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Atlantis: The Lost Tales

aka: Atlantis Zapomniane Opowieƛci, Atlantis. Los Cuentos Perdidos, Atlantis: A Lenda Perdida, Atlantis: Das sagenhafte Abenteuer, Atlantis: De Verloren Legende, Atlantis: Det Försvunna Riket, Atlantis: Secrets d'un Monde OubliĂ©, Atlantis: Segreti d'un mondo perduto
Moby ID: 3186

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DOS Patches


Patch released for French, German and English versions

Windows Patches


CD-Rom All Language Patch
Makes the display mode of Atlantis fully compatible with 3dfx Voodoo, S3 Savage, nVidia GeForce video cards and Intel 81x chipset. Download from the Cryo Support Page Here.

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