Codename: Eagle

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Wonderful multiplayer game but could be better ...

The Good
Multiplayer. The Multiplayer mode is wonderful and really can't get very much better (but getting reduced lag in internet play ... which is due to bad netcode). There's airplanes, bombers, tanks, jeeps, trucks, bikes, torpedo boats, ships, zeppelins and helicopters - all ready to do whatever you want to do with them - some vehicles can even be used by two players (driver/pilot and gunner). The game has enormous maps with bases, buildings, walls, mountains, lakes, anti aircraft guns, artillery etc This game isn't the usual WWII game either (which you might understand, as it is some kind of alternate World War One setting ...), and really ... there isn't anything more wonderful than killing your enemies with an WWI-tank or bombing him away with an old nice bomber.

The Bad
The single player mode ain't that interesting ... mostly extremely bad voice acting, no real briefing (which means, you don't really know what you should do --- you get a few objectives and not much more), the enemies ain't that smart (although i've seen worse) and you can't crouch (which i believe has been a FPS standard since System Shock or Duke Nukem 3D?). The building textures are (which is understandable as the game engine has to render quite big maps) extremely low-res and although there is plenty of buildings only a few of them may be entered and weapon sounds are mostly pretty lame (where the revolver sounds like fireworks ...) ...

The Bottom Line
As the (not really official, but made by the same developers and made in the same style ...) precursor of Battlefield 1942 I would recommend it to all BF-fans out there. It's a great game for LAN events but it can get quite laggy on the Internet. The graphics are not very good by todays standards (and weren't the best when the game was released either), but it's functional. As the multiplayer mode has a lot of vehicles and weapons it is extremely fun as long as you have someone to play against, but the single player mode could certainly be better.

Windows · by Joel Segerb├Ąck (639) · 2003

A mediocre shooter - nothing more, nothing less.

The Good
Not much. The different missions are okay, and there are plenty of them so the game doesn't get boring too fast. The speech is dull but at least it didn't annoy me. The sound effects are not too bad and the controls are okay - I can move around and shoot opponents as I am used from other 3D shooter games.

The Bad
The animations are jerky; all other figures walk like they have swallowed a stick. The levels are in no means as detailed as in other 3D shooters, most houses etc. are pure blenders (e.g. you cannot enter them). The graphics is a bit blurry and grainy and the colors aren't perfect too. The objects all look flat and ugly.

Most of the opponents are dumb as a post - they are standing there, watching me pass, machine gun in hand, without doing anything at all. Then, suddenly, they start to shoot at me. Best example is the guard at the beginning of the very first mission. I can approach him with my knife drawn, he will just say "This is restricted area." but leave me alone. I mean, I am his ENEMY so he should care!

The Bottom Line
Well... if you want a cool "I-am-a-soldier-and-have-to-complete-many-missions" game with good graphics and many different and interesting missions... THEN you shouldn't take a look at Codename Eagle (maybe Hidden and Dangerous would be your choice :) But if you just would like to have some fun with dumb enemies, you should give it a try.

Windows · by phlux (4294) · 2001

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