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Xbox 360 credits (2008)

86 people (77 professional roles, 9 thanks) with 91 credits.


A Game by
Graphic Art by
Additional Graphical Effects Programming by
Animation Prototyping by
Additional Sound Effects by
Helpful Patron
XBLA Facilitation
Room and Board
Rewind Evangelist
Play-Testing and Discussion
Special Thanks
Loading Fonts and Rendering Text using
  • FreeType 2
Music Licensed via
  • Magnatune
"Maenam" by
"Long Past Gone" by
"The Darkening Ground" by
"Tell It By Heart" by
"Undercurrent" by
"Downstream" by
"Lullaby Set" by
"Romanisca" by

Xbox LIVE Arcade Team

Program Management
Microsoft Test Lead
Release Management Team


Test Manager
MAT Tester
Senior Test Lead
Group Program Manager
Microsoft Test Manager
Group Manager
Product Planning & Business Team
Platform Lead
Content Review
Microsoft Special Thanks
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