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aka: Clock Tower 2, Clock Tower Second
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"The Giant scissors once again search for prey."

The Good
I recently got this game in hope to try to put in some excitement into my quite boring life. After I played for just 5 minutes, I really started to realise the electricity in this live wire of a horror game.

Where do I start? The atmosphere is amazing, the killings are also amazing and the fact that we are all treated to a horrific masterpiece with tons of originality and fear is not amazing, but BRILLIANT!

Lets move on to the gameplay and skip mission 1, because not much happens here except you being introduced to quite a few of the characters (if you are playing in Jennifer's scenario).

But what we will talk about is when this game suddenly springs into action allowing you to be chased by the Scissorman himself once again. When this happens, SM (Scissor Man) jumps out at you from anywhere, he can attack you from behind your back or lunge out of a University locker very unexpectedly.

As you can probably tell from this review, the action is intense in this game. The music is very creepy and sometimes, there are even moments in clock tower where you can hear your own heart beating rapidly!

The Bad
Every game does have at least one flaw, and that bares no exception to Clock tower. Sometimes the game can be very unfair to you, for example: when you try running away from SM and you enter a new room, he appears right in front of you!

Plus, why is he called the Scissor"man", isn't he supposed to a kid (spoiler)? Well, that's pretty much all of the "bad" of this game.

The Bottom Line
Despite the tiny flaws mentioned in the last paragraph, Clock tower is still one of my favourite survival horror games I own. If you own a playstation and if you enjoy classical scary games, get it. I guarantee that you'll be creeped out of your own mind when you see the Scissorman decapitate his victims.

PlayStation · by Arejarn (7314) · 2008

Hot and cold horror adventure.

The Good
Clock Tower basically revolves around the mayhem caused by the mass murdering butcher known only as Scissorman. A horror game about a serial killer is sure to send shivers up the spine and at its most frantic moments Clock Tower is as pulse pounding as they come. The first scenario in a university is pure terror. You run down the dark corridors and claustrophobic rooms all the while listening for the mashing sound of scissormans relentless murder weapon which he opens and shuts with every step he takes. You have no weapons so all you can do is run and hide. The puzzles in parts are quite well done and the multiple pathways through the game really enhance the replay value. Sound is decent and there are 10 endings to discover.

The Bad
The game is very short and can be finished in under 2 hours if you know what you're doing. While the first scenario was good, the others get progressively worse until the game loses its scare factor. Clock tower has a feature which stops you from stuffing the whole game up but unfortunately this is poorly implemented. If there is something in a room you need to (or in some cases don't need to) look at then you will not be allowed to leave the room until you look at it. This is plain annoying. As for the endings, 10 may be a lot but around half of them involve you dying so the point is defeated somewhat.

The Bottom Line
Clock Tower is at times thrilling but overall tiresome. Big fans of horror games should take a look but that's it really. A game with immense potential but lacking in most vital areas. Clock Tower 3 is on the way for PS2 and is being done by Capcom. Hopefully they'll make something really special.

PlayStation · by Sycada (177) · 2001


The Good
Freaking everything! The presentation is great, the graphics while, not perfect, do set the mood, the music is catchy, and the sounds creepy and awesome. Scissorman is like the best evil villain around in a video game, the game is incredibly scary, without the huge amounts of blood and gore, don't get me wrong there is blood and gore in it, but not a whole lot. The controls couldn't be any simpler, use the directional pad to move the mouse, and the X-button to select stuff on the screen, so easy, even your little sister could do it. There is excellent re-play value, there are 10 endings, 5 for Jennifer, and 5 for Helen, there is 3 secondary characters to play as, Gotts, Nolan, and Barton for the prologue, plus scissorman is random, so you never know what he is up to next, my favorite thing about it.

The Bad
Well, there is one thing... VOICE ACTING! The voice acting is horrid, it is badly done, and to make matters even worst, there is barley even any in the game, only for certain moments, key moments, other moments your just reading big subtitles, but that isn't that bad, now is it.

The Bottom Line
This is the best adventure game you could ever play on the playstation, it may be slow paced at times, (the way I like it) but it is a really fun game, don't miss out!

PlayStation · by leon101 (44) · 2005

One of the scariest games I've played!

The Good
I love this game! I think this is one of the best survival horror games around! I freak out when Scissorman appears. He has a stupid limp,but he can scare the living daylights out of anyone. Now I won't spoil the game for you,but I will just say that you always have to be on the lookout for Scissorman. That freak is everywhere! This isn't like Resident Evil or Silent Hill(also 2 scary games)where you get a gun and just shoot stuff. In Clock Tower you move by a mouse and click around places. When Scissorman comes you have to be quick and find a hiding spot before he shoves his scissors through your stomach. This game is somewhat graphic. This game also has a great replay value. There are 10 endings. 5 for Jennifer and 5 for Helen. Honestly I think this game was meant to be played with Jennifer,because she was in the 1st Clock Tower for Super Nintendo. Scissorman has a very chilling chase song when he chases you. If you don't have the game go to and type in Clock tower-Scissorman.

The Bad
I really don't have any problems with this game except for the long conversations in the game. There is a conversation in the game that takes 2 minutes! That's pretty much it.

The Bottom Line
If you are a gamer I would pick it up,If you are a video game collector this game is a MUST HAVE! I wouldn't pay more than 45 bucks for this game. Keep in mind this game is rare. I would definitely recommend this game for any gamer or collector. CAUTION:If you have anxiety problems you should be careful because there is sometimes where Scissorman pops out and a big boom is heard.

PlayStation · by TwoDividedByZero (114) · 2010

One of the most under-looked games of all time.

The Good
Almost everything. The story is fantastic, the atmosphere is scary, the villain is one of the best in gaming, the sound sets the mood perfectly, and even though they don't hold up today, the graphics looked good in 1997. Gameplay is point and click, but it's a solid fit for a horror/adventure game like this.

The Bad
The voice acting and the text-heavy sections. Somewhat slows down the game and boars me to tears.

The Bottom Line
Clock Tower is a rock-solid survival horror adventure that takes elements from slasher movies and old point and click games. Everything about the game but the dialogue heavy sequences and the poorly translated voice acting are amazing. A must have for adventure and survival horror fans.

PlayStation · by Leroy Jinkins (1) · 2012

Clock Tower,Sony PlayStation

The Good
Scissor Man is one scary guy. in the game he will constantly pay unexpected visit to your character which would make you rattle in your boots if your in the dark home alone.

The Bad
Everything. great music, great enemy, and great cast of characters.

The Bottom Line
One of the most successful games since Resident Evil. would make a good birthday present, and Christmas present.

PlayStation · by GameGod (8) · 2007

If Scissorman was a band...He would be the best cover band of Michael Myers.

The Good
I love the movie Halloween... even the sequels. So, it was only natural that I made sweet love to this game. And I don't make love to a lot of games. It creeps me out how many times I made love to this game. I missed 3 weeks of school because I couldn't walk. That's a lot of sweet love making.

Why aren't there more games like this? Because. If there were, I'd be in a wheelchair. But seriously, there should be more games like this in the horror genre of video games.

I understand there are an excessive amount of point-and-click games out there, but I've never played one so perfectly designed as this. Usually, point-and-click games offer you a Action Menu which gives you plenty of options to experiment with. That works for games like the Monkey Island series, Maniac Mansion, Scooby Doo for Sega Genesis, etc. Clock Tower removes the shirt and bra and throws that Action Menu out the window. You won't have time for foreplay.

The Bad
This game is scary! You should be very careful if you have any medical conditions like E.D. that might affect your experience.

Some may say the graphics are ugly (even for the time), but I say she was beautiful.

As far as the actual gameplay... the only thing that I didn't enjoy was trying to skip past all the boring parts. I wish I could have controlled the main characters as they walked from place to place. This would have added more opportunity for Scissorman to bust out during nighttime segments in the streets, but I suppose "the attacks" work best when in claustrophobic environments.

Voice Acting was ok... When it was there. I think they just hired Voice Actors for a half-hour and decided it would be too expensive for them to read more than one page. Some of the acting is ridiculous, but it's a video game + horror genre so the dumber they sound, the harder we laugh and have a good time. Ex. I exploded on the carpet it was so good. That was hard to clean up.

The Bottom Line
This is a great horror game. All other horror games are stupid. I'm sick of fighting the usual monsters. Monsters play monster games. People play Clock Tower. Are you a Person? or a Monster? I guess you have to decide. But if I were you, I'd be a Person... because People are awesome.

PlayStation · by Theo Jones (9) · 2010

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