Java Jim... in Square Shaped Trouble

aka: Java Jim in Square Shaped Trouble
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Java Jim is trapped on a luxurious, but deadly, tropical island consisting of squares. In the middle of this island is a erupting volcano which shoots fireballs onto squares every five seconds, and several warp holes are scattered around the area. There are eight regions that Jim can explore, and in these regions, it is Jim's task to dig holes and obtain any items that he finds. Whatever items that he finds will be stored in his inventory, but he can carry up to eight items at a given time. While Jim is busy digging into the squares, the volcano continues to land on squares, and when Jim has dug through the square already, the resulting fireball to restore the square to its former glory. Jim also has to watch out for Flesh-Eater, an insect that hops around the screen undoing Jim's handiwork, and the only way to destroy him is for Jim to obtain an axe and hunt him down.

Jim has a limited number of digs, and if he runs out, he jumps into a warp hole scattered around the island, and into a pit infested by snakes. Jim needs to avoid them while getting the flashing squares that will increase his digs. If Jim gets poisoned by a snake too many times, he will lose a life. Once Jim has gained enough digs, another warp hole will appear that will transport Jim back onto the surface.

Some items help Jim deal with any dangers that appear, but if Jim happens to find a ladder, the volcano will turn into a series of steps which Jim can leave the region by. But at the same time, a nasty thief will appear and appears to hunt Jim down. If the thief manages to reach Jim, items that Jim obtained will be stolen one by one. If Jim leaves the region before the thief can get to him, he is taken to the shop.

Here, Jim can trade his items for a number of tokens, and get something else on display. Some items are worth more than others, and if Jim hasn't got enough tokens, he is unable to trade and needs to go to a different region in order to drop some items that are of small value so that he can have the opportunity again. The main goal is for Jim to empty out the display so that he can build a device that will allow him to escape the island.


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