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Mac Ledge (5.6 out of 10)

I cannot recommend purchasing this game. The game play is tedious, the hardware requirements are too high and the graphics leave much to be desired. The question is not whether this game can compete with other shootem' ups, but whether it could have even competed well with the games of the past. Take out the flashy intro and the high quality music and you have a game that belongs with the vast array of long forgotten Nintendo cartridges.

Apr 15th, 1997 · Macintosh

macHOME ( )

Bedlam is not perfect, but if all this bomb stuff appeals to you and they fix the saving bug, give it a shot. For haters of videogame violence: You may have noticed how I keep talking about blowing stuff up, and that’s because it’s what Bedlam is all about. If that doesn’t interest you, don’t buy it.

May 1997 · Macintosh · read review

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