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The Incredible Hulk

aka: Der Unglaubliche Hulk: Das Offizielle Videospiel, El Increible Hulk: El Videojuego Oficial, L'incredibile Hulk: Il Videogioco Ufficiale, L'incroyable Hulk: Le Jeu Vidéo Officiel, The Incredible Hulk: The Official Videogame

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IGN (5.7 out of 10) (57%)

The Incredible Hulk is pretty much a straight sequel to Ultimate Destruction. Trouble is, Edge of Reality took out far more than it added. Though Hulk is a serviceable game that can be enjoyed over a weekend, it feels outdated. If you are a die-hard Hulk fan or the type who loves destroying treasured landmarks, then The Incredible Hulk is at least worth a rental.

Jun 10th, 2008 · Wii · read review

Wonderwallweb.com (5.5 out of 10) (55%)

Overall The Incredible Hulk is probably best played by fans of the character, it is hard to imagine that anyone else would really get a thrill out of it, not when they could be playing the likes of Mario Galaxy or Zelda. Shame really but perhaps if developers had the time to make games such as these rather than being rushed then they might actually be good.

Jul 6th, 2008 · Wii · read review

IC-Games (53 out of 100) (53%)

Overall there is something to be said for a game where more fun is to be had outside the mission storyline then in it, like some of the GTA series. But this title just can't seem to get everything in the right perspective, whilst some enjoyment can be had, there just isn't enough care taken elsewhere. The type of game they have produced isn't really aimed at the age group it's been set at, I would say the BBFC 12 rating is the ragged edge of the target audiences age group . If you are a huge Hulk fan however, you may just like it, but I'm afraid a rental is the best bet for this title.

Jul 9th, 2008 · Wii · read review

GameZone (5 out of 10) (50%)

If you love The Hulk franchise, as well as destroying environments in Hulk-like fashion, then The Incredible Hulk is worth checking out. The short replay value should cause any gamer to question purchasing this game though.

Jun 18th, 2008 · Wii · read review

GamersHell.com (5 out of 10) (50%)

For a movie-based game, The Incredible Hulk tries hard to be a competent game on the Wii, but its hardware is just too weak to take such a game and keep it on par with at least the Xbox offering. Poorly realized on the Wii with boring environments, audio, visual and gameplay aspects, there's really not much past a rental here. For all of its faults, however, it's hard to completely knock Edge of Reality for what was most likely a tight development cycle for a multi-platform game. Though simplified, there is still potential for the Hulk on the Wii, just not this time.

Jun 23rd, 2008 · Wii · read review

Worth Playing (4.8 out of 10) (48%)

Incredible Hulk is an embarrassment, one of the worst movie-to-game translations to come out in some time — and that's really saying something. Whether you blame the shoddy voice acting, the mind-meltingly dull gameplay, or the simple failure to program adequately, this title should never sell anywhere but the $20 game bin. No wonder Hulk's mad.

Oct 16th, 2008 · Wii · read review

Cheat Code Central (2.2 out of 5) (44%)

Yes, I have just spent a good portion of this article venting my frustrations about this game, but let me leave you with this: there are concepts here that deliver. With a decent amount of work and attention to details, the sequel could be worth playing. Unfortunately, this one is just not ready yet, and that is written in the frequent bugs. I nearly forgot to tell you about the time I carried the shell of a helicopter through a standard-sized door, or the numerous times I hurled an unsuspecting foe through the level. Yes, they in fact just disappeared. They say you wouldn't like The Hulk when he is angry, but sorry pal, this time you can only blame yourself.

Jun 2008 · Wii · read review

GameSpy ( ) (40%)

The Incredible Hulk isn't the worst movie tie-in game ever made, but the initial charm of mass destruction dissipates rather quickly. This leaves it a rather buggy and joyless experience that, like a gumball, loses its flavor all too fast. To be quite frank, if you own an Xbox 360, Crackdown does a significantly better job with letting you create havoc in the name of justice. Those with a PS3 or Wii are better off fishing for a used copy of Ultimate Destruction for PS2 or GameCube, respectively.

Jun 17th, 2008 · Wii · read review

JeuxActu (8 out of 20) (40%)

D’un autre côté, la réalisation globale du jeu est tellement cheap qu’on réalise bien vite que le développement du jeu n’a pas coûté grand-chose et a nécessité encore moins de temps.

Jul 2nd, 2008 · Wii · read review

N-Europe (4 out of 10) (40%)

"The Incredible Hulk: The Official Videogame" sadly fails to break the curse of the superhero-movie-tie-in videogame, with graphics that astound for all the wrong reasons and gameplay that (although showing tiny glimpses of verve) will disappoint all but the most committed of Hulk fans. The Hulk, as a character, doesn’t really require the subtlest of touches and smashing things up can be fun, but "The Official Videogame" barely moves beyond this. Bruce Banner is famous for saying "Don’t make me angry – you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry". And do you know what? On this occasion he is absolutely right – we won’t.

Jul 23rd, 2008 · Wii · read review

GameDaily (4 out of 10) (40%)

Out of all the versions of The Incredible Hulk on shelves right now, the Wii version is the weakest versus the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 editions. The graphics chug along without taking advantage of the hardware, the camera controls are beyond awful and the gameplay lacks fun with the motion controls. All this game will do is make you angry, and we won't like you when you're angry.

Jun 15th, 2008 · Wii · read review

Gemakei (formerly Zentendo) (4 out of 10) (40%)

The start of this promising franchise was so good that this game pales in comparison. It’s not the worst movie to game tie-in in recent years -- The Golden Compass has to take that spot -- but it’s certainly not far off.

Jul 11th, 2008 · Wii · read review

Nintendo Life ( ) (40%)

The Incredible Hulk feels remarkably average and outdated across the board, shallow gameplay will probably turn most people off within the first few hours and lacks any graphical finesse to keep them interested further. This latest attempt at a Hulk game is further proof that the character doesn't work in video games, however we suspect it won't be the last. This game made us angry.. and you wouldn't like us when we're angry!

Jul 20th, 2008 · Wii · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (7 out of 20) (35%)

Si on trouve la force de fermer les yeux sur ses graphismes d'un autre âge, l'Incroyable Hulk peut divertir une heure ou deux un public peu exigeant. Comment garder son calme cependant face aux problèmes de caméra récurrents et à l'omniprésence des bugs trahissant le réel et tragique manque de finition du titre ?

Jul 21st, 2008 · Wii · read review

GameSpot (3.5 out of 10) (35%)

The embarrassing graphics and painful controls in The Incredible Hulk make citywide destruction feel boring.

Jun 16th, 2008 · Wii · read review

1UP (D+) (33%)

I hate to sound like a broken record stuck repeating quotes from 1UP reviews editor Nick Suttner's Hulk review, but the comparisons between this game and Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction are unavoidable. Ultimate Destruction was on the PS2 as well, but it still had a beautifully rendered, detailed city that was fully visible from any rooftop -- and a blast to wreak havoc on. Instead of building on that better game, though, Incredible Hulk is a weak attempt at mimicking it. Maybe I should have expected a Hulk game to fill me with rage...or maybe developer Edge of Reality just didn't think we'd have any expectations at all.

Jun 16th, 2008 · Wii · read review

Digital Chumps (3 out of 10) (30%)

It seems this title has suffered the same fate as other movie based titles. Limited budget combined with inflexible release dates seem to be the most common explanation for these interactive motion picture mishaps. I just wanted a game that I could use the Hulk to kill stuff. Buildings, cars, people, whatever. To a certain extent, this title delivered on that aspect, but the world and reward was just too shallow. Even though they seemed to get the equation right, they failed on other basic gaming planes. Acceptable presentation sometimes gets taken for granted even if the point of the game isn't as clear in The Incredible Hulk. In those titles, I find myself sucked into the experience, but may not know what I'm experiencing. With this Wii dinner, it gives you the steak, but serves it on a cold platter.

Jun 24th, 2008 · Wii · read review

Cubed3 (3 out of 10) (30%)

When you jump into the water in Central Park as Hulk you are (somewhat randomly) thrown back out of it to the exact same place at the start of the water every single time. Surely Hulk can swim...or at least thrash about a bit. This is why this game is rubbish. It takes the sandbox idea and it ruins it with terrible execution. The graphics are horrific, the sound is almost as bad and the whole title is just shoddy and lacking in any intelligence and care. Quite obviously rushed through development in order to come onto the market at the same time as the film, this is sure to be another movie-to-game bargain bin dweller in a few weeks.

Jul 12th, 2008 · Wii · read review

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