Project IGI: I'm Going In

aka: Project I.G.I, Project I.G.I: I'm Going In - L'intelligence reste votre meilleure arme, Project I.G.I: I'm Going In - Tested by the Military. Used by You.
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Project: I'm Going In is a tactical shooter based on the Joint Strike Fighter 3d-engine. In the game, you are a special agent who has to complete missions all on his own, infiltrating bases with a fair number of enemies. Your overall goal is to locate a stolen nuclear device so that it can be recovered.

An assortment of weapons is in the game, including a sniper rifle, an AK-47, grenades and a rocket launcher to name a few.

In completing the missions you mostly have one goal: you should not be seen by the cameras or detected by a large group of the enemies at once so that you can complete the level. As soon as an intruder is detected, the enemies are alerted to your presence and the level gets quite difficult to finish. Since you can't save during the mission, you will have to start from the beginning if you don't complete it(i.e., getting killed).

Every mission starts with a little movie using the 3d engine introducing what the goals of the next mission is.

Most missions contain the same buildings and objects, so there's a strong deja-vu through the whole game.


  • 秘密潜入 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

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Average score: 76% (based on 42 ratings)


Average score: 3.4 out of 5 (based on 43 ratings with 7 reviews)

I'm coming out.

The Good
Project IGI has admirable elements, but sadly falls apart as a whole. In its favour, it's the closest PC equivalent to the N64 classic 'Goldeneye', and has a very Bondian atmosphere, helped by the excellent music. It's also similar to the ancient classic 'Impossible Mission', in that you spend a lot of time interrogating computer terminals whilst under constant pain of death. You run around a set of expansive, outdoorsy locations rendered with a modified flight simulation engine, whilst the simulation of gunfire and the damage model strike a superb balance between realism and entertainment. You aren't quite killed with one shot, and your weapons are realistically inaccurate and cumbersome. Any game which has even the most tenuous link with Iggy Pop, even if this is unintentional, deserves some kind of praise.

The Bad
As expressed elsewhere, there are several big problems. Firstly, the game is thoroughly scripted. Walk over an invisible line, and a truck full of soldiers appears from nowhere; fail to move to a certain spot, and the level will never end. The missions are linear, with no hidden secrets at all, and absolutely no replay value, because they're essentially tests of memory rather than skill. The impression I get is that the designers were rushed for time, and included only the barest minimum; furthermore, that they are tyrannical control freaks, annoyed at the possibility that the player might mess up their creation.

As mentioned elsewhere, your ammunition and weapons cache is not carried over from level to level, even in cases where one flows directly from another; one suspects this decision was taken in order to avoid the possibility that the player could 'break' the scripting. If there seems to be more than one way to infiltrate an enemy base, you are wrong; you go in through the front door every time.

Each level is large, but bland; bases are constructed with a small collection of identical rooms and buildings, something which only varies with the final level, which takes place in a large underground silo. This level, and several others, are annoying structured so that, after fifteen minutes of wild firing, you meet a particularly tough enemy and die, necessitating that the level is replayed from the beginning. Out in the open there are no trees, no cover, simply bare textured ground.

One of the significant gameplay elements is the alarm system, whereby if an alarm is triggered, endless ranks of enemy soldiers emerge from clearly empty rooms. This jars with the otherwise realistic tone, and further constrains your wanderings.

The between-level voice acting is terrible, with our hero sounding uncannily like a primary school teacher. There is no multiplayer support, and no reason to return to the game after finishing it. The plot, in which an ex-Russian general hijacks a nuclear bomb, is such an overused modern cliché that it makes me want to cut myself again.

The Bottom Line
Oh, it's entertaining enough for a short while, and the snowbound levels are very attractive. There's still an opening for a level-headed Bond-style shoot-em-up on the PC, though.

Windows · by Ashley Pomeroy (225) · 2004

Excellent FPS with good gameplay and graphics

The Good
After seeing certain screenshots in a magazine for this game i wasn't impressed. But when the demo was released i saw a whole new perspective on this game. Firstly the in game graphics were perfect, everything looked good, including the landscapes which looked the best, way better than DF/2/3.

The levels were challenging, but after mastering the satellite map and using the correct weapons at the correct time you progress through the game skillfully.

The Bad
The only disadvantage in the game was the no in-game save feature. Although it would be nice to have, i only remember restarting about 4 levels, and one of them was 3 times (nasty tank and people). Its best to look at the game from an Arcade style point of view.

The Bottom Line
An arcade style 'stealth like' first person shooter with excellent graphics and music (which suits the game exactly)

Windows · by Martin Whitworth (1) · 2001

Excellent game, however, has a few bugs.

The Good
The game is great. It contains a realistic recoil and weapons. Characters (including you) can be killed very easily with head or body shots (just like in real life). Contains a lot of realistic weapons. This includes a sniper rifle and the AK47. Weapons can be picked up from other enemies. The game also contains tanks, security systems, heavy duty weapons, and alarms.

The Bad
The game has some glitches. For example, in some levels, you can go through walls (first level), and you can also fall through the ground on some areas. The key thing that really spoils the game is that it lacks a save game feature. You can really get annoyed when you get killed in one shot at the end of the game.

The Bottom Line
Very good game. Not for people who don't like replaying levels, though.

Windows · by Pavel Yeloyev (5) · 2002

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Alternate Titles, all being used on different ways in magazines and on websites:

Project: IGI Project: I.G.I. I'm Going In

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