Grant - Lee - Sherman: Civil War 2: Generals

aka: Grant - Lee - Sherman: Civil War 2: Generals - Welche Armee wollen Sie befehligen ?, Grant - Lee - Sherman: Civil War 2: Generals - Which Army Will You Command?
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Grant - Lee - Sherman: Civil War 2: Generals expanded its earlier title, Robert E. Lee: Civil War General.

Battle as the boys in blue or gray in the Mississippi Valley or on the Atlantic Coast. Play an individual battle, a mini-campaign or the entire war. Create your own customized battlefields with the new terrain editor, and challenge foes around the world to Internet, modem, or network war.

The game features turn-based play on a hex map and artwork by Mort Künstler.

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Average score: 68% (based on 12 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 12 ratings with 3 reviews)


The Good
This game is still the best representation of Civil War strategy & tactics available. No other Civil War game has managed to capture the essential elements that make a great strategy game. The online playability of this game has made a great game even better. If you would like to play this excellent Civil War strategy game online, please see the link below. We have an excellent cadre of experienced, online commanders who can provide you with a real challenge. Hope to see you soon online at Kali.

The Bad
Sierra/Impressions dropped their online play support of this product. The game has since moved to Kali.

The Bottom Line
The best representation of Civil War strategy & tactics available. It allows you to play as either a Union or Confederate commander. You are in command of a multitude of unit types, each with it's individual strengths & weaknesses. The game encompasses over 40 major battles of the Civil War from Bull Run to the Atlanta Campaign. The enclosed editor allows you to create your own scenarios.

Windows · by Jeff Sikes (1) · 2004

Fantastic representation of the civil war

The Good
I could say: almost everything ! music: the sound is superb and changes when it's day or night (you can hear your men sleep) Graphics: beautiful colors. The cities, the forest, the mountains and rivers are very nice. The troops are very nice too... AI: this one is challenging and keeps you busy... The various scenarios give you the possibility to choose which general's fight you want reproduce...

The Bad
The AI could be more challenging: Sometimes he should have a defensive tactic. I would have liked to have Civil War III as it was planned that you could have a bigger map and make more strategic decisions. In Civil War II, you cannot choose to avoid the battle or select another battle place.

The Bottom Line
For people who like turn-based war games...this is a must. Great game. I just finished the second day of Gettysburg playing Lee: now i control the entire city and most of my troops are heading to Washington. In my experience, the first day of Gettysburg shows who is going to win.

Windows · by Pascal Giovannini (2) · 2001

Excellent strategy game...Really makes you think!

The Good
Great improvement on the Robert E. Lee Civil War game. This one allows you to select either Confederate or Union side. There are many more scenarios. The graphics and the sounds are top-shelf. I like being able to display the victory points, so you know where to drive your forces. You can play it for hours at a time!

The Bad
It takes a LONG time to play a battle. If you play a BIG campaign and you kill or capture a leader in an earlier battle, the game doesn't comprehend this and you may end up battling that opponent in a later battle (that's not right!). The game also has a nasty habit of freezing up at times, giving you a black screen that forces you to end the game. I also wish the game allowed you to upgrade weapons for armies that weren't involved in this battle. I would like to have the option of saving some of my "money" to outfit an army at a later time. I would like to be able to upgrade weapons at the start of a battle or even DURING the battle (which would be possible if you captured the enemy's weapons in a real war).

The Bottom Line
This strategy game teaches the gamer how to get your forces to work together to stand against the enemy or to drive against the enemy. The different play levels allow a new person to have success, and then make your opponent "tougher" by upgrading the opponent's level, where they make fewer strategic mistakes. In the beginner level, the opposing army often sends out an army which you can capture if you surround it with your armies on all 6 adjoining hexes.

Windows · by Bill Skiba (2) · 2004



In early 1998, Sierra ran a tournament on SIGS (Sierra's Internet Gaming System) of battles. Each contestant chose a side to fight on for the duration of the tournament, and the winner won a trip to a Civil War re-enactment. The winner (Duane Russell) also won a full Confederate general's uniform as well as all the accoutrements. However, the most treasured thing he won was lifetime rights to the screen name "Robert E Lee" in the game.

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