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Medal of Honor: Heroes 2

[ PSP ] [ Wii ]

Wii credits (2007)

145 People (135 developers, 10 thanks)

Development Team

Development Director
Lead Designer
Production Team
Development Manager
Lead Programmer
Platform Lead Programmer
Programming Team
Lead Artist
Art Team
Interface Design
Technical Art
Front End Lead Programmer
Front End Programming
Audio Programmer
Sound Artist
Art Directors
Technical Director
Group Development Director

Central Content & Technology

Development Managers
Programming Team
Additional Programming
Interface Design
Art Team
Production Support
Screen Writer
Voice Talent
Video Editor
Audio Post

Leadership Team

Executive Producer
Director, Product Development
Group Technical Director


QA Managers
QA Testers


Localization Production
Localization Coordination
Localization Programming
Localization Testing

Marketing & PR

NA Product Manager
EU Product Manager
Director of Marketing
Vice President of Marketing
European Marketing Manager
Vice President European Marketing
Public Relations Manager
Public Relations Coordinator
Community Manager

Legal & Licensing

Legal Approvals

Music by

Music by

Special Thanks

Special Thanks

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