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Countdown Vampires

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PlayStation Illustrated (100 out of 100) (100%)

If everything sounds a little familiar, it’s because Bandai did a great job taking a form that they’re not exactly known for covering like a blanket, and competing well against Big Dogs like CAPCOM, Square and Activision. The tough gameplay lessons learned in the beginning serve you well if you stick things out and keep going, but Countdown: Vampires may lose a portion of the less hard-core audience. And that’s cool; I think with so many platforms, genres, and publishers fighting for our gaming dollar, it will be surprising if companies don’t start making games to do one thing well, not trying to be everything to everybody. If you like Survival Horror and own a PlayStation, you must not miss this game!

Dec 13th, 2002 · PlayStation · read review

PSX Nation (76 out of 100) (76%)

Countdown Vampires falls squarely in the middle. It offers gamers two discs of entertainment that's not original not half bad. If you really love the Survival Horror genre then it's worth a check. All others will want to rent first.

Sep 2nd, 2000 · PlayStation · read review

Quebec Gamers (7.4 out of 10) (74%)

Countdown Vampires est un jeu qui peut sembler médiocre à première vue, mais devient très satisfaisant vers la fin du premier CD et ce, jusqu'à la fin! Ce n'est certes pas un chef d'oeuvre ni le jeu le plus inspiré du monde, mais il fait le travail si vous cherchez un Survival Horror relativement solide et que vous ne le connaissiez pas. Il a de belles qualités qui sont trop souvent dans l'ombre des défauts si souvent mentionnés. Personnellement, il est rapidement devenu un de mes classiques dans le genre, un jeu que je n'ai vraiment pas de mal à refaire une fois de temps en temps quand j'ai envie d'un peu d'action dans le genre.

May 29th, 2012 · PlayStation · read review

Video Games (7 out of 10) (70%)

Anstatt in der Anleitung inbrünstig damit zu prahlen, man habe schließlich zwei Jahre damit verbracht, die Storyline zu entwickeln und Feintuning am Spiel zu betreiben, hätte man lieber weniger Bio Hazard gespielt und mehr eigene Ideen eingebracht. Klingt bis jetzt alles ein wenig negativ, nicht wahr? Trotz allem Rumgequengele unsererseits macht Countdown Vampires durchaus Spaß - allerdings nicht in dem Maß, wie das Bio Hazard Code: Veronica und Resident Evil 3 Nemesis rüberbringen. Und das solltet ihr schließlich wissen, bevor ihr euer sauer verdientes Geld zum Importhändler tragt. Survival-Horror-Freaks schlagen dennoch zu. Nur ein toter Vampir ist ein Guter!

Feb 2000 · PlayStation

Game Informer Magazine (6.5 out of 10) (65%)

Bandai's attempt to entrance fans of the Resident Evil series is a monumental catastrophe. Not only is it void of unique gameplay, its premise is completely asinine.

Jul 2000 · PlayStation

Mega Fun (63 out of 100) (63%)

Das Spiel erreicht weder grafisch noch spielerisch die Tiefe des Vorbildes. Anfangs herrscht zwar eine dichte und spannende Atmosphäre vor und man freut sich schon auf einen Horror-Schocker, aber mit dem Fortlauf des Spieles sackt die Geschichte einfach ab. Die vorhandenen Rätsel sind mehr als trivial gehalten und das Agieren der untoten Gegner erinnert stark an den IQ eines toten Tierkadavers. Zusätzlich wird der Spieler durch viele unfaire Stellen schnell in den Frust getrieben. Dies geschieht zum einen dadurch, dass man sofort mit Horden von Monstern konfrontiert wird, ohne großartig die Möglichkeit zur Orientierung zu haben. Zum anderer sind Energie spendende Goodies recht rar gesät. Schade eigentlich, denn mit mehr Feintuning und etwas mehr Abwechslung würde der Titel aus der durchschnittlichkeit herauskommen.

Oct 2000 · PlayStation

All Game Guide ( ) (50%)

Aside from the sound and control, Countdown Vampires is not a particularly bad game. But everything that it tries to do has been done somewhere else, and usually with better results. The game has no redeeming values, and no real innovations except the liberal definition of what a vampire is. If you've played every other survival horror game out there, beaten them all twice, and need more, then Countdown will help you pass the time. Otherwise you're better off looking elsewhere.

2000 · PlayStation · read review

NowGamer (4.6 out of 10) (46%)

Despite an impressive opening sequence, the world depicted in this game is shattered the moment you take control of your sex-doll lookalike character. He struts around exceptionally badly and is pursued by vampires that Peter Cushing would be able to out-run (even now!) Borrowing without shame from the Resident Evil series, Bandai has managed to balls-up the formula despite Capcom having supplied the blueprints for the past four years. The perspective often favoured is totally impractical and you’ll find yourself traipsing backwards and forwards through the vast locations without any great incentive for doing so – especially as all the monsters you meet are rubbish.

Aug 21st, 2000 · PlayStation · read review

IGN (4.5 out of 10) (45%)

As such, I see no reason to actually recommend it, although I feel no desire to actually speak ill of it with any particular fervor. Just toss it on the pile with all the many, many other average games on the PlayStation, and hope that Bandai will do better next time (which, to be fair, it probably will).

Sep 12th, 2000 · PlayStation · read review

GameSpot (3.3 out of 10) (33%)

On the whole, Countdown Vampires tried hard to bring innovation to the survival-horror genre. In execution, the game ends up playing like many of its brethren. But without a compelling story to keep your interest, most of you will not want to play through to find out what happens at the end of the game. A fan of this style of game may want to wade through the scattered gameplay and monotone voice acting, but those unfamiliar with the genre would be better off with something else.

Sep 13th, 2000 · PlayStation · read review

Electric Playground (3 out of 10) (30%)

In all, the 2-CD game may keep or capture attention for a while, but it won’t get your heart pumping. I was unimpressed with so much of the game I wandered off to play Sword of the Berserk on the Dreamcast.

Sep 27th, 2000 · PlayStation · read review

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