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The Typing of the Dead

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December 1998 - "The Curien Mansion Incident" There was nothing else that could have been done to prevent that loathsome disaster.

February 2000 - The world is in chaos. The new tragedy unfolds in a town where the last vestiges of the Middle Ages still linger. Are your fingers ready?

Take 'House of the Dead 2', one of the best light-gun games of all time, substitute the light-gun for a keyboard and start typing!

In THE TYPING OF THE DEAD you run through House of the Dead 2, but instead of firing a light-gun you type a word that is displayed onscreen in front of the creature attacking you. The faster and more accurately you type the words, the faster you'll kill the zombies and the higher you're score will be.

All the familiar options from House of the Dead 2 are retained, including the arcade, boss and tutorial modes.

With humorous words and phrases, a question and answer round and characters walking around with keyboards strapped to their chests, you can be sure that THE TYPING OF THE DEAD is one of the most entertaining games you could ever play!

-Based on the best-selling House of the Dead series. -5 Game modes including Tutorial, Original, Boss, Arcade & Drill + 1 hidden! 12 putrid zombies including the chainsaw wielding Max and the perpetually rotting Ebitan. -Co-operative multi-play across LAN. -6 chapters, 12 drills, and 5 difficulty settings. -Fully customisable options, including sound, screen & vocabulary. -Full touch-typing tutorial included


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Your rapid-fire typing skills spell doom for the undead in this utterly odd, totally challenging take-off on House of the Dead 2. When you're battling zombies in a nightmare-come-true, ten trigger fingers are definitely better than two!

  • Face The Horror - Six terrifying levels and five distinct game modes including Arcade, Training, and Boss modes

  • Learn To Type - Your keyboard is your weapon as you square off against grisly ghouls and crazed corpses

  • Improve Your Typing Skills - Targeted game modes emphasize speed, accuracy, touch-typing, special keys, and more

  • Battle The Big Guys - Level bosses wait at the end of each chapter. Take 'em out with advanced typing techniques

  • Cooperate Or Compete - Double the fun and firepower in two-player games


U.S. Dreamcast version back of case

Contributed by Alan Chan, Satoshi Kunsai.

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