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A comet is heading toward South Park, causing many of the enemies from early seasons of the shows (including cows, aliens, and clones) to rise up and attack. The player takes control of Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Stan to fight through the town in a first-person perspective. Features new dialogue from the original voice actors on the show.

Single player takes the form of a "Story" mode divided into five episodes and fifteen linear levels. The player will face weak minions (which change based on the episode), plus occasional sub-bosses which will try to escape into town. The final level is devoted to a unique boss fight. Players use quirky weapons ranging from infinite yellow snowballs to cow launchers and toxic Terrance and Phillip dolls. Every weapon has a secondary fire, and players switch between the four main characters when they switch weapons - each of the four kids shares a single life bar because of this. The kids will comment on game actions as they occur, with heavier profanity censored with bleeps. The kids will get angrier (and fouler) as their health depletes, until they finally give up on saving the town and go home.

A multiplayer mode lets players take characters and weapons they unlock in Story mode into small deathmatch arenas. The PlayStation version supports 2 players, the N64 does 4, and the PC version allows players to go online to search for opponents through GameSpy. Players can set standard victory options like knockouts or time limits. Voice samples for multiplayer are also included, so the characters will make comments and taunts when hit.

Graphics are rendered in 3D, in a style approximating that of the show. Draw distance is limited by a heavy fog, with varying severity based on the platform. None of the environments are interactive, and only enemies respond to weapon hits. The N64 version supports the Expansion Pak.


  • 南方公园 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

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Average score: 57% (based on 47 ratings)


Average score: 2.8 out of 5 (based on 68 ratings with 2 reviews)

An insult to the show, as well as its fans.

The Good
The game has few good aspects. A 3D rendition of the opening sequence is one of them. The in-game one-liners by the boys is funny at first, but there are probably less than half a dozen of them therefore the same lines are often heard over and over again.

The Bad
The game has many faults. In the levels that take place outside, there is a white fog that makes it impossible to see past an estimated 100 in-game yards. I don't know if it's bad game designing (similar to the "Kryptonite Fog" from the infamous Superman 64) or if it's meant to be an actual fog. For those of you who don't watch South Park, it takes place in Colorado which means that it is always snowy. Because of the fact that the ground is the same color as the fog, I often have to look at the radar to make sure that I'm actually moving instead of walking into a snow mound. The next problem is the audio. As I said, the boys only have a few one-liners so you'll hear the same ones often. But my main audio complaint is with the turkeys. They keep making the same gobbling sound over and over. It doesn't help at all that there's always a horde of them chasing you. I usually just run away and try to ignore them because they take forever to kill. If you manage to make it to the next level with your sanity intact, you'll find that the other enemies, clones, are much quieter. I have not had the patience to make it past level 2 and therefore do not know what the rest of the game is like.

The Bottom Line
I think that this game could best be described as a terrible one. It's not the absolute worst game I've ever played, but it does rank up there with E.T. for the Atari.

PlayStation · by J.D. Majors (14) · 2009

A very bad game

The Good
The only thing good about the game is the fact that it is based on South Park, the funny but controversial animated series that kinda changed the way we look at animation and that it keeps the humor from the series (even the bleeps to cover up extreme swear words)

The Bad
First the game itself is barley enjoyable (unless you are a South Park fan), the levels are all too hard, the graphics are terrible, theere are a lack of variety in the enemies, the multiplayer mode is also terrible, to put it short the whole game is terrible

The Bottom Line
Only South Park fans will like this, anyone else avoid it

PlayStation · by Grant McLellan (584) · 2001


Game Boy Color version

A Game Boy Color version was intended to be released alongside the N64 version. It was fully completed and rated by the ESRB, but was cancelled when South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone felt the game wouldn't be appropriate for the kid-friendly Game Boy Color. The game's source code was then utilized in Maya the Bee and Mary Kate and Ashley Get a Clue, also Acclaim titles.

Beta version

The beta version for South Park was known as Deeply Impacted internally. The beta version included a different story, where it involved characters being taken by the Visitor aliens from the show, such as Cartman's mom. Skuzzlebutt, a character prominently seen in the episode "Volcano", was intended as a boss. Multiplayer was also very different, and included several modes not seen in the final game, such as capture the flag, grudge match and "Kick the Baby" modes. The PS1 version wasn't intended as a FPS, but instead a Lost Vikings-style game.


A sequel was announced by Acclaim to be released for the N64 in 2000, but never saw the light of day.

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