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EarthSiege 2

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Average score: 80% (based on 17 ratings)

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Average score: 3.6 out of 5 (based on 21 ratings with 4 reviews)

An excellent 'Mech game

The Good
The graphics are amazing. Also, it was one of the first Win95-only games which made it easy to get running. I don't think it ever locked up (amazingly!), and it ran really fast. The sounds of the weapons, and the weapons themselves (excluding the missiles) were pretty awesome. The 3D "virtual reality" environment is still very impressive. The missions are challenging.

The Bad
A big, big problem I have with ES2 is the lack of mouse support during the missions. You can turn the HERC's turret, but only with the keyboard or joystick. I find it much easier to use the mouse to turn the turret. :) In this aspect, MechWarrior 2 blows ES away.

The mission briefings were really boring... sitting there listening to General Gierling going on and on. I think they could have done that a little better. The actor who played Gierling was great, don't get me wrong, but all he did was sit there and read. It would have been better if he had a bigger role in the game.

The plot (of ES I and II) left a lot to be desired. It's basically the same as the Terminator movie, except with HERCs instead of Terminators. Dynamix had the contract for the original MechWarrior and when FASA went to Activision to make MWII, Dynamix still wanted to make 'Mech games and they basically threw ES I together. ES II isn't a whole lot different from ES I (a few new HERCs, some new graphics), so they can be considered together. ES I and II have far superior graphics to Mechwarrior 2 (the unaccelerated, basic version), but they lacked the rich universe that FASA has spent 15 years creating to back MW up. The FASA/MechWarrior/BattleTech universe is by FAR more detailed than either ES or Heavy Gear, with RPG's and about a hundred books written my major sci-fi authors to broaden its source base. Dynamix hired various people (published sci-fi writers, etc.) to develop the ES universe for Starsiege (ES III), but Starsiege was a major disappointment to me, and that's for another review. :)

The Bottom Line
This is from my homepage:

The biggest difference between Mechwarrior 2 and Earthsiege is that MW2 has the rich universe FASA has created behind it, so it has a grand story that you, as a player, are fighting in. ES doesn't have this... basically, if you watch the Terminator you know what ES is about.

More specific differences include: in Mechwarrior you must manage heat buildup as a result of firing weapons, which isn't a factor in Earthsiege. Also, in MW 'Mechs can have jump jets (which let them fly for limited distances), but the ES "HERCs" are ground-only except for the Razor aircraft.

Overall, ES2 is a great game, except for the lack of mouse support. If you like 'Mech-type games, you can't miss it!

Windows · by Raphael (1245) · 1999

A good game that brought the Earthsiege story forward

The Good
The game has enough to distinguish it from Mechwarrior 2, with a strong variety of missions and crafts. The system of acquiring salvage works well, right down to the way that shooting enemies in the legs rather than the torso ensures that more is retained. Controls are well-thought-out and responsive. There are plenty of levels to get through.

The video sequences are quite well done for the time. In-game graphics are good, and there are some nice explosion effects.

The Bad
I always found using the Razor flying vehicle a lot harder than other elements of the game. In the end I found myself using other vehicles, even for the levels when the Razor is integral to the design.

Frustratingly, I got stuck at the same level on both of the first 2 difficulty levels, which suggests a slight lack of balance.

The Bottom Line
You are fighting the Cybrids, ultra-intelligent fighting machines who turned against their human creators. Fortunately, you have giant exoskeletons to strap on for protection and faster movement. From a first-person view you must move through checkpoints, fighting any enemies you see along the way. In most missions you lead a team of up to 3 other fighters, and can direct them to fight particular enemies, scout for enemies, patrol a given point, or assist you in a specific kill.

It's all good fun, combining simulation and action elements effectively and having enough of a supporting layer of strategy and storyline intrigue.

Windows 3.x · by Martin Smith (81428) · 2006

Challenged the mighty MechWarrior 2 series for the giant robot sim crown.

The Good
Outstanding graphics for the day -- HERCs burst into flames, which looks much more impressive and realistic than the shattering polygons of other sims; solid control scheme; well-crafted campaign that lets the player make interesting decisions about what kinds of robots and weapons to use; nice attempt to spice things up with occasional air bombing missions.

The Bad
Instant Action mode is lame and repetitive, as it really just consists of three different (highly simplistic) "shoot'em-up" scenarios. The air missions can be jarring interruptions rather than pleasant diversions. Veteran mech pilots might find this game a little too easy.

The Bottom Line
Earthsiege 2 was a slick and fun robot sim when it was released, and it’s still a great bargain-bin pickup if you're looking for a "quick fix."

Windows · by PCGamer77 (3158) · 2002

Excellent Mech action. Smooth action. Easy to learn.

The Good
You can jump right in to instant action and start blasting or you can settle down into missions to run a whole battle scenerio. Easy to control. Built in tutorials.

The Bad
Some of the mech types just seem to be a little slow. But it's by design

The Bottom Line
Jump into a Mech and battle. 1st person combat. Good storyline.

Windows · by gametrader (208) · 2000

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