Insecticide: Part 1

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Insecticide: Part 1 is set in a world that has been overtaken by insects. It takes place a long time after the humans experiments with genetics have gone very wrong. Those experiments made the insects grow stronger and they became immune to the human altered food. Not only did the bugs become the dominant race of the planet, but the very few humans that remained became increasingly allergic until they started to sneeze themselves to death. The humans therefore live in the tunnels of the cities, far away from anything that is growing.

Chrys Liszt is a detective of the Insecticide Squad of the Troi Police Department (TPD). She is a character with a murky past on the wrong side of the law. Together with her partner Roachy Caruthers, a veteran of the TPD, she gets assigned to a mission to investigate a murder at the Nectarola Company, the game's soft drink corporation. An important part of the story of the game is finding out about Chrys' past and what happened to her.

The player controls Chrys from a third-person perspective in two different game modes: action and detective mode. In the action mode, the game takes the form of a shooter mixed with platform elements. She has access to six different weapons, each with their own damage rate, range and magazine capacity. These weapons have names that the fit the game's theme such as pollinator, amberizer, and nectar cannon. Throughout the action levels Chrys can find Nectarola cans to recover health with.

The detective mode works like a traditional point-and-click adventure game. There, Chrys has to collect evidence and talk with subjects. This puzzle-solving is done by examining and picking up objects found across the crime scene. These can then be manipulated to create new objects or used on the environments or the characters to get new clues. Both these modes uses a third-person shooter style perspective with WASD controls, while the detective mode uses a point-and-click based interface to interact with the world.


  • Насекопы. Часть I - Russian spelling

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Cancelled sequel

Insecticide on the PC was meant to be a episodic series in two parts, where the second part was to be released shortly after the first one. However, this never happened as publisher Gamecock Media was acquired by SouthPeak Interactive who decided to cancel the second part. Therefore the only way to experience the full story is to play the Nintendo DS version, although it lacks some of the video sequences and voice acting of the PC version.

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