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Star Fox 64

aka: Lylat Wars
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Fox McCloud returns to once again rid evil from the Lylat System in this 64-bit remake of the SNES hit.

The main aim of the game is to fly your Arwing through many levels of deadly enemies and huge end bosses with three wingmen (Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare, and Falco Lombardi) following to help you out. Every once in a while, you will also use the Blue Marine submarine and the Landmaster tank.

The 15 levels range from forward scrolling levels (much like Panzer Dragoon or some elements of Star Wars Arcade) to full 3D arenas, each with a certain goal to achieve or boss to destroy. The bigger your frags are at the end of each level determines which direction you take on the universe tree, which is split into three levels: easy, medium, and hard. All three link back to the end for the final level.

Multiplayer modes are also included, allowing four people to battle in Arwings, or if you complete every objective in the single player missions, they can battle on-foot, where the four main characters run around with laser cannons.


  • スターフォックス64 - Japanese spelling
  • 스타폭스 64 - Korean spelling

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Average score: 89% (based on 40 ratings)


Average score: 4.0 out of 5 (based on 110 ratings with 4 reviews)

Good game but easy and short

The Good
It's incredibly fun, or it is the first time, anyway. Killing enemies, fighting cool bosses, flying in a cool Arwing ship, saving your companions, traveling to Venom, where you must fight the evil Andron. So cool. There's a multi-player mode , too, where you can play with up to 3 other people.

The Bad
To short - after only a few tries you can beat it. Every time you play it's the same and you an beat it easily in less than 2 hours (usually between 1 and 2). The multi-player mode was fun the first time I played this game at my friend's house but there are only two small levels to fight on and it gets extremely boring after like 20 minutes.

The Bottom Line
Rent it or borrow it from a friend. Don't buy it.

Nintendo 64 · by darthsith19 (62) · 2006

Fun game but it seems too short.

The Good
The bosses were complex and difficult at times. The multiplayer mode was pretty fun.

The Bad
It was too easy to beat and not a whole lot of replay value. It'll take you about 3 weeks to beat all three difficulty levels. The game could have a used a lot more powerups and different weapons. The multiplayer can get boring quickly.

The Bottom Line
Rent it once but don't buy it.

Nintendo 64 · by Attila (553) · 2001

Great for a boring morning or afternoon.

The Good
The game is very fast-paced when it comes to action: You fly around in a spaceship while dozens of enemies fly around and your friends and you are blasting away at them. The fights are pretty big for Nintendo 64 standards and there are also huge boss-fights that you will undoubtedly love. During the missions you will also have to deal with other spacecraft that dodge your bullets, try to flank you or even just cause a head-on collision. Your friends (Falco, Peppy and that frog) will also ask for your help when somebody is chasing them down, so attention is definitely a requirement when playing this game.

I like it that if one of your comrades is downed during combat you will have to do a mission without them while they are at a docking bay for repairs. A few times I caught myself ignoring their cries for help, but I had to pay for them when I only had Falco backing me up in the final mission. It's a very clear punishment or reward system, especially since the team-members each have a different style of fighting and offer different services (The frog for example displays boss-health which is rather useful).

It's pretty cool that the outcome of certain battles determines which stage you will visit next. The most obvious example was on a snowy stage with a bomb, I had a time limit to kill four guys and then defuse the bomb, but if I didn't make it in time I would just go to a different stage than I would if I did make it in time. As long as I didn't fail the mission altogether by dying it would be fine, which is a much more logical choice to me than having me lose a life and replay the entire thing.

Something that buggers me a lot about the Timesplitters franchise is that enemies always make certain moves like rolling or diving that you can't, giving them an unfair advantage over you. In Stafox 64 however you can do all that stuff too and you are even told to do them on a regular basis. You got boosts, breaks, barrel rolls, somersaults and many other tricks up your sleeve that your enemies will also try to pull off. Justice!

The game is pure, arcade fun which (for me at least) means that it's a relatively short game with a lot of replay value. The game took me maybe two and a half hours to beat on my first playthrough, but after replaying it a few times I keep finding new things or events happen differently than they did the last time. I heard people say the game is too short, but I rather have a short game that manages to tell a story with the time it is given than Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that is spread over hours of repetitive gameplay with a story that is as lovable as a mossy brick.

The multi-player is Fan-Tas-TIC! It puts you in all-range mode with your friends and only has one simple goal: Shoot the hell out of them. The game's fast-paced combat are even better with more than one person playing and it never fails to amuse me. Why don't we make games like this anymore?

There are a few missions in which you take control of a tank, essentially it functions the same way as a the spacecraft, but you are limited to the ground (naturally). The reason why I like this is because it puts you into a more harmful position ,you can't fly away or anything and there are still aircraft up there who are hunting for you. A quick snack to break up the dogfights and the tank is also playable in multi-player, so that is sweet as well.

The Bad
Aiming is not always very easy to do because you are controlling the plane with the same stick, this forced me to rely on using the charged shots quite a lot since I needed the guider to help me hit the enemies. Another problem is that the plane is always in the way of your sight and if you got first-person you don't have the advantage of seeing your surroundings very well. A more zoomed-out camera or perhaps a smaller plan would have been preferable here.

While the AI is very eager to call out for your help during combat, they are not as eager to return the favor on a regular basis. Instead of shooting the enemy chasing me they would yell at me for not slowing down so I could do it myself. They also always need your help and never that of other, closer members of the team and they also never go for the objectives which is kind of annoying for obvious reason. During boss-fights they also do this, they are fly around taking care of small-time enemies while the big baddy of the hour fires rockets at them.

The Bottom Line
Starfox 64 is a game with almost no flaws that are worth mentioning, it knows what it wants to be and pulls it off to the best of its abilities, leaving us with a genuinely enjoyable space-shooter with an arcade feel to it. Lylat Wars is the kind of game you'd likely enjoy if you like quick action games more than sandbox titles or big adventure games. However, even if you do like games with stories that go on for hours you may still like this game as a quick break.

Due to its lack of realism the only ones who may dislike this game are the modern warfare fans who prefer actual military planes over the sci-fi setting we got here. Either way, I really enjoyed this game and I hope you will do too. Until next time!

Nintendo 64 · by Asinine (957) · 2011

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1001 Video Games

The N64 version of Star Fox 64 appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.


In the end sequence, there's a point where Fox, Falco, Peppy and, Slippy are running across what appears to be planet Venom. If you look closely, you'll see that Slippy is running very slightly slower than his comrades and by the time the scene fades out, he's lagging quite far behind the others.


By default, the game characters have actual spoken dialogue. However, there is an option to revert to the gibberish dialogue of the original game, which is listed as Lylat, presumably the actual language of the characters. This only affects the spoken dialogue, not the text, which is always in English (or possibly other languages as appropriate).


The seemingly normal quote "Do a barrel roll!" spoken by Peppy in this game, has become a well known meme on the internet


This was the first home video game to offer "force feedback" in a home console game, in which the game sent signals to the special "Rumble Pak" accessory attached to the controller, causing the controller to vibrate according to in-game actions.


The UK PAL edition of the game was originally released in a limited edition large box with a large poster of the Starfox Team and the new N64 Rumble Pak (for which Starfox 64 was the first compatible game).


The giant, black UFO in that one level where you help Bill the Dog's squadron was inspired by the big alien ship in the movie Independence Day. The game's manual even implies it, stating that Andross stole the technology for the ship from an Alien race. If you don't beat the UFO in time, it blows up the structure in the middle of the planet in the exact same way that the UFOs in Independence Day blew up the White House.

Star Fox 2

Originally, Nintendo intended to make a Star Fox sequel for the SNES, titled Star Fox 2. This project was almost finished until it was cancelled since the SNES was getting very aged at that time. Many of Star Fox 2's features and scenarios were recycled into Star Fox 64, however, notably the All-Range Mode and the Star Wolf Team.


  • EGM
    • June 1997 (Issue 95) - Game of the Month
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    • November 1997 (Issue 100) - ranked #4 (Readers' Top 10 Games of All Time)
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    • March 1998 (Issue 104) - Best Sound Runner-Up (Readers' Choice)

Information also contributed by Knyght, MegaMegaMan, Paul Jones, Silverfish, Tiago Jacques, and WWWWolf

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