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Fur Fighters

aka: Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge, Furballs
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PlayStation 2 credits (2001)

128 people (126 professional roles, 2 thanks) with 151 credits.

Bizarre Creations - Game Design

Concept, Characters and Environments Jeff Lewis
Gameplay Design Jeff Lewis, Paul Malin, Mark Craig, Martyn R. Chudley
Enemy Behavior Mark Craig
Additional Level Design Matt Cavanagh, Stuart Jackson, Phil Nightingale
Additional Enemy Design Jeff Powell

Bizarre Creations - Programming

Game System and Game Code Mark Craig
Game Technology and Game Code Paul Malin
Additional Technology and Game Code Keith Pickford
Sound System and Game Code Sam Hall
Utilities and Frontend Jason Denton
Level Creation Tools Roger Perkins

Bizarre Creations - Artwork

Concept Art, Level Designs, Textures Jeff Lewis
Animator and Character Modeller Jeff Powell
Level Designers Matt Cavanagh, Stuart Jackson, Phil Nightingale
Level Designer and Animator Simon Pickard
3D Artist Paul Hesketh
Texture Artists Alan Mullins, Jools Denton
Additional 3D Modelling Steven Heaney
Additional Level Modelling Julian Hicks
Additional Art and Textures David McDonald
Additional Textures Jeremy Elford

Bizarre Creations - Production

Producer Brian Woodhouse
Audio Producer Nick Wiswell
Production Support and Testing Kevin Reilly

Bizarre Creations - Quality Assurance

Testers Ged Talbot, Glyn Williams

Bizarre Biz

Managing Director Martyn R. Chudley
Business Director Sarah Chudley
Technical Director Walter Lynsdale
Business Manager Michelle Langton

Special Thanks

Technical Advice Walter Lynsdale
Gameplay Advice Martyn R. Chudley (as Martyn Chudley), Sarah Chudley
Production Support Peter Wallace
Production Testing Peter Wallace
Additional Textures Julie Elizabeth McGurren (as Julie McGurran)
Additional 2D Art Rachael Huntington (as Rachel Huntington)
Proof Reading Richard Dixon, Caitlin Smith
PR Advice Richard Leadbetter
Additional Testing Daniel Kelly, Tony Coyle, Elliot Coyle, Jack Sewell, Dee Wiswell

Moral Support

Moral Support Mr and Mrs Lewis, Mr and Mrs Craig, Andrew and Tim, Zaz, Joe, Mr and Mrs Nightingale, Emma and Jamie, Alison and Chris, Emma and Sophie, Isabelle, Dee. Jack and Alfie, Sharon, Sarah. Coral and Zoe, Helen, Anna, Jill, Hazel, Rachel, Gina, All our friends and families; too numerous to mention!

Acclaim UK

President Chief Operating Officer Rod Cousens
Managing Director - Publishing Europe Barry Jafrato
Senior Producer Roger Carpenter
Associate Producer Greg Hounsom
International Manager Acclaim On-Line James Sheahan
European Marketing Manager Ned Browning
PR Manager Simon Smith-Wright
PR Executive Jeremy Chubb
Product Manager Mary Bond
Creative Services Damian Leah
European Product Co-Ordinator Damian Finn

Acclaim UK - Music

Audio Director Rick Fox, Stephen Root
Music Composition Michael Pummell (as Mike Pummell), Simon Robertson, Stephen Root, Nelson Everhart
Session Musicians Ben Flanders, Craig Gabell, Paul Piller, Andy Szucs, Mike Tekulve (as Michael Tekulve), Gary Winters, John Zappa

Acclaim UK - Sound Effects and Speech

Sound Design and Vocal Editing Ben Minto, Chris Sweetman
Character Sound Effects Lani Minella, Jon St. John, Kai Vilhelmsen
US Recording Engineer/Studio Bill Corkery, Bill Corkery Productions
Additional Thanks Jason Gosling (for loan of the Theremin)

Acclaim UK - Voice Actors

Casting and Directing Olivier Deslandes
Additional Directing Jeff Lewis, Nick Wiswell, James Sheahan, Greg Hounsom
Additional Dialogue James Sheahan
General Bristol Jonathan Booth
Sergeant Sternhauser / Vo Jay Simon (as Jay Simons)
Juliette / Baby Juliette Corinne Kempa
General Viggo / Baby Tweek Tim Wallers
Rico / Baby Rico Alan Turner
Chang / Baby Chang / Tweek Daniel York
Roofus / Baby Roofus Scott McMurrey
Bungalow / Baby Bungalow Guy Taylor

Acclaim US

Director, Product Development Brett Gow
Marketing Director Evan Stein
Product Development Kathleen Byrne, Bill Dickson

Acclaim US - Quality Assurance

Manager Brian Regan
Supervisors Bill Handworth, Matthew Canonico (as Matt Canonico), Daren Chencinski
Senior Lead Analysts Bonchi Martinez, Martin Glantz (as Marty Glantz)
Lead Analysts James Dima, Jennifer Simone
Project Leads Orland Apiado, Jerry Bazigos
Assistant Project Leads Brian Wisnowski, Carrie Gouskos
Testers David Boyle, Keith Bishop, Dave Gumbrecht (as David Gumbrecht), Eric Lawrence

Babel Media LTD

Lead Tester Stuart Thody
Testers Bob Watson, Marc Kent, Wayne Joseph

Acclaim US - Voice Actors

Audio Director Rick Fox
Bears, Ducks, Meercats Rob Williams
Ducks, Character Wives Sherryl Sheets
Bears, Ticks Nelson Everhart
Cows, Mighty Flea Michael Pummell (as Mike Pummell)
With Thanks to Christine Atkins (as Christie Atkins)


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