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The first couple of screens are easy enough to let you get the hang of it, but the difficulty level (and necessity for strategy) quickly escalates. Crisp graphics, a good soundtrack, and lightning speed makes Titan a good choice to spend too many hours with.

Sep 1989 · Amiga · read review

ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) (691 out of 1000)

The scrolling is smooth and not as eye-wrenchingly painful as the Amstrad. The gameplay and levels are the same. Graphics have been improved but not by that much.

Apr 1989 · Amiga · read review

ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (7 out of 12)

Fazit: TITAN ist ein schnelles, eigentlich zu schnelles Spielchen, das aufgrund seines „Krakanoid“-Schemas zwar interessant, aber schwer in die Hitlisten zu hieven ist!

Mar 1989 · Amiga

Amiga Computing (58 out of 100)

Since all you do is supervise the ball - it's too fast to follow - the game is really rather dull. There is nothing to force you to keep playing, let alone stay awake. So there might have been many man years of work put into this - the skill's there, the will's there, the gameplay isn't.

Apr 1989 · Amiga · read review

The Games Machine (UK) (38 out of 100)

The larger levels and more flexible play that a scrolling Break-Out allows seem like a good idea at first, but the faults Titan gains from this outweigh the good points. The ball bounces around at high speed, leaving you chasing around after it like a madman. The bat's too small, and when you manage to hit the ball it reflects in a random direction - or at least, more often than not, a direction you don't want. And the backgrounds are a further distraction when quickly changing heading.

May 1989 · Amiga · read review

Computer and Video Games (CVG) (37 out of 100)

Dull, Boring, Badly Programmed, Unplayable, Graphically and Sonically Average. DBBPUGSA. If you take some letters away and change a few, they make the word average. Says it all really.

Apr 1989 · Amiga · read review

Your Amiga (35 out of 100)

The scrolling, though full screen, isn't quite good enough, and will make you feel ill before long. The worst fault though, is that Titan is so damn boring. It's party time in yawn city, so spend your pennies elsewhere comrades.

Jul 1989 · Amiga · read review

Commodore User (21 out of 100)

Oh dear. I do not know how they managed to do it, but they have. Titus have managed to release a product even worse than anything they have ever released before.

Mar 1989 · Amiga · read review

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