory. You can upgrade your guns and armor with brands and models that give you and your characters a fighting chance.

The voice acting and music were above par and the characters were interesting enough. I really liked some of the interaction with other characters.

The gameplay required learning by mistakes, and going back again. Once you get the hang of it, It becomes a lot more fun and a lot less discouraging.

Cut scenes were great, and strongly contributed to the storyline instead of distracting from the gameplay. And the ending, Wow....

The Bad
I mentioned the cut scenes. I didn't mention that you can't exit out of them. It's terrible if you get a long one just before a tough fight.

There's only one location in the game that I found that doesn't involve shooting. For an exotic place, I would have liked to seen other places where you can trade and complete quests.

Leveling of your characters isn't as clear a process as I would have preferred. A greater assortment of bad guys would have been nice too. Heck, More aliens with odd quests would have cool too.

And good lord, It's talky...

The Bottom Line
Lots of exposition and talking. The shooting is good, but probably much better on a PC.

But the story is the real gem of the game.

Aug 5th, 2012 · Xbox 360

A top-of-the-line space opera, an above-average game
by CrackTheSky (35)

The Good

  • Mass Effect has not only a fantastic story in terms of its scope and imagination, but the structure, pacing, and general presentation of the story to the player is truly superb. This game plays out more like a really well-written novel than a video game or (as some may be tempted to say) a movie. There is an incredibly detailed backstory, intertwining narrative threads, and a plot twist near the end of the game that caught me completely off-guard, yet turned out to be perfectly logical. This aspect alone makes the game worth playing, and sci-fi junkies will walk away extremely satisfied.
  • Likewise, the game's characterization is fantastic. The myriad dialogue options allow you as the player to delve as much or as little as you wish into individuals' backgrounds. As a result, the player can become very emotionally invested in certain characters, and this does nothing but increase the game's immersion.
  • There are often a number of dialogue choices in the game which can affect your character's good/evil alignment. Although this is by no means an original implementation, the ability to mold your character in such a way is always a welcome addition, and thanks to the game's brilliant writers, there are a number of different dialogue paths you can take through almost any given encounter.
  • The voice acting in the game is mostly well-done. There are a few voice actors who noticeably overact occasionally (Ashley Williams tends to sound a little too passionate most of the time), but a greater number do the job very well (Garrus is probably the best example). In no cases is the voice acting stiff or monotone - it is well-balanced from beginning to end, and helps to make the dialogue portions of the game as interesting as any action part.
  • The action elements in the game are top-to-bottom fantastic. Going into gunfights is simply fun, and the entertainment really doesn't wear off. There's also an interesting strategy element to such portions; your characters have biotic and tech abilities (the sci-fi analogue to magic in fantasy RPGs), some of which are offensive and others defensive, that can be used at any time in a battle. Although in many cases it's simple enough to just run in and blast everything that moves, just as often it's beneficial to take battles slower and use these abilities to maximize your squad's effectiveness. This gives combat a certain depth that enhances the game's replay value and keeps firefights from getting stale.
  • There's a huge number of sidequests, all of which help flesh out the game's universe. Although many of the sidequests differ little from one another, they are a pleasant distraction that allow for extra experience and opportunities to find extra items. Most importantly, these sidequests can provide the player with abundant additional information on the Mass Effect universe, which gives the game significantly more depth.
  • Mass Effect has an absolutely killer soundtrack. Most of the music in the game is of the spacey, electronic sort, but it fits the atmosphere splendidly, and often moderates the mood better than anything else. Also, the song played during the closing credits could not have been better-chosen.
  • The game's graphics are gorgeous. Although the colors tend to be on the vivid side, I think the game's setting allows for it compared to a duller, more "realistic" color palette. Character designs are all well done, as are ship designs and cinematic sequences.

**The Bad**
  • The gameplay tends to focus too much on an exploration mechanic that quickly wears out its welcome. Whenever you land on a planet, you are dropped in an all-terrain vehicle known as the Mako, which you can drive around on the surface. The map is typically marked at objects of interest, the variety of which is unfortunately small - crashed probes, mummified corpses, abandoned bases, that sort of thing. Visit five planets at random, explore them, and you'll have seen just about everything you'll encounter throughout the Galaxy, with few exceptions. Although you get different things when you scan these anomalies, it's a little disappointing to constantly run across the same objects over and over.
  • There is distinct evidence of laziness on the developers' part with certain aspects of the game. Planets don't really look all that different from one another, other than different terrain shape and color. There's never any vegetation, rarely alien animal life, and never any cities or anything of the sort, except in storyline missions. Beyond this, it seems that all bases and underground mines established on planets throughout the Galaxy have the exact same layout. You can go across light-years of space to the other side of the Galaxy, and whatever rogue base that you're trying to take down on whatever obscure planet it's on will have the exact same shape and size as a completely unrelated base elsewhere. Besides simply smacking of laziness, it makes the game much more boring, because now you can't even enjoy the scenery.
  • Sidequests are all mostly the same. They're either fetch-quests or mercenary ones, where you simply go to a planet and wipe out the bad guys, and few stray very far from here. Although the combat is fun, going through the motions gets rather stale, and near the end I found myself getting frustrated with doing them.
  • Absolutely horrendous inventory management. There is no way to organize any of the items you get, making scrolling through them to get to what you want a pain, more often than not. Although there is a basic organization feature built in to the game (all your items are divided by type), a simple "alphabetize" option would have helped enormously, especially because many weapons have the same name, but a different number after them (i.e. a Stiletto VI pistol, which is better than the Stiletto III). Adding upgrades to armor and weapons just complicates the inventory screen further, and as it is it's mostly a huge mess.
  • Item overload. There are too many crates, too many secure boxes, too many weapons lockers, etc. that you come across in the game. When you open these (or hack them), you tend to get weapons and upgrades. It's nice, especially in the beginning of the game when you don't have much, but in the mid-to-late game, you find this stuff EVERYwhere, and it gets to be a hassle to manage, especially because you tend to get duplicates and it's hard to remember which guns you have and which you don't. I spent a LOT of time near the end of the game going through all my weapons and discarding what I didn't need, which was almost everything. There are simply too many versions of weapons, and the developers could have reduced the number such that coming across a new weapon was actually a big deal; instead, getting a new weapon is an entirely trivialized event that you'll eventually just get annoyed with.
  • The game tends to suffer from occasional slowdown, something I feel should be absent from console gaming altogether. Although this only tends to happen right after entering a new area (i.e. the game is still loading when you begin) or right after autosaving, there were several instances where there was simply too much on the screen and the game slowed down. This is hardly a major issue, but it happened enough to be aggravating.
  • The AI is not great. Although I did die several times through my play on Normal difficulty (which was otherwise a cakewalk), such instances were due more to my own stupidity or impatience than because the AI did something particularly clever. Most of the time, enemies will just rush at you and you can simply blast them away, or they'll hide in the same spot behind cover until you come up behind them and kill them.
  • Elevators. These "loading screens" take forever - up to a minute or more on the worst occasions. Especially in the beginning of the game, when you're on Citadel, you have to use elevators frequently and too much time is spent in them.

**The Bottom Line**
Overall, Mass Effect is a game worth playing for most, and there are a number of people out there who will play through it multiple times. It's a game that succeeds mostly on its writing and its design, less on its gameplay, and not at all in its organization. Ultimately, its a bipolar game in the sense that most people are going to be enjoying themselves most either when they're learning about the rich and detailed history of Galactic civilization, or when they're blasting enemies away with their Assault Rifles. Even though the game is filled with a significant amount of filler material, the game is incredibly fun. I just finished and I already want to play through again, even in spite of the large amount of complaints I have. When the game gets it right, it gets it right, and the result is an uneven but ultimately satisfying experience.

Dec 30th, 2010 · Xbox 360

Epic science fiction tales at their finest
by WWWWolf (450)

The Good
The story is pretty well-written, and to me, it seemed to be adequately wondrous and science-fiction-like enough. Even when the main plot is relatively simple and ordinary, it made me think about stuff and think about the characters - this is always a good sign. I also appreciate the fact that the game is definitely more of a "science-fiction" game than a "space opera" game; the designers put a lot of effort into writing a backstory and a bunch of technobabble that sounds plausible and well-thought-out. It's not just "it's got spaceship and ray-guns in it".

Graphics and music are top-notch, and the character art and animation is very good. Voice acting never really gets jarring, dialogue works surprisingly well.

This game is also one of the few games I really wanted to pick up for a second playthrough almost immediately afterwards. The game is not too long, yet not too short either.

The Bad
The planets you can land on are quite fun to explore, and the sidequest missions are interesting enough, but the problem is that the planets are rather bland and the sidequests are set in The Mine or The Base or The Other Kind of Base or The Spaceship - there's literally one map for each submission, with the interior objects slightly changed. This doesn't allow for much variation, and you can pretty much figure out a single strategy for them and then just say "Okay, now we're raiding The Base, here's my tried-and-true plan".

The firefights are chaotic to say the least. The enemies have absolutely no strategy, and they just run around a lot, usually scurrying around just as you're about to aim at them. This is compounded by the fact that your squadmates have no strategy either, and when these enemies scurry out of your line of fire, your squadmates offer to put their heads on the line of fire, instead, just as you pull the trigger.

Some of the game mechanics remain obscure. I was half-way through the game until I finally "got" some of the subtleties of the game - and could have played through without really getting them.

Yet, none of this is all that big. Even when blandness sometimes shows, the main plot definitely makes up for it.

The Bottom Line
Welcome to an epic science-fiction tale where the humanity has uncovered mysterious alien technology to allow faster-than-light jumping around the galaxy, and met several interesting alien species. Humankind is just about to be admitted to the greater galactic bureaucracy as one of the prominent races. And we, on the other hand, have to go examine the exploits of the crew of humanity's most advanced spaceship. The first call is to examine a rather mysterious conflict that is quickly unfolding in a rather sleepy planet; this immediately leads to the trail of a new threat to all sentient organic races.

The humankind, of course, does what it does best, as far as fiction is to be believed: kicking butt. Mass Effect is a tactical third-person shooter... and a RPG... and you get to drive around in an APC too... oh, and you have a starship and you get to conduct some exploration too. Dialogue is a heavy part of the game: situations can be often solved with guns or through eloquent or threatening speech. The character is given choice between acting nicely and heroically ("Paragon"), or just getting the job done no matter what it takes ("Renegade"). Not really a good vs. evil system, but close. These choices award points which are tracked independently; the better you are at either, you also get the chance to be more persuasive or intimidating.

The player controls a squad of up to three people; each character has unique talents and strengths. The player character, Shepard, can be customised as well. At your disposal you have a bunch of different weapons (grenades, assault rifles, pistols, shotguns and sniper rifles) that come in different makes and models and can be customised with various kinds of mods. Different character types can use different weapons to their advantage. When the characters level up, they learn new powers. Aside of conventional weaponry, there's a bunch of biotic powers that are extremely handy. When you land on planets, you also have at your disposal an armoured vehicle, called Mako, that has the necessary big guns.

In short, Mass Effect is a really well-done science fiction RPG, with only minor flaws that don't really take away too much from fun. It has tons of engaging dialogue, has a well-crafted milieu, and enough interesting plot twists to keep you busy.

Sep 22nd, 2009 · Xbox 360

A space odyssey of epic proportions
by Zokolov (65)

The Good
The core of any Bioware RPG is made by three factors: the story, the characters and the game world. Strangely enough, even though the story is standard action movie fare, the characters aren't anything you haven't seen before and the world is outright clichéd, everything still works perfectly. There is a LOT of dialogue, all of it entertaining, with brilliant voice acting. The fact that Shepard, the protagonist, has a voice of his/her own, is also great, since most BioWare PC's are mute.

Speaking of the dialogue, the dialogue wheel is a great idea. Even though the choices aren't always to your liking, I still prefer the wheel over the system in older BioWare games.

The story is entertaining, with enough twists and turns to keep you interested. The characters, including Shepard, are all interesting. Though Tali, Liara and Wrex sometimes feel like they were just designed to tell tidbits about their species, they still feel stunningly real. I especially like Wrex's cynical comments.

The actual gameplay is good enough, at least the shooting. Unlike most people, I really enjoyed the Mako-parts. Not so much in sidequests, but in story missions like Virmire, the Mako is a nice change: running over geth is much more satisfying than shooting them on foot.

The Bad
The sidequests all have interesting stories behind them, but gameplay-wise, they're infuriatingly similar. It basically boils down to this: drive the Mako to a place, go inside place, shoot a lot of enemies inside a space station identical to the ones you already visited a million times, some dialogue, the end. The level architecture in particular is dull, with the cut- and paste-levels. Even the story missions, like Therum, suffer from unimaginative design. Not all the worlds are bad, though: the Citadel and especially Virmire are great.

And the inventory... without a doubt, the worst part in the game. Who at Bioware thought it was a good idea that you pick up new stuff and new guns every five seconds? Still, at least it has an inventory, but it's just so bad you never really get used to it.

The shooting segments, while passable, don't really shine, especially when fighting human enemies. Hearing "ENEMIES EVERYWHERE!" a gazillion times may seem funny in retrospect, but during the gameplay it made me feel like crying.

Funnily enough, even though the game has plenty of design flaws, they never really make the game bad or even mediocre. The good parts are just that good.

The Bottom Line
An Action-RPG with emphasis on the action. Unless sci-fi makes you hurl, the story is absolutely fantastic and worth experiencing. Like in all BioWare games, there will be lengthy conversations, so if you're the kind of guy or gal who skips cutscenes and ignores the dialogue, this game is not for you. To anyone who appreciates good RPG's and storylines, get it. The first one is easily the best.

Jan 2nd, 2012 · Xbox 360

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