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Halls of the Dead: Faery Tale Adventure II

aka: FTA2


Faery Tale Adventure II is the sequel to MicroIllusions' classic RPG. The three brothers, introduced in the first game, have been teleported to a foreign country where they have to save the local people from evil powers spreading in the once peaceful lands. The graphics resemble those in Ultima VIII: Pagan and the gaming world is large.

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Cut content

As you might already know, the Dreamer's Guild went out of business while making the game, and towards the end, had to release it quickly in order for it to be released at all. Therefore, a lot of things were missed, not finished, left half done.

You can find all sorts of quest items throughout the game, though you will not be able to do a thing with them. Entire parts of the game were removed, such as the Island of Ion. The island where you are suppose to find the 3rd lost key! (the first key being the 'Tesseract Key' that you can find in the game, giving you the option to travel in the Astral Dimension, the 2nd key is still unknown).

The is a mentioning of the 3rd key is in one of the books that you can read in the game, the book is called "The Three Keys", and goes as following: "The Un-named key, sometimes called 'Ratom's Horrible Bag' was used only once. Found by the Mage Ratom in the land Ione that once sat in Farr's northeast corner, the key first manifested itself as a bag capable of holding its own weight one million times over. Ratom, ever foolish and arrogant, turned the bag inside-out to study how it worked. It slowly enveloped the entire land, threatening to ingest all of Farr and the known universe. Was it not for the Party of the Amorphous Blob halting its expansion by sewing the bag up with the Platinum String from the belly of the Witch King, the Un-named's ravenous appetite may have destroyed even the Eternals. The bag is thought to be destroyed, tossed into the Acid Eddies of the Astral Plane by the great warrior Pylanthius."

Alas, Joe Pearce, a major name in the Dreamer's Guild, one of the main programmers, said: "In Halls of the Dead, my programming work was mainly on the Island of Ione, which sadly was never released with the game."

Some piece of the island still remains in the game, but can only be reached by using a cheat item (see the Cheats section).

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