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Countdown Vampires

PlayStation credits (1999)

120 People

Countdown Vampires

Produced by
Voice Artist
SP Actor
  • Bandai U.S.A.
  • Bandai S.A.
  • Bandai Music Entertainment Inc.
  • Eiko Creative Co. Ltd.
  • 81 Produce Co. Ltd.
  • Free Cloud
  • Free Wear Production Ltd.
  • Honky Tonk Co. Ltd.
  • ISOP Co. Ltd.
  • Japan Fashion Model Center Co. Ltd.
  • Japan Tours System Co. Ltd.
  • K&M Promotion Co. Ltd.
  • Light Link Music
  • Opus Corp.
  • Osawa Co. Ltd.
  • Polygon Magic Inc.
  • Sony Music Communications Inc.
  • Theatre Academy Co. Ltd.
  • Visual Science Laboratory Inc.
  • Voice Land

Planning Part

Total Adviser
Character Design
Art Director
Game Design
Total Background Design
Background Design
Graphic Design
English Scripts Adviser

Program Part

Chief Programmer
Battle Programmer
Assistant Programmer
Technical Director

CG Movie & Background Part

Monsters & Event Movie Chief Designer
Monsters & Event Movie Designer
Characters & Op Movie Chief Designer
Characters & Op Movie Designer
Backgrounds & Ed Movie Chief Designer
Backgrounds & Ed Movie Designer
Technical Director
Motion Capture & Crowd Animator
Motion Capture Operator
Motion Capture Manager
Motion Capture Technical Supervisor
CG Movies SP Director

Real Time Graphic Part

Chief Designer
CG Designer
CG Assistant Designer
Technical Adviser
Test Play
Chief Producer

Sound Part

Sound Director
Sound Assistant

Special Part

Actor Coordinator
Home page Director
  • Mr. Takahashi
Home page Designer

Promotion Part

Promotion Part
Total Assistant
  • Bandai Co. Ltd.

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