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Pokémon Battle Revolution

aka: PBR
Moby ID: 32347

Tech Specs/Attributes +

Wii +

Media Type:
Video Modes Supported:
Input Devices Supported:
Multiplayer Game Modes:
Number of Offline Players:
Number of Online Players:
Miscellaneous Attributes:
Notes: <li>Wii system memory - 29 blocks <li>4 save files (Colosseum Mode) <li>Compatible with Nintendo DS titles <moby game="Pokémon Diamond">Pokémon Diamond</moby> & <moby game="Pokémon Pearl">Pearl</moby>

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Ratings +

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ESRB Rating: (Mild Fantasy Violence)
PEGI Rating: (Violence)
USK Rating:
CERO Rating:
ACB Rating:

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