The Incredible Hulk

aka: Der Unglaubliche Hulk: Das Offizielle Videospiel, El Increible Hulk: El Videojuego Oficial, L'incredibile Hulk: Il Videogioco Ufficiale, L'incroyable Hulk: Le Jeu Vidéo Officiel, The Incredible Hulk: The Official Videogame

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Xbox 360 credits (2008)

111 people (96 professional roles, 15 thanks) with 114 credits.

SEGA of America

Executive VP of Corporate Planning
VP of Product Development
VP of Sales
Director of Artists & Repertoire
Technical Director
Creative Director
Senior Producer
Associate Producers
Assistant Producers
Director of Marketing
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Public Relations Manager
Senior Creative Services Manager
Creative Services Production Specialist
Development Operations Director
QA Supervisors
QA Lead
QA Assisstant Lead
QA Testers
SEGA Standards Supervisor
Standards Leads
Standards Assistant Leads
Standards Testers
Mastering Lab Supervisor
Mastering Technicians
Special Thanks
Hardware Specialists

SEGA of Europe


Marvel Studios

Vice President, Interactive/Executive Producer
Interactive Content Coordinator
Head of Worldwide Animation, Wireless, and Gaming
President of Production
Creative Executive, Film Production
Business and Legal Affairs
Special Thanks
Very Special Thanks
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Credits contributed by Chris Baker, Matthew Hickman.